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“Gentiles need to die….goyim have no place in the world.”  This was part of a rambling diatribe of racist slurs heard on Israel’s Channel 10 this weekend,  The perpetrator?  Leader of the Israeli Sephardic community, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, founder of the Shas Party, part of the Likud coalition headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
This isn’t the first time Rabbi Yosef has said these things.  The immensely popular Likudist Rabbi, when not calling for the slaughter of Palestinians or advocating the destruction of Christianity, offers recipes, marriage tips and lots of advice on how Jews can rule the world as the new “master race.”  Nearly every day now, the world is subjected to one claim or another by a “spiritual” leader in Israel.  One day it’s “G-d created the planet ONLY for Jews” or the continual diatribes against Christianity, “Jesus was a criminal and liar,  spending eternity in excrement and his mother, Mary, was a whore.”  This one is repeated so often it is tiring. 

I have been told that I go on about Jews too often, so for a change I'm not going to add anything.  The link is there, or here, if you want to use it.

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Billy said...

Just another loony who lives in la la land.

Considering all these religions are all copies of the pagan myths that went before them, especially the Egyptian one, then numpties like this guy do not realise the "God" they are worshiping is the SUN.

The Jews were involved in creating the Jesus myth by copying the Egyptian Sun god Horus myth including his virgin mother Isis-Mery. That is where the virgin Mary comes from - Mary being an Egyptian word from Mery or MRY. Christ is also an Egyptian word from KRST. Moses is an Egyptian name. John the Baptist is an exact rip-off of the Egyptian Anup the Baptist also. The Great flood is an exact rip-off of the story of Glgamesh. etc

The Jews are just as much liars as the Christians etc when it comes to their religion. All these plonkers like this guy should take up something safer like train-spotting and maybe the world would then get on a lot better without this ancient pagan claptrap.

2Mac said...

As you said there are nutters in everyland. I for one am not concerned about the Jewish Dr or Banker living in my street, nor when I get on a plane/bus/train am I watching the jewish people.

No I am fully concentrating on the cunts in the Ninja suits and the fuckwitts wearing a sheet with a big fuck off beard. You know the ones with the battery powered back packs.

I know their are 1.3 Billion of them and they are not all terrorists. Only a few hundred thousand are terrorists/jihadists the remainder simply provide the finance and cover story.

2Mac said...

Interesting point on the Egyptian link and I share your position on the Osiris myths. It should be quite obvious who they are praying to "Amen" the "the hidden god"

Also an interesting side note on monotheism in the ancient times. After the Armarna herisey when Ackenathen was replaced as King fore his heratical belief in only one God. His followers werecast out of society into the Desert / Escaped from Egypt.

Where did Moses grow up? Where did they go. they could not have been Israelites in the days prior to finding the land of milk and honey.

I would also agree with the idea that jesus/Zeus/Horus/Osiris are all part of the same bastardised story.

(No time for spell check. Missus giving me hastle)

Dark Lochnagar said...

2Maccers, I wouldn't even put it as high as a 'couple of hundred thousand', more ten thousand at the most. But I think that as far as Jews are concerned, it's not the ones you can see, it's the Rothschilds and the other cunts that think they are going to run the world we have to be worried about. They're not worried about sun Gods or hee haw else, only power and making money. Large corporations would also now, be coming into range.

Dark Lochnagar said...

2maccers, Aye I found that 'Amen' bit very interesting. Go onto Google Chrome and it does the spell check for you, much, much quicker than I.E. as well.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, aye they're all nutters as far as I'm concerned, so they can get on with it. Where I do take issue though, is when Religionists think they are right and want to run everyone's life according to their creeds. Can you imagine though, if a Christian Archbishop had said that Jews are cattle and must be exterminated. What a fucking stushie there would be.

Anonymous said...

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Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, I wouldn't worry about your English, ours is not too good and we're native speakers. If you don' understand anything, just ask. I can't say it will improve your English but at least you'll learn humour in another language! Make a name up and use it all the time, so I know it's you.

Billy said...

2Mac - Don't fall into the Muslim "terrorist" trap. Look to the UK, US and Mossad for who is responsible for 911, 7/7 etc.

Also have a good look at Nato as well - Go and look up "Gladio" - This has even been debated in the European parliament because these other EU countries know what the UK and US are up to.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, there are times I think I'm living in a totally different world from most other people and then I remember, I am!

That's interesting about the Gladio link, did you notice the Masons were in there too?

banned said...

Billy/2Mac. Amen = Amon, gypo Sungod. Soloman = Son of Amon, go figure.

