Wednesday, 27 October 2010


The Conservatives have lost their lead in the opinion polls for the first time since the election.
According to a new Populus poll, Labour was one point ahead of the Conservatives on 38 per cent, a rise of one point since September. The Tories have seen their ratings fall two points to 37 per cent in a month.

Is it just me, or are the people of Britain,  really fucking thick?  Have they been fed so much, Eastenders, Lady GaGa shite, that their brains have ceased to function?  Do they have a point in the States?  Is the fluoride in our water supply, slowly killing our brain cells?  These fuckers should be polling about 11% with only the benefit cheats and criminals, voting for them.
Labour, for any of you who were out of the country for the last 13 years, led the most totalitarian Government, this country has ever seen.  We as yet, are still taking a massive sigh of relief.  Not to mention, once more, following true to form and bankrupting the country, like every Labour Government does eventually.  Oh, you can talk about sub prime mortgages in the States and if you think that was the cause, good for you.  There are some of us however who think, that the real cause was the lax regulation of the banking system, which as yet has still to be reined in properly and I'm not sure that old sweetie wife, Vince Cable, has the balls to do it, or even more to the point if the banks will let him!  Because, don't kid yourself, what with big business, the EU and the banking moguls, Democracy is dead in this country.

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