Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Britain is in danger of being sucked into yet more multi-billion-pound EU rescue packages as the Irish bailout threatens to spiral out of control.
Under the terms of a deal signed by Alistair Darling after Labour lost the May election, the UK can be required to offer guarantees to other EU countries until 2013.
So if the chaos continues to spread through Europe, we could have to bankroll other ‘basket-case’ economies such as Portugal and even Spain.

It seems this agreement was signed just a few days AFTER the election, when things were still unclear and I remember it at the time.  Now I firmly believe that the signing of this agreement was at the behest of the bankers, the Illuminati, and Darling was given no option.  Now Cameron and Osborne will know that, because they are best pals with the Rothschilds after the Yacht incident with Mandelson.  They are, IMO, the power behind many countries and ours is no different.  They own all the preference 'A' shares in the Bank of England and run the Fed in the US.  Look up the Rothschilds and research their history, don't take my word for it.

Anyway, Brown and Darling as the two principals have committed this country to £billions of pounds to prop up the Euro and the ailing European economies through this agreement.  Osborne says his hands are tied.  But, should we not be dragging Brown and at the very least Darling through the British Courts charged with at the best negligence and at the worst downright treason in committing us to these payments.

If a company director, whose company was going bust, made decisions like this about his company, the Revenue and Customs would demand at the very least that any losses were paid back through personal assets and that, they be struck off as a company director for at least 10 years.  So why do these fuckers, get away with it and keep their MPs jobs? 


Harbinger said...

All of it's being planned as you know. Private bankers are shafting up each country's many banks in order to reign them in under control of a world head bank that controls all the cash. You know the way it is DL - create the wars in order to make people think that separate countries are a bad idea. One BIG COUNTRY on the other hand means no wars - World government - world armed forces - YAY! Peace at last. NOT.

No one's going to be arrested. However chopping blocks and axes....now there's an idea.

Billy said...

Time to just let the banks go and the debt and start again with a better system that benefits society and the environment instead of a few rich people.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, yes of course I know that, however it should pose an interesting question for our 'independent judiciary'. When does the point come when Judges say enough is enough and these politicians need to be brought to account. I suppose in any vibrant democracy like Argentina from time to time the army would come in and sort out the politicians, before going back to being the armed forces. Unfortunately our armed forces are so far up the arses of the establishment and the fucking Royal family in particular, you can just about see the soles of their shoes.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, unfortunately that is not going to happen because the World is ruled by the Bankers, who have trillions of pounds in their accounts. But it would make an interesting scenario if everyone at once defaulted on their debts. Who would lose out. A cartel of Jewish bankers led by the Rothschilds? Debt is international as we've seen by the Irish bailout. We are cutting £7billion here and then are going to hand it to Ireland, or more importantly, as our debts are financed at 3-4% the Bank of England which remember is owned by the Rothschilds are going to loan the money to Ireland at 8% and make another 4% on £80billion which is £3,200,000,000. Then we wonder why they are powerful and can pay off politicians? The rest of the money will come from the other national banks that they own like the American Fed through the IMF. So yes let's default, it's only their money and we can take back our institutions and finally hold our politicians to proper account.

Toni said...

DL, I am always reluctant to believe in the conspiracy theories surrounding Rothschilds, but they have been around a long time. A lot of the other houses such as Macotta, Montagu and Pixleys have long gone. The British Tai-Pans lost most of their influence when Hong Kong was returned I suppose you could say the initial end of Scottish finance was when Barings went out of business but the end of the seemingly relentless expansion of RBS and BOS was not exactly a cause of sorrow amongst the international financial community.

The financial crisis has as was made evident in Europe not ended, just put on hold. Nobody really knows what to do, most nations are running out of cards to draw and its clear something has to change but people are generally reluctant to accept change. The effect of collapse of Lehman brothers shook the confidence of the governments and it would have been far worse if a clearing bank had been allowed to go under. Until people accept there has to be a new way of living then we will continue to do everything we can to maintain the existing one.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, it has been the affect of cheap finance that has caused the problems as well as bankers thinking, they're Gods. When I went to get my first house, I was about 21 so that was 34 years ago or such. You had to have been banking with the bank for several years and you get interviewed by the manager, so it was tin flute time. I was lucky enough that our business was also banking with the same bank, so a letter from my father as to my wages was all that was required. If that had not been the case, then wage slip would have been required and as I took quite a lot of my wage in cash, that was difficult. Thatcher's sale of council houses also fuelled the situation. I remember shutting this load mouth Labour fucker up in the pub one night, when he was having his usual rant about Thatcher by reminding him, that it was because of her, that he was able to buy his house. Of course, being a thick bastard he fell into the trap and gave me some shite about him just following the trend etc. At this point, I was able to deliciously remind him that not only was he a greedy cunt who went against his convictions buying his house, but he had also bought his mother's which made him a double greedy cunt.

Toni said...

DL, the cheap finance is the root of all these problems. Not at the consumer level because no one cares about that. In fact even though we have negative real interest rates in this country you will notice the average credit card interest rate is 29%. The governments have backed themselves into a corner, despite the glaringly obvious example of Japan. Japan of course had the highest saving rate and the largest national reserves in modern history when they experimented with their zero rate policy. America and the UK hardly have that luxury. We all know that Thatchers economic miracle was based on the spoils of the North Sea. When you trade for a living there are two approaches you can either be intensely focussed on one market and job it properly. This usually means severe concentration on the bid/offer and lack of concern for unrelated information. The other approach is more expansive. The North Sea Oil started peaking in the late 80's which just happened to be when Venezuela was trying to blackmail Uncle Sam to forgive its debt. If I had been trading then I would have known that the UK was going to sell its oil cheap to the US, which it did. Now if you ask a Norwegian about the difference between our oil policies, he would just laugh at you. Maximum North Sea production was 6.2 million bpd, Saudi does about 9.8 million bpd today. we wasted all that at around US$10 per barrel.
I am kind of an Orwelian when it comes to communism, I simply don't believe it works. Look at China and Russia, far more capitalist than Britain or America.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, that's an interesting comment which deserves a better answer in the morning. It's getting too late!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, so what you are saying if I read you properly, is that cheap finance is only of use to the banks, because for fucking sure, no one else is getting the benefits of it, unless you happen to have a tracker mortgage, which I have no doubt is quite a small percentage of the population. I don't know if it was you that I mentioned it to before, but there are a bunch on the internet offering, 'payday' loans at 3600%. I wrote to my MP about them and to be fair he wrote to some bastard in the coalition who wrote back to say they are looking into it. If that was you old guy with the tic book and a couple of heavies, he'd have got 5 years in the pokey!