Tuesday, 26 October 2010


ITrade ties: Mr Cameron during a previous trip in India. A new EU agreement means that Indian companies could transfer workers to the UK and take British jobs

The Prime Minister told business leaders the planned immigration cap will not ‘impede’ companies recruiting skilled foreign staff.  David Cameron opened the door to a new wave of immigration yesterday by signalling that the Government will let businesses bring in more staff from overseas.
His words brought claims that the Tories are watering down their tough stance on new arrivals to placate the Liberal Democrats.  Critics also warned that a Brussels trade deal with India, currently being drawn up, would lead to ‘British jobs for Indian workers’.  Under the terms of the deal, Indian companies could transfer staff to the UK with no limit on numbers and no guarantee that the jobs would first be offered to homegrown experts.  That could see thousands of Indian workers flock to the UK, making it far more difficult for the Government to keep a stranglehold on numbers.

The Prime Minister is poised to give a new EU treaty the go-ahead, in return for a deal to cap the Union’s budget, sources say.  
David Cameron has signalled that he will back French and German calls for a limited treaty to deal with the fallout of the economic crisis – a move which will infuriate many Tories.

Despite a pledge to hold a referendum on any new treaty, the deal could be pushed through next year without a public vote.

It seems to me that the Coalition are talking tough and yet like all the centrist parties over the last 18 years or so, they are caving in and not doing their job, or at least, pretending to do their job, of sticking up for the ordinary people of Britain and for those who elected them.

I suppose the combination of left of centre, tree-huggers and supposed right of centre Thatcherites was always going to be a Government of which expectations were low.  But to have acquiesced,  just this quickly, will have taken some of their supporters by surprise.  Be afraid for what you vote for, it may find you out!


banned said...

"Critics also warned that a Brussels trade deal with India" There's the fucking rub. It's all about Brussels and the best thing ClamClegg can do by way of damage limitation is to pretend that it is all their own work, cunts.

Parliament should be closed down and only open once or twice a year like the old Soviet 'Parliament' to rubber stamp the pronouncements of our masters at the EvilEUSSR Præsidium.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, you've got a point. My MP's Labour and I asked him to query something for me weeks ago and I still haven't heard from the cunt. It was a different story when they were in power, the bastard was answering in minutes, mind you that was through 'They Work for You', so maybe you get a better response with them. I don't know what else the fucker has to do, to be honest with you.

I am Stan said...

Theres a fantastic Indian takeaway near my gaff,it wasn`t always though,the last owner used a mainly tomato based sauce in all his currys which made them somewhat bland.

However after the cops raided and found half a dozen illigal`s living in the flat above a new owner took over and its now spot on.

Youve got to be careful of the hoodies who hang around outside at night though,one poor bloke got a right kicking one night sticking up for his mrs.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, Yo Blacky! Or whatever you darkies say as a greeting. The illegals would be doing genuine immigrants out of a job and receiving shit wages, but now you have a fully functioning take away. Have you talked them in to putting Goat Bhoona on the menu? Or maybe leaving the feathers on the chicken curry for that genuine Indo/Caribbean taste?

I admit myself, I'm not too keen on hoodies. I mean, I could understand it in the winter if it's cold, but in the middle of summer? Are they white hoodies or black hoodies?

I am Stan said...

Goat Bhoona...lol.

"Are they white hoodies or black hoodies?"

A mixture,some of them have cartoon figures on them and couple are sporty but mainly plain black or grey,you can pick em up at Primark in town for less than a tenner,shapeless and anonymouse,

The names Stan...use it!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stan I will now I've got a reaction! Can you also get them at that shop called TKMax? Actually I know, you can because I was in there for the first time the other day with my wife and I was casually looking to see if I could get something to wear to the local gym, because the heating is never turned on and it's fucking freezing in winter. They had fucking millions of hoodies, but could I find one without!

UKIPer said...

DL. Primark are doing nice hoodie type tops but without the hood at £6. Get 2 sizes too big though as they're tiny.
Only UKIP will get us out of the EUSSR. The SNP are the keenest EU supporters but the rest of the mainstream parties aren't far behind.

Hamish Huguenin said...

Bonjour Mrs D,

You Scot have ze no style me knows,bah! to your filthy hoods..I fart in yours generals directions,ere at Paris we have good style,we loud laugh when see you dress,


Oh I not want roast beefs to EU,stay in you stink ole..BAH!

UKIPer said...


At least our Dear Leader isn't a wee joaby who needs to stand on a box to suck his wifes tits.
Ye wee garlic munching minger ye.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ukippers, Unfortunately I don't think we've got a Primark anywhere close. 6 squid sounds just about right for a thing to wear in the Gym. Mind you, if it wasn't the wee local one that costs me £10 per month and where no one else normally goes when I'm in, I would have to get something by Nike or Adidas at £40, because I'm a bit of a style icon!

There are a lot of people in the SNP in my experience not to keen on the EU, BTW.

Dark Lochnagar said...

M. le Grandun, you can stick your l'escargot up your filthy French hole along with your Channel Tunnel, you, you, bouquet de merde!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ukippers, that's telling him. Let's invade the fuckers, sending their asylum seekers over here, the bastards and they can stick their Filet Mingon avec le pomme frites up their conkers!