Thursday, 16 December 2010


Students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland who go to university in Scotland could face annual fees of up to £6,000, D.L. has learned.
The plan is believed to be in a Scottish government Green Paper on education funding for the future.
Scottish students studying at home currently pay no tuition fees, but the SNP administration's paper is thought to contain plans for a graduate tax.
Quite right too.  That's £3000 less than in England and if Scottish universities want to compete with England they will have to get more money from somewhere.  Non-Scot students, get a degree here and usually then go back home taking the skills that they have learnt here, in Scotland, with them.  Like that useless twat, who is second heir to the throne, Willie.
For too long the British economy has floated on what should have  been Scotland's bounty, oil.  Now that the British banking system has failed, thanks to lax controls by Labour, someone must pay the piper.  Some may say that RBS, is a Scottish bank.  Well, it had it's HQ in Edinburgh as do many financial institutions, but it has been paying tax to the British Treasury since 1707 and it's owned by the Rothschild group as part of the Inter-Alpha banking group and personally speaking, I don't see why we should be bailing out those bastards anyway.  Particularly as they will hold some of the bonds that the British Government has issued to pay the debt. 
 Is it just me, or is that crazy, OR IS IT CORRUPT?


banned said...

English students paying top-dollar to study in Scotland has been the plan for years. The EU decline to get involved because it has no stance on 'internal discrimination'.
However, Scotland will not be able to charge students from other EU States because to do so would go against the primary purpose of the EU (after fucking us all over of course) which is to harmonise free movement of goods, services and people, which includes education.

So look forward to notices in Lithuanian and Greek in your University dining rooms.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I don't see how they could charge English students and not Poles. Mind you I don't suppose there are a lot of Poles study here anyway. They could charge the state sponsored Chinese what they wanted. We in Scotland, value the education of our children and I suppose we'll just have to forgo something else to do it.

Bill said...

Scotland and England are not members of the EU, the United Kingdom is!

Absolutely fcuking bonkers and we are supposed to be the pinnacle of creation, jesus wept!

useless eater said...

The English could always go to Poland for their education I suppose.
It always winds me up when the English go on about how everything is free in Scotland. The payments to Scotland from the UK Treasury ( a tiny amount compared to how much we give through oil etc) are continually falling. Since the SNP got to power they have just re directed money that Labour wasted on their pet projects and used it for education, prescriptions etc instead. There's no new box of money. Just the same money being used better. The English could easily have free tuition fees if their govt wanted to divert from spending on pointless overseas aid ( £12Bn ) , supercomputers for their NHS ( £100Bn and rising - still don't work by the way), EU ( £110Bn and rising - still corrupt by the way), Windmills etc ( £20Bn annually and rising ) Wars in Afghanistan ( £30Bn annually and rising ). Ed . ok they get the drift.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy boy, yes everything is down short term. No one looks at what the consequences will be in 10 years. That's the fault of the adversarial system. Mind you, it's been worked out in advance and we're just continuing down that road. Anyone who still believes we live in a democracy, must be bonkers or believe all the shite that comes out the telly.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Useless, I know it gets on my tits as well. Just because we spend what money we get, a pittance compared to the oil money we pump in, the English think we are favoured. They want to come up here and try and heat their houses. A pensioner in Thurso gets the same money as one in Brighton, but you don't hear any moans about that. We still pay our share of the examples you mention as part of this united KINGdom. And that's another thing....