Thursday, 24 February 2011


McCann left, with Keen right, at a Labour event.In the middle is retiring MP, Adam Ingram, who got a nice wee cushy jobs with defence companies after serving at the MOD.

There has been a demand for a criminal investigation into the planning process of one of Scotland's biggest councils after a BBC investigation revealed relationships between a millionaire developer and senior politicians.
The investigation reveals allegations that Michael McCann, the new Labour MP for East Kilbride,  has had an undeclared relationship with local property tycoon and Labour donor James Kean.
Mr McCann did not declare a relationship whilst he was a councillor, serving on the planning and estates committees in South Lanarkshire.

 The stench of corruption as usual hangs over large Labour councils in Scotland.
Councils like Glasgow have been a disgrace for years with contracts being awarded to gangsters for security and taxi contracts.  Until these councillors take a hands off attitude these allegations will continue to surface.

They have done fuck all for the 'working man' in their fiefdoms, which get poorer and poorer whilst they get richer and richer.  In most of these constituencies you can weigh the Labour vote.  It has to say something about the Scottish electorate, sadly.


The Young Oligarch said...

Welcome to my world , DL .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I can't believe you're sleazy bastard. The problem was that years ago if you did something wrong in public life, you laid low. Now they blame every fucker but themselves and make a song and dance about it. That bastard Ingram, was a bent bastard.

Elmers secret lovechild said...

A 4 minute slot on Newsnight Scottish labour before they went back to bashing anything but Labour.
It's a start I suppose.
BBCScottishLabour were very coy saying 'this man' rather than 'this labour MP'. Bless.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Elmer's boy, I thought when it was the top story they would have given it slightly more than they did. Fucking disgrace, actually!

Anonymous said...

Poor Labour, they work soo hard for all of us and all they get is criticised and accused of wrong doing, can't be true.
I want to see now from BBC is amongst others:
Story of forged letters to EK news regarding Adam Ingram’s £170, 000 per year pocket money
Story of forged emails promoting failed pharmacy application at St James centre
Investigation in to extended visits to Kean's holiday home by McCann, Docherty and many other interesting worthies

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, that would be going to far for our friends from the BBC. They got jumped on when they wanted to do a story about Dunblane regarding Robertson's involvement in a peado ring rung by Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

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