DL, it is not the Jews we should be worring about, it is the Moslems, IMHO.
Incidentally do Buddhists and Hindus regard the 'religions of the book' (Jews, Christians and Moslems) as all much of a muchness?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I honestly believe that it is the Zionists who are pushing multi-culturalism which will IMO, kill this country as you and I know it.

Most Christians think that the Jews and them are quite similar, except Christians believe in Jesus and they don't, so therefore the bible splits at the New Testament. Ha! That's what I thought, in my ignorance. Most Rabbis learn and teach the Talmud, which is an interpretation of the old testament, which if you look at it, has got fuck all to do with what we consider to be Judaism.

I don't know about Buddhists and Hindus. I read a book on Buddhism once, but it was a while ago and to be honest with you, I don't remember it having anything to do with the bible. I was reading something however the other day, which said that Jesus spent the 'lost years' between being born and becoming a prophet in India, studying Buddha.

Harbinger said...


You're quite correct:

"Can you imagine though, if a Christian Archbishop had said that Jews are cattle and must be exterminated."

Can you imagine? What angers me about all this bollocks is that currently the agenda is against Islam and the media is searching hi and low for diatribes such as that of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, but spoken only from Imams. Where is the reporting in the western media of this pray tell me? Well you won't find it in any paper or news report on TV that's for sure.

2Mac states:

"I am fully concentrating on the cunts in the Ninja suits and the fuckwitts wearing a sheet with a big fuck off beard. You know the ones with the battery powered back packs."

And that is exactly how the Zionists want you to believe. If you do some research, once the Illuminati (wealthy Zionist bankers)- Adam Weishaupt, Schiff, Rothschild, Warburg etc had been exposed (courier got struck by lightning while taking the protocols abroad with written information on creating the French Revolution) that is those who wrote the plan for control of society (The Protocols of Zion), the creating of a New World Order, that is simply the removal of the old world order by creating a one world government and banking system, they went into hiding within the Freemason movement. If you haven't read them then have a read and don't let the usual "They're fake" blah, blah put you off either. What's interesting is what Albert Pike had to say on the whole situation. Pike was a truly evil man, a satanist and in his letter to Giusseppe Mazzini (The 'M' in the word Mafia by the way) he wrote of the up coming wars that would allow the creation of the New World Order.

Link: http://www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike2.htm

In a nutshell the 1st world war was created in order to install Communism that would destroy western governments and religion.
The 2nd world war would be created to set fascism against Zionism and strengthen the state of Israel in Palestine.
The 3rd world war would be to pit the Zionists against the Muslims.

So you see 2Mac you are being conditioned as expected to show hatred towards Muslims. Now I'm not going to pillory you for doing so, because Muslims will Islamise any land they're in as that's their duty, but you have to ask yourself the question, just who let them into the UK? Who let mass Islamic immigration into the west knowing full well what the outcome would be?
You and the rest of the western peoples are being set up in order to ferment hatred against Islam as you watch your society change immeasurably due to Islamic colonisation of it created on purpose to get the very reaction you are giving now. And then eventually the west will support Israel in a massive war against the Muslim nations. (cont)

Harbinger said...

You see 2Mac,

If you want to learn about the future all you have to do is learn about the past. You may not be religious, but religion most certainly control your very life, always has and always will.

The reason why there will be a massive war against Islam is because currently the most holiest sight in Jerusalem, Temple Mount, is home to the Muslim 7th century Mosque the Dome of the Rock. However in order to fulfill Biblical prophecy, the Temple of Solomon must one day be rebuilt in order to crown the new King of the World, the new David inside. This is why there are Christian Zionists because they believe in the rapture, the second coming of Christ.

The massive war against Islam will be so as to destroy the Muslim nations whom surround Israel as well as being able to knock down the Dome of the Rock and rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

The media is owned by the NWO. Therefore it is telling you what your master's want you to know and leaves out 90% of what you need to know while filling you with the shite like X Factor, Wayne Rooney, Big Brother and other reality shows. We are living in a 100% controlled society and believe it or not, the Queen has full power to drastically change society, however she is the biggest player in all of this and has nothing whatsoever to do with our freedom and liberty. She chooses all political leaders from American ones to British, to Australian, Canadian etc etc. The war in Afghanistan is about the control of the poppy seed (heroin) and the Queen doesn't give a fuck about you or I. It's about power to her and fulfilling the biblical prophecy that she is 100% an instrumental part of.

Our society will never change until we make a series of changes:

1. Remove the Royal Families from power all over the world. That is make them penniless, remove their assets, give them to the people and the lands they are in and even better imprison them for crimes against humanity.

