Monday, 25 October 2010


It's time more gay men became dads

There's never been a better, or easier, time to do it. So why do gay men remain reluctant to start families?
There's never been a better time for gay men to start a family in Britain. The law is now on their side. And recent Cambridge University researchfor Stonewall shows children with same-sex parents enjoy the same quality of upbringing as those from other families.
Slowly but surely, prejudices around gay men raising children are being disproven. But just 60 of the 3,200 children who were adopted in England in the year ending 21 March were adopted by male same-sex couples – less than 2%. Still, this is progress – the figure is up from 30 children adopted by gay male couples in 2007.

I came across this shite in the Guardian.  Do STONEWALL  for one moment think research that they have paid for at a British University is going to turn round and tell us what 95% of the population knows, i.e. that two Homosexual men bringing up a kid is not fucking natural, and if it did, would they tell us?

Children are supposed to be brought up in a loving male/female family and it's time we stood back and told the people, who are pervading our society with this Marxist crap, that enough is enough.  If they are brought up in a one parent family, there are often reasons for that and although not ideal, many kids grow up supported by loving parents.  One of my neighbour's daughters is a Lesbian and she is pregnant by insemination and intends to bring up the child with her partner.  That is also wrong and I fell out with her mother for telling her so, when it came up in casual conversation.

It will soon be, there will be no bastard talking to me!


Hugh Janus said...

Have you got any more lesbian stories please ?

Did you see this story in the Daily Wail ? Some old brasser thought a 25yr old Gambian loved her. Turned out he was only after a UK passport. Amazing. Who'd a thunk it..

Anonymous said...

Kind of pointless really DL. People still aren't getting the bigger picture but sadly they soon will.

How better to destroy a people than to have an unnatural society that hates itself so much it no longer is? This was the plan a long time ago and this is the reason our society is that way it is. Remember it only takes one generation to subvert and how many have been since the 60's?

For example the people still aren't getting the simple fact that our politicians all drink from the same cup. There's Cameron wanting to sell off our forests, yet doesn't think about cutting immigration benefits, illegal wars, quangoes and foreign aid? There's Clegg wanting to investigate soldier abuse of Iraqis in the Iraq war, further destroying our reputation and soldiers (as he's been ordered to) instead of bringing Blair AND CAMERON up for war crimes.

And regardless, Cameron and Clegg and any other wankstain politician will back gay marriage, adoption and family. The future's going to either go one of two ways - a total acceptance of homosexual family or serious reprisal on homosexual community that to be out on the street will warrant a severe beating to the point that no one will ever come out of the closet again. I can say the same with multiculturalism and political abuse, not forgetting a scenario at the moment that is running on comparison to the Weimar Republic before Hitler rose to power.

"Evil prevails when good men do nothing" so said Edmund Burke, however will we prevail? You see, whatever we say, thanks to the indoctrination and brainwashing of society we will be perceived as racists, fascists, bigots, nazis, homophobes, anti semites etc etc as you and Subrosa found out of late. The fact that today we have to actually defend our stance against colonisation of our land, cultural demolition and white genocide proves how fucked up things have really regressed to.

The very fact that there are articles of homosexuals whom by choice are unable to have children and families, having families is beyond FUBAR! This is what I'm saying DL. IF nothing happens, nothing ever will and one day the white heterosexual will wake up like the black homosexual in 18century Alabama wondering what the fuck happened, when it'll be illegal for heterosexuals to have children and families as well as getting married or having relationships.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bigerse, Aye, I saw it, silly old fucker. For lesbian stories, try a wee attempt I had at writing porn some time ago.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bigerse, sorry that should be . I told you it was a while ago!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, sorry I was watching the first video on Jewwatch, The Emire part 1. Two and a half hours but really interesting.

I'm beginning to think we're too far gone to do anything. They've got too much power.

I get some e-mails from the Scottish Nationalist Party, some guy who bangs on about the Monarchy and I used to think he was a nutter. Now, I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

DL, Jewwatch is certainly a veritable cave of knowledge. There's no doubt about that. There loads of information on that.

I've been watching and reading some truly interesting stuff of late but sadly the more I do the more I realise that we're not just sliding into the shite, we're floating down the shitstream with a huge hole in our boat.

The monarchy have always been fucked up. Revolution Harry's done a bit of investigation into them so pop by and have a chat. They're all connected to the Babylon bloodline, along with all other European and USA world leaders and important people. You know that every president of the USA is related to the Queen/Royal family? Well get this, Obama is related to Sarah Palin - LMAO!!

All those people whom control us are chosen long before hand. Who's pulling the strings? I wonder?

I am Stan said...

Yo DL,


I guess its better for a child to be raised by stable,loving parents than to spend its childhood in state care homes or being passed around from one foster parent to the other...even if the parents are of the same sex.

Guinnein Gutfreund said...

"Obama is related to Sarah Palin"

Lol,thanks,that`s given me a good laugh on a Monday morning.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, 'who's pulling the strings' right enough.

