Friday, 17 December 2010


Parliament's expenses watchdog today insisted it would not step back from its duty to protect taxpayers' money, after David Cameron backed MPs' complaints about the tough new regime it has introduced.
The Prime Minister last night branded the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority's rules 'anti-family' and warned that it must improve by April or he would force changes.

A letter to David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

OI!  CAMERON!  Is power going to your head already?  The fucking clue is in the name, INDEPENDENT!  If you don't like it you can shove it up your arse, because we are fed up taking shite from the establishment, of which you are a part.  Your expenses from last year amounting to £14 million, haven't been passed by the auditors and you want to shoot the fucking messenger?

If you think the students gave you trouble, wait until you see their parents, we taught the little turds, (well I didn't because I don't have any), but I'm sure you'll take my meaning.  No point in water cannon, because we're coming to get you fuckers in wetsuits and we're bringing plenty of rope.  Tell the Rozzers to stand well back as some of our number are ex-Afghanistan and Iraq and they are tooled up for action.  Any shite from those bastards, who should be on our side anyway and there will be severe repercussions.

You Sir, are a public servant, nominally, and you would do well to remember it.

Yours faithfully

The Electorate.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant DL.

This man, and the rest of them in the establishment, live in La La Land. They have absolutely no idea that the rest of us do not see MPs as being different from, and better than, you and me.

They have complained that the new system is inefficient; that they have had to wait for expense. They don’t think they should have to. But they have been overseeing a country in which people have to wait weeks for their Job Seekers’ Allowance, or their Housing Benefit. I’ve seen these people, hungry because they don’t have enough money for food; cold because they are metered electricity (higher cost) and they don’t have any money to put in the meter. And these poor people don’t have a £65,000 salary to fall back on.

I say carry on though, because what you are describing is exactly what is coming to them. In France pensioners and student work together to cause all manner of problems for a government that gets out of line with what the people want. Up till now (with the exception of poll tax riots) the Brits have behaved in a much more dignified way, and as a result been pissed on by the likes of Cameron.

All across Europe there are signs that a new generation simply will not tolerate being the fall guys for a pile of fat cat men who have lived the life of Reilly and not that it has gone tits up have passed the payback to proles.

Well, maybe it’s time for Guy Fawkes to rear his ugly head and (metaphorically of course) blow the whole lot sky high... or maybe not....?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, it's time and it's just not this lot although the left are better at organising than the right are. The countryside alliance-ooh! Aah! Pish what we need is some violence to treat the Police and The Establishment as exactly what they are, our public servants. I would never have advocated that 3 years ago, but my eyes have been opened. I just hop enough other peoples' have.

Dioclese said...

Well, I did tell you all didn't I?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, you were right and I for one believed you. Do you have anything for the 3.00 tomorrow at Lingfield?