Sunday, 16 January 2011


A Tory Euro rebel MP was reportedly reduced to tears after being caught in the crossfire between his millionaire father and a furious David Cameron over a vote to stop Brussels gaining more power over Britain.Chris Kelly, 32, was among several anti-EU Tories subjected to a four-letter onslaught by Mr Cameron as he battled to curb last week’s revolt over Europe’s ability to meddle with Parliamentary sovereignty.

Mr Kelly was among 27 Conservative MPs who defied Mr Cameron in the vote amid reports that he was more terrified of upsetting his father, Tory donor Chris Kelly senior – a leading Thatcherite with robust views on Brussels – than his party leader.  The Prime Minister told him: ‘You are making a bloody terrible mistake, Chris, it will do your career and reputation no good at all  'And you can bloody well forget about being a Minister.’

I suppose son, that you haven't been told how it works.  You do what you're told by your masters, who are in turn told by their masters, THE BANKERS AND THE ESTABLISHMENT!  Welcome to politics.

Totally off the subject, has anyone seen that that IRISH FUCKWIT, BONO, has invested £130 MILLION(!) in Facebook which has now increased to £485 MILLION!  FUCKING ARSEHOLES!  It's an ill divided world, right enough.  But, will he feel any better than you, my friends,  when he croaks his last breath, nah!  Fuck him!


winston smith said...

I suspect Bonos facebook investment will go the same way as his other investments. Total flop. What next tulip bulbs or ostrich eggs ?
I've never understood why people hand over all their details to facebook to be pored over by god knows who. May aswell get their neck stamped with a bar code and be done with it.

William said...

I love the line in Ab Fab where Eddie says Patsy shot a Corr and Patsy replied
Yes but I missed I was after Bono!

If someone would shoot him who'd miss him?

Scuttlebutt has it that Barry Obummer is going to get that twat Zuckerburg to take on the programme to give every American a unique internet identifier which they can use to log into all service private and public.

The Land of the Free Eh!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Winston, I would rather see the fucker giving his money to Africa or somewhere instead of boring the arse of us every few years with some celebrity bash, that only raises money for some dictators.
I take the view with Facebook, which I'm on but not that keen on, that unless you've never had a bank account, seen a doctor, stayed in a house etc, etc, etc, then they've got your number anyway and you're fucked.

Dark Lochnagar said...

william, you can bet if America's doing it, we'll be about 10 years behind. A politician doesn't let a controlling idea, go to waste.

Actually, in Ireland, they think the sun shines out of Bono's arse, but they're a strange people.

Budvar said...

The thing with the Irish and their adoration for the likes of bono et al, is they all have that elusive quality they all strive for but few attain. A fucking job!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budders, as well as that, it's never sunny enough in Ireland to wear sunglasses.