Thursday, 4 November 2010



Anonymous said...

Not all conspiracies are theories you know!

The one on the right has very symmetrical buttocks, dashed attractive.

Looks like a Welsh leisure centre.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, now you come to mention it, (so to speak)!

Anonymous said...

DL Have you tried one of them on-line quiz's that tells you which way you swing politically? The address is this...

This was what I got to my surprise?

Your result for The Politics Test ...
You scored 54% Personal Liberty and 26% Economic Liberty!
A neo-liberal believes in moderate government intervention on personal matters and moderate to high government intervention on economic matters. They believe in a social safety net or welfare state and try to balance personal liberty with safety or security. Some neo-liberals believe in more foreign intervention or war then most other leftists. Others are more like Centrist Democrats. More authoritarian-leaning Neo-liberals (such as personal 40/economic 30) are the result of a "fusion" between "old left" and "new right" tendencies.

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

You scored 54% on Personal, higher than 38% of your peers.

You scored 26% on Economic, higher than 12% of your peers.

The last two I did 4 weeks ago and 8 weeks ago, with two seperate testers, I was a Nazi with Fascist tendencies, (wtf),and the other time I was a Stalinist with Moaist tendencies. I also did their Gaydar one, apparently over 10 tests, I could pick out between 15% and 20% of the male homosexuals, but I always got 100% when picking out lesbeans. "Rug munchers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your fanny hair".


Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, the last one I tried put me at right of centre, authoritarian. I'll try this one later on and tell you how I get on.