There are more than enough people in this country, Scotland, who would let the Queen fart in their face. They just don't realise, maybe they don't want to, what is really going on behind the scenes. Possibly they just want to get on with their lives and bring up their family to become yet more debt slaves and more horrifically, chipped slaves of the ruling classes. But if as we are told, this ruling class has been ruling over us from Egyptian times, is there any point in resisting or is it going to happen anyway and we should just spend our three score years and ten and die happy. You at least believe in a God and therefore possibly some sort of afterlife, but whereas I think I'm going to be wormfood. It's a good job, I've got a cheery disposition!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, Hello Blackie. I take your point, however I take the view that Homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to adopt children, even if it means they are brought up by various foster parents. I believe that same sex relationships are bound to be less stable than heterosexual ones so there is even less chance of a child being brought up in a stable relationship. I also don't think that Homosexuality is normal and should be encouraged amongst the young and there is no doubt that bringing a child up in a Homosexual will encourage them to think that that a same sex relationship is the norm.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gutters, genealogically there are many people linked who wouldn't at first be obvious relations. Take the Queen and Robert 1, (the Bruce), of Scotland. I'm told, there are 19 Presidents who are related to the Royal Family of Great Britain, who of course are related to all the other Royal Houses of Europe because they have been interbreeding for years to keep us oinks out of their bloodline. Oh, you think Princess Diana was a commoner? Research her bloodline and you'll find it in with European Royalty as well. Is Sarah Palin related to Obama? I don't know, but I think I would like to research it further, rather than just dismiss it out of hand.

Toni said...

I wonder when gay men suddenly feel the urge to become fathers - Is it one too many nights at the public toilets or at the nightclub? Maybe its the power of the pink pound and what else do you buy when you have already decorated your Brighton apartment and brought lots of nice sparkly things. Maybe I am stereotyping as I am always told you can't tell if someone is gay or not, funny though that I have always identified a homosexual immediately and I am not exactly what you would call sensitive. There are some who think the increasing amounts of gay people is natures way of slowing down population growth, which seems reasonable enough to me but of course this wouldn't happen if the gay community used artificial insemination to create new life, perhaps if a child is so important they should adopt, I'm not talking the James Caan/Madonna, "how much for the baby"? approach but I am sure there are plenty of kids that need a stable upbringing, no matter how pink. I am pretty sure most gays or lesbians would make better parents than me although I remember being in a notorious beach resort in Thailand when I lived in Bangkok and a couple of English lesbians paying a Thai hooker to go with their 14 or 15 yr old daughter because they wanted her first time to be with a woman.Quality parenting, I'm sure you'll agree.

Billy said...

Royal bloodline! What a load of pish - they are still related to monkeys like the rest of us.

Or maybe these people that gush all over these royals are related to sheep?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, funnily enough, I can usually spot them a mile off too. But, not always. I remember thinking that when I went to a clinic locally, this male nurse was bent as a 10 bob note, but when I went in for my operation, I was nursed by his wife and he had two kids. Mind you they say there are Gays in marriages.

I'm sorry to my burgeoning Gay following, but I don't think in general that it is a good thing for Gays to adopt. The instance you give above is interesting. I wonder if the daughter got aids?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, if you have some spare time, click on The link Harbinger left on the bacon butty thread. There are two videos there. Now they both take about 2.5 hours, but you can come back to them. They are very interesting, particularly when they get onto the Royal Family. I urge you to have a shufty if you have time!

banned said...

@TONI "...being in a notorious beach resort in Thailand when I lived in Bangkok and a couple of English lesbians paying a Thai hooker to go with their 14 or 15 yr old daughter because they wanted her first time to be with a woman" Call me old fashioned but eewwww! Gross!

Mind you DL, the Dutch are light years ahead of us in promoting the idea of two fathers.

Twee Vaders

I wonder what Gert has to say about that?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, Fuck me. Mind you if you didn't have the translation, you would say it's a good Eurovision Song, good singer the boy as well. BTW they didn't get round to the third verse, but I better not go there. The Dutch are a perfect example of a race who allowed mass immigration in their case from Indonesia and they are practically a bastard race now. I knew some from Denia in Spain, where I used to have a flat and they were mixed race and lazy as fuck, lying about on the beach all day to work at night in the bars. I think they were shagging each other as well, but I didn't like to ask!

Anonymous said...


"...But if as we are told, this ruling class has been ruling over us from Egyptian times"

Think back further DL - Babylonian times. As I said all rulers/leaders are connected to one another via bloodline.
As for my body, well that's either wormfood or barbecue. My soul however will live on.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, your soul will live on in the minds of people that knew and remembered you, but I'm afraid that's it, I think. I would love to be proved wrong, however, so have a bash!

Was Babylonia before Egypt? To be honest with you, I don't care. The Egyptians will do as a starting point for me, I think most people can relate to that easier. Mind yo, the Egyptians seemed to be into Homosexual and sister shagging. There's nothing new in this world, eh?

Anonymous said...


I can't prove you right but then again neither can you prove me wrong! We'll only know when we pop our clogs what happens and even then we might still not know because whatever created us put a block from us ever finding out. Possibly dreams let slip once in a while, along with hypnosis but overall, no one really knows...

You need to do some more reading DL - Babylon is the beginning of man's kingdom. It's where Egypt got all its gods and religious beliefs from.

Guinnein Gutfreund said...

DL,Mon 25-I would like to research it further, rather than just dismiss it out of hand.

Do you have that much time to waste?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, it's OK for you. My head is bursting with Jews, Royals, Egyptians, Babalonians, Labour, Tories, SNP, Marxist, Bolsheviks etc etc. There's only so much a man can research at once! I have to watch the Gladiator fights of the modern age, the football as well. I even went to Somerset Park on Saturday! I've also got to go to the gym, three times a week to get my health back. Along with a dying Father in Law, there's only so much time in the week. Just kidding, I need to get some more research time in. But I'm getting there slowly but surely!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gutters, thanks to this great invention we now have called the internet, if you type 'link between Palin and Obama' you'll get , which will tell you that Obama is a cousin of Palin and is also related to Dick Cheney and George W Bush.

There that wasn't too difficult!

Fascist Hippy said...


Dark Lochnagar said...

Fascisto, No thanks! Where's your manners?