2. Remove all from power within the Committee of the 300.

3. Remove Freemasonry from society.

4. Destroy religion - ALL WORLD RELIGION entirely, outlawing the practice of it regardless.

5. Give back Israel to the Muslims and send the Jews to Birobidzhan in Russia if they want a home - their true home by the way. Destroy Zionism.

6. Remove all Muslims from the west back to their Islamic lands.

7. End media monopoly period.

8. Destroy banking.

9. Bring full power back to the people.

Unless the above is fulfilled we will continue to live as slaves and continue to create a hell for our future generations.

Harbinger said...

DL one of my posts has gone into spam again. It's the one above my last post.

2mac said...

I once thought as you do about Masons, Bilderburg, royalty, etc and there are many links of the elite but the risk we must face is Islamic conquest.

Israel belonged to Jews long before Islam was imagined by pervert Mo

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, and 10. strip al, the money from the Jewish bankers, the Rothschilds etc, by telling them that any loans outstanding to them are not getting paid and putting them on trial for crimes against humanity. That might be included in 8. ! There was one in spam, BTW.

Dark Lochnagar said...

2mac, yes but at least the threat you face from the Muslims is in your face and is not happening behind your back like all the NWO/Illunminati stuff. We think we live in democracies and in theory if we want to exclude immigrants we could, but it will never happen, because our politicians are bought and sold for Zionist gold. Quite snappy that!

Harbinger said...


For a start this "Israel belongs to the Jews" is pish first and foremost and nothing but media propaganda oddly enough continuously promoted to the ignorant Goy in order to accept its lie.
Israel, as you may know was a man. He had 12 sons. The descendants of Juddah are what we know as the semitic Jews and thus they have 1/12th of the land known as Israel to be shared with the other eleven tribes. So Israel DOES NOT BELONG TO THE JEWS. It's Jewish propaganda that people like you lap up.

You have also conveniently forgotten much else of what I've written and as DL says, the Muslims are in yer face. It is the danger you can't see that always poses the far greater threat to the one you can't. The Jews know that there is no way in hell they could stand up against Islam and therefore parasite off of and control the gentiles (age old enemies whom they hate yet lie about friendships) in order to fight their battles for them, especially against the Muslims. In other words we're being used.

The Israelites lost Israel and? So what? It's a piece of land and nothing more. They've got to move on but they won't. You need to educate yourself more on the situation because you clearly are brainwashed my the media, by the very people who utterly hate you into doing their bidding.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, It would be a much better world, if we let the Arabs obliterate Israel and then we could do business together. Maybe then we could move towards a world order with proper protocols in place, ones that are not put there by the Committee of 300.

Harbinger said...

Well, I couldn't agree more. Were there no Israel, that would certainly be one problem solved, but alas only one. We would still have the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Christ, the Knights Templar (Freemasons), the Knights of St John, the Farnese, Orsini, Aldobrandini, Somaglia and Breakspeare families, the Black Nobility, the Mafia (in all its forms), the Committee of 300, the Zionists, the Rothschilds and at the top of the castle - the English Royal Family, or should I say the German, and below but above the rest all the other Royal families throughout Europe.

Only once all those above had been removed from their positions, cast out as penniless scoundrels to wander the world as beggars would we even begin to dream of a free and peaceful world, but alas, it would be a mighty cold day in Hell were it to ever happen. These people do not worship a God, or should I say what we are led to believe a spiritual being. They worship Gold, Oil and Drugs.

It's about control and always has been. He/She who has the most wealth control the most and these people have been acquiring wealth for hundreds upon hundreds of years. It's only once you start adding things up, understanding just what's really going on can you begin to even fathom the enormous wealth, power and this total control these people have. They are devoid of any spirituality, compassion or empathy whatsoever DL. They are beasts, evil to the core, nothing but ponerolagists.

People are just truly oblivious to what there is around them and I truly believe that were the papers to start telling the truth there would be nothing but chaos. Our controllers know that and they also know that those who protect them, the common men and women, would no longer. Exposure is these evil people's greatest fear, hence why the media will always be under their control. Keep the people ignorant and they will know no better. This is the reality.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, we can only hope that the web is allowed to advance, but somehow I doubt it. I googled 'the committee of 300', today for a bit of research, I was doing on something else and there was 85,000,000 mentions, so someone at least is looking at it, whether or not they believe it or have the capacity to believe it, I don't know, but all we can do is to encourage other bloggers to investigate it. You'll probably know the phrase, 'slowly, slowly catchy monkey'. You probably heard one of the older punters in your parents' pub saying it and I think that is the best way to spread the word. I think we're probably 30 years away from control being seized totally by these fuckers and hopefully by that time, they've been found out.