Thursday, 27 January 2011


While the above picture of the assistant referee, the girl Massey, as they would say in football parlance, is a bit unfair because she seemingly had a good game, it was the catalyst that led to the sacking of Andy Gray.

Now as most of you know I don't usually blog about sport, but this is not really any longer a sport story.  Gray has been instrumental in bringing about the success of Sky Sports, through his excellent knowledge and ability to communicate his thoughts on the Sport that the majority of men, if not all follow.  No, this is not about football, but instead about ISMs.

The first ISM is feminISM.  I've been going to live football matches for over 40 years and in that time, the fan base has changed from being predominantly male, to about 30% female.  Men used to go through a 'right of passage' at the football with their male mates after going there with their fathers.  I got mates on Facebook, who used to go to the football with me 40 years ago and we haven't seen each other since, but there is still that bond.  Why has it changed?  Well, in addition to the FeminISM issue of wanting to do things that men do, (try and get into the W.I. as a man though), there is also the case that families split up more easily now and more women now take young males to the football, rather than men.

This young lady, is Charlotte Jackson, who finally put the nail into Andy Gray and Richard Keys' careers by complaining about a sexist remark, said OFF CAMERA, as were all the other remarks which contributed to their downfall.  Well, Charlotte, in my book, if you want to complain about sexist remarks, DON'T APPEAR IN LAD MAGAZINES, IN THE SCUD.  (Although she has a very nice scuddy body,  IMO, if that's not sexISM).

The second ISM is ZionISM as displayed by Rupert Murdoch.  Now I know he's not Jewish, but as Jewish people will tell you, that doesn't stop you being a Zionist.  Andy Gray, as it happens is suing the 'News of the World', as a result of the phone hacking scandal which is emerging.  Now as I'm sure that you'll know, the News of the World are owned at least in part, by Newscorp, which in turn is owned by the Murdoch family.  It all seems very convenient to me.  How do you know BTW, when you're a white, male, working taxpayer.  Well, you don't have an ISM!



I am Stan said...

"Gray has been instrumental in bringing about the success of Sky Sports, through his excellent knowledge and ability to communicate his thoughts on the Sport that the majority of men, if not all follow."

Hahahahaha thats are joking aren`t you?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, No. I thought at first when it started he was a bit of a prick, but over the years I have come to appreciate his views. Certainly better than some of the 'job for the boys', managers that they have on, or Jamie Rednap. Just because your father is a reasonable manager, doesn't make you a pundit.

Chris Taus said...

No offence with all the no one is superior to anyone, I 100% agree with you with everything you say, but what does this have to with white and blacks, if you have a problem with that, go to a forum that writes about that, this has nothing to do with this, stay topic related, sad to see Anny Gray go, but it was stupid of him

Dark Lochnagar said...

Chris, welcome to the blog. Ypour comment had me puzzled. I see what you mean. The wee but about being white, male and working not having an ISM. It wasn't a comments about blacks, females and people on the sick and I'm sorry you took it as such.

I'm glad you agree with the rest of the post. He was well and truly trussed up by Murdoch. If he'd just complained internally about the phone hacking, he'd still be in a job, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Stan, Gray's a cock, all the people I have spoken to about it says he shouldn't have been sacked for what he said about women but because he's a shit pundit. Any fan of a Premier League team that isn't one of the big four or five knows how biased the cretin is when he's discussing matches involving them.

Billy said...

"communicate his thoughts on the Sport that the majority of men, if not all follow."

Not in Scotland DL where they can only get about 150,000 fans on a good day in total at all matches and where Sentanta strugled to get 40,000 signed up for their TV football and that was pobably mostly from the same 150,000 people I have already mentioned.

I am one of the majority of the Scottish population who doesn't bother with football in Scotland now and that is because of the two teams that have destroyed the game here - the Old Firm.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Spackers, surely I can't be the only one who thought he was any good. FFS, he got £1.7m per year and has ben there for 20 years. Personally I think he made Skysports, although I can see what you mean about smaller teams, but that's always the case, it's the same in Scotland, they're all small apart from the old scum.

Anonymous said...

Spot on DL.

How can you make money by hawking yourself in scuddy mags then complain that you've been the victim of sexism.

Stupid cow.

And yes, I agree about Murdoch. Cross him and you'll be for inside, no matter what it takes.

I wonder just how many people he paid to lie, and fiddle tapes in Sheridan's case. he's a bent bastard if ever there was one, but he has files on everyone .

You bet that includes judges even here in Scotland, so that he can make sure they do his bidding.

Read Iain Hamilton on the subject of how they have broken a pile of laws bringing this case, and no one has raised a finger to stop them.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I totally agree with you on the Old Firm. It sickens me to see the buses heading for Glasgow every Saturday from all over Scotland and what is worse from Ireland. Scottish football is shite. While I appreciate the 'Gladiatorial'aspect of bring in paid footballers from around the world like the Romans, it's still a different league from Scottish football. I still go and watch Aye, when they're at home, nut I don't even bother watching the highlights programme.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, I'm glad you appreciated the thrust of the post. You don't cross Murdoch as we all know, he's more powerful than politicians and as you say, he'll know where the bodies are buried. I've read Ian Hamilton and pushed a few others his way on Sheridan. He's spot on, IMHO!

Billy said...

Ha! Ha! I see they are going to set up an SPL TV - Can the thickos not see that it was a waste of time re Sentanta and that was one of the major reasons for their downfall - a lack of interest in Scottish football because of the Old Firm.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, unfortunately they are so much up the Old Firms' arses that they can't see the ball from the shite. If you see what I mean. I wish the fuckers would fuck off to England and they'd see how well they'd get on. They wouldn't get out of the 1st Division. C'mon Andy Murray!