Monday, 17 January 2011


A senior consultant surgeon has spoken out against screening patients for bowel cancer in Scotland’s most deprived areas ...because they are likely to suffer from other serious conditions which could kill them anyway.

Angus Macdonald, consultant colorectal surgeon at Monklands Hospital in Airdrie, said that in his experience in Lanarkshire, an area of high deprivation with one of the country’s lowest life expectancies, many patients with small tumours were more likely to die from other conditions before the cancer claims their life.

Quite right too.  You poor bastards are just costing us a fortune with your smoking, drinking and fat eating.  Time we gave you a pill at 65 and that way we wouldn't have to pay you a pension, (60 for women).  Don't think either, that we're going to let you get on in life, join gymnasiums and become healthy.  While we're at it, why the fuck do you need to have foreign holidays from which the only benefit to us elite, is that you might get a Melanoma.  Fuck me!  You can't go to the Costas without seeing one of you fat bastards eating chips and drinking pints of Tennants in a Scottish Bar.  For Pete's sake, why can't you have a glass of Rioja and some tapas.  Us posh bastards, have had to go to the Caribbean to get away from you scruff and it's a long flight!

If we're kicking this off, can we start with those smelly bastards in Kilmarnock?

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