Thursday, 4 November 2010


An Iranian woman who faced being stoned to death will hang today, a human rights group has claimed.
The International Committee Against Stoning said that  the authorities had given the go-ahead for the execution of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.

That's all right then!

There is three ways to look at this I think.  The first way, is to agree that stoning is barbaric and that it was right that the western world protested to Iran and that also she shouldn't be hung, for being adulterous and murdering her husband.
The second, is to say that while stoning is barbaric, she deserves to be hung for her crimes.
The third, which is probably the one that I would  favour, is to say that she knew what the punishment was before she was adulterous and murdered her husband and even more importantly is, THAT IT'S GOT FUCK ALL TO DO WITH US!

Why do I say that.  Well, IMHO, (which is never humble as most of you know!), many countries in the world are 3-400 years behind us in human development and we should let them evolve.  If they are to evolve, of course, they will do so at a much faster rate than we in the west did, because of the influences which will come to bear, which we never had.  Obviously a lot of these countries like Somalia and Iran are Muslim, but there are also occasional places like North Korea.  I think we should let them get on with it and  look after ourselves.  We have plenty of problems here, without theirs.

For those of you, who think I'm wrong and there may be one or two, let me ask you a question.  If there was a death sentence for drug trafficking or dealing in this country, HOW MANY DRUG ADDICTS WOULD THERE BE?


I am Stan said...

Yowza DL,

Yeah its a tricky one this stoning/hanging issue.When things are tricky I have a method that helps me develop an opinion or make a decision,I break the issue down into four parts and consider each,its my S.E.L.L. Spiritual,in my efforts to be a good Christian,(C of E ),I consider what the good book teaches me,there`s lots of death and execution in the Bible,especially the Old Testament,but what would Jesus have said,mmmm,"let he who is without sin cast the first stone"so that an easy one for me..NO! Emotional,how does the thought of stoning/hanging this woman for her "crimes" affect me emotionally,her trial seems very bias and unfair from what I know,a mob throwing rocks at a woman till she is dead,or a brutal state hanging her in a miserable prison cell after a bias trial well the thought of it sickens me so...NO! Logical,this is where it gets tricky,she knew the punishments for her "crimes",she has had a "trial" of sorts,who are we in the West,our governments busy bombing the shit out of countries all over the world to stand in judgment of how others apply their laws.
so..YES! Libertarian,as a right wing Libertarian how does this fit in with my political beliefs?,well Im not entirely against the death penalty,a child rapist and murderer for example should be strung up,what few laws there would be in my Libertarian utopia would be firmly enforced and any crime against the person would be punished severly so,the death penalty for premeditated murder...YES!

Thats two yes and two no,in a stalemate situation I fall back on Spiritual, so overall its a NO! to her death!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners S & E. As I'm not a Christian, tales made up for the masses don't sway my judgement, but that is an argument for another day. Emotionally I agree, but how did the husband feel. Now I don't know the in and outs of the case, so I can only comment as I see it, (as usual).
You haven't answered the question about should we in the West interfere in another country's development as they become more 'civilised' and if so, to what extent. To the extent that we bomb the shit out of them, if we want their oil, as in Iraq or because we want to build a gas pipeline across their country and their leaders, the Taliban, who we were quite happy to negotiate with 20 years ago, want too much money to allow it?

Wilhelm said...

There's one thing the nutty muslims have got right is sharia law.

And Scotland will need it since the donuts in the Scottish Liebour mafia ( jack McConnel , who in a previous life was a wood work teacher in a secondary school ) in 2003 started to import a lot of African immigrants into Scotland to enrich us. Glasgow and Edinburgh has got a lot of primitive African spear carriers now. Yeah, great suff, isnt it ?

They should stone the multy culty, guilt ridden lefty liberal, witless wonders and useful idiots ( as Stalin called them ) at Bella Caledonia, first up, dopey Diarrohea McGregor

Watch the crime stats soar. Where ever Africans go, whether its Africa, America, New Orleans, Detroit, Los Angelos, Haiti, France, England or Holland. Africans wreck and destroy the society.

And that is that.

I am Stan said...

DL,are you in a bad mood?

Ok I came at your question from a different angle,to answer directly!

Spiritually I dont think our religious leaders and government should stand mute while others are oppressed and killed,a co-ordinated passive intervention with like minded governments and faiths could only be a good thing,but passive not aggressive.Not just for the womans sake but for all Iranians.

Emotionally it would please me to see the government taking an active front line role in appealing for mercy and restraint in their treatment of their prisoners and people as a whole.

Logically if one regime can be persuaded to treat its citizens respectfully and justly then the world becomes a little safer for us all.

As a Libertarian to see the political and religious elites and their henchmen treat the citizens with cruelty,brutality
and injustice makes my blood boil.

So YES DL,some kind of pressure put on the Iranian regime from our government,religious leaders,civil liberties organizations,corporations and individuals would be a good thing methinks

banned said...

The Iranian 'religious' must be deeply sexually insecure to insist upon a 'worse' death for women who fuck around rather than for the ultimate crime of murder.

They are also known for chucking spurious charges at prisoners who gain the attention of the western media. I chanced upon Womans Hour on Radio 4 yesterday, dunno if it was this case but a female prisoner of note has just recieved 99 lashes for Treason and Immorality while in prison awaiting sentence for whatever reason she was there in the first place!

Should we interfere? Too fucking right, as long as we have got bigger and better bombs than they have, it's for their own good you see.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Wilhelm, a man after my own heart. We have come too far with these lefty fuckpig liberals, as you say. It's time our immigration policiy was tightened up and that NWO schill in No 10, had better get his act together and kick out the Libthingies and go to the country and have the courage of Maggie's convictions!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, now I don't want you to take this the wrong way. Am I in a bad mood? Fucking Yeh! Now with all respect you are coming from the wrong angle in this because you were one of the lucky ones and your parents got in here from whatever Caribbean hell hole they came from.

There is a natural progression from barbarian to civilised. Now we had this argument some weeks ago about Africans eating each other less than 100 years ago. Now in my neck of the woods, we had cannibals 400 years ago, so you can therefore see there is a lag of 300 between a barbarian and a civilised chap that we have trained you to be.

That being the case we should let these countries develop and only when they reach the same sort of civilised state as a British person, should we let them come here and even then not in any great number, but selectively.

Now you will revert with all this pish about the British empire etc, etc. But without the British Empire half the fucking world would be slaves, the Africans and the Jews started it and are probably still doing it to this day. Furthermore half of the world would still be eating each other. You have still to tell me what useful thing has come out of Africa in 2000 years.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it's for their own good, my fucking big, fat arse. We don't do anything in any country unless there's oil or we want to build a pipeline. If we were so altruistic we would be invading, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Somalia, Tibet, Cambodia, The Congo, Nicaragua, Tibet etc, etc,. ROFLMFAO!

Cindy Dy said...

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Shea Kang said...

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