Thursday, 3 February 2011


Telephone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, email and other details of British air travellers will be available on demand for all of the EU’s police forces, including countries such as Bulgaria and Romania where corruption among law enforcement officials is widespread.
The system, billed on Wednesday as an anti-terrorism measure, (aye, right), will track all travellers and will also allow any EU police officer access to the data on suspicion of a serious crime, including offences that are not a crime in Britain.
Civil liberties campaigners fear the new EU surveillance system will make Britons more vulnerable to miscarriages of justice amid growing concern over EU policing measures and the lack of safeguards or judicial standards in some European countries.
MPs have also been angered that the government is actively negotiating,  to hand over the information without first informing the House of Commons, making a “charade” of ministerial promises not give up justice powers to the EU without parliamentary approval.
Welcome to the new sharing EU.  I certainly don't want my credit card details given to some thieving bastards in Romania.  What happens if Turkey, gets in.  Russia, It's just one more step towards a global world where there are no longer any countries to belong to, just continents and large organisations like the EU.
What a legacy for our children.
We should dig that fucker Heath up and hang the bastard!


The Passenger said...

One can only assume that the "skimming" devices used by our pals in South Eastern Europe have become a lot harder to come by since the "economic downturn" kicked in, so handing details over to them on disk is the thriftier option.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Passengers, Maybe we should just send them our credit cards and pin numbers. It's not as easy as it looks. I had a very attractive knitting offer a few posts ago and no bastard sent me their card details!

Joe Public said...

The EU. Is that the organisation whose auditors repeatedly refuse to sign-off its accounts as 'True'?

Down in the smoke said...

Dig him up, and fuck his rotting corpse up the arse.

Although, on seconds thoughts, perhaps not a punishment befitting the old sea dog.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Publes, yes that's the fuckers. Our Lords and masters, that we have to bow down before in reverence, after all they are our elected(?), politicians, why shouldn't we?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, I don't remember the cunt ever being married. Nowadays that would mean that he was a poofter but then it was all hushed up by the press. Do you think he liked pickled walnuts?

Down in the smoke said...

Dunno about nuts, pickled or otherwise, but i'm sure he could dance to the hornpipe.

banned said...

Your link is fucked DL though it did point me to a poll which finds that most Germans don't know who Herman Van Rumpcunt is.

Attention EU Interpol, I am about to commit a crime, here goes > "The crimes that the Nazis commited in Hungary were worse than those of the subsequent 'communist' regime because they were premeditated and designed to be evil whereas those of the 'communists' were, by and large, the result of reacting to the inherent contradictions of their regime".

There you go, saying that is illegal in Hungary and so I am now in jeopardy of some spunked up Budapest Magistrate issuing an international arrest warrant to be expidited without due process by any British constable calle upon to do so.

Thanks dead traitor cunt E.Heath and all the other fucking liers who conned me and my generation into voting for what we were told was simply about free movement of goods and people.

As you say, he should be dug up, quartered, spread around and smeared into the ground of our United Kingdom as a warning to Cameron and all the other EUarse licking wankers.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, I'm sure he could blow the hornpipe!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, thanks for that, that's me lifted as well now. They might give us the same cell and we can plan our escape, Scottish engineering knowhow and English physical graft. Fuck me, you'll have dug a tunnel in no time. As long as we don't have to dig through that smelly bastard Heath's remains we should be fine. Not my link, it came with the wee bit I filched from the Telegraph, but I'm glad you found it useful.

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