Sunday, 21 November 2010


A woman dragged across a police station floor before being thrown into a cell by a sergeant – who has now been cleared of assaulting her – says she believes he should never be put in charge of prisoners again.
Pamela Somerville said Sergeant Mark Andrews’ acquittal on appeal last week appeared to show there was ‘one rule for the police and another for members of the public’.


Deaths in police custody, by calendar year:[1]
Year↓Metropolitan Police↓Other forces↓Total↓
That's a total of 676 people have died in police custody in 15 years, an average of 45 people per year.  Now I'm not saying that all of these deaths have been caused by the police, but how many police have been up on a charge of manslaughter?  The answer to that is none.  In fact in the last 100 years, no police officer in this country has been convicted with the manslaughter or murder of any prisoner in their custody.

Remember, Ian Tomlinson?  Some poor bastard, walking home after work, having had a couple of pints.  He was knocked to the ground brutally by a police officer, who just happened to have the badge with his number obliterated and died of a heart attack.  Was the officer charged with manslaughter? Nope and they know who it was, but they ran out of time to prosecute him.

Police, at times, do a hard job, but are they getting out of hand?  Are they becoming a private army?  Some would say so and maybe it's time they were reined in.  If that number of deaths were happening in a third world country, we would be shaking our heads, so why is it acceptable here?


McGonagall said...

It's disgraceful. Obey or you will be brutalized is the message.

tris said...

How can you run out of time to prosecute someone for murder?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mcgonners, here's the bastards knocking down my door. Guaranteed they'll find child porn or drugs!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, that was a fucking stitch up BTW, between the CPS and the cops. A disgrace to a supposed civilised society.

Harbinger said...

Not ours that's for sure.

I remember Harry Stanley, walking home from the pub with a wooden table leg in his arm and he got snipered.

Bottom line DL, if the police keep this up they'll end up as the first people the people will batter the shite out of when the shit hits the fan.

They have to make a choice - us or them and that's really the bottom line. For if these pig ignorant fuckwit pulled their heads out of their posteriors, they'd realise that those they're protecting don't give a fuck about them, their families and they never ever will.

These knobs are helping the very people who are bringing our society into turmoil. I just wish they'd wake up

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, Yes I remember that. Was he not a Scotsman. What about that poor cunt that got shot recently when he got pished and brought out a shotgun. They had enough marksmen there to take down a small army.

One day they may wake up, but it will have to be from the middle down. The top brass won't want to risk their pensions.

I sent a guy from twitter over to you called, Jazziful or Jas. Go easy on him, he's at the start of the journey down the arsehole.

Harbinger said...


The attack on the public will continue as our country moves further into a police state. It's about and always will be about control.
Harry did have a criminal past and yes he was a Scotsman. However, regardless he never had any weapon and certainly because of his past was no lover of and certainly not loved by the police.

I've not encountered Jas/Jazziful yet. Maybe my recent articles have hit a nerve, but then there are no taboos on my blog as you know and I'll cut the nerve if I have to regardless.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, yes we seem to be sliding into a police state where protest in the street, that great French institution seems to be banned. Did you know this Harry character? As you say they'll be the ones getting a kicking not as usual the politicians at the top and the Illuminati.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Rumour has it on the gun armistice following the Stanley shooting 1,479 table legs were surrendered to the Metropolitan Police.

And yes, the lack of prosecutions indicates very clearly the subservience of justice to the mantras and benefits of the State over a brutalised society.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Crinkly arse, lol, you got it in one and very succinctly if you don't mind me saying so.