Saturday, 30 October 2010



Nearly nine out of ten jobs created under Labour went to foreign-born workers, astonishing figures revealed last night. 
Official statistics showed the vast majority of the rise in the employment total under the last Government was accounted for by workers born abroad. 
Total numbers of those in work went up by two million during 13 years of Labour. But of those jobs, 1.8 million individuals were classed as ‘non-UK born’. 
Just a quarter of a million declared themselves to be born in the UK.

  The one-eyed fuckwit! 


McGonagall said...

You dirty rotten racist you. How dare you reveal the truth about immigration. Have you no shame?

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, my shame went down the Swanee many years ago. I better hide in case those bad boys from the left get me!

McGonagall said...

DL there is no left - they were infiltrated and taken over by NWO spooks years ago. There is no right either for the same reason.

If you're "anti" immigration the left smear you as a racist while the right smear you as "anti" business and development.

On this subject debate is forbidden. Both sides will vilify you. Of course both sides are the same side - the capitalist transnational corporate oligarchy that tells folks what to think - what thoughts are allowed and what thoughts are disallowed. Everybody knows this and behaves accordingly. What's your problem?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mcgonners, until recently, I saw the G20 protests and thought to myself, "what's up with those fuckers". However it has since come to me in a shaft of light, a beam of light from Disneyland! I am mildly racist but not against immigrants who are already here, I just don't want any more and I am definitely anti-big business. They want to take over the world through their Zionist banker friends and the the New World Order, committee of 300. So I am well balanced with a chip on both shoulders!

Anonymous said...


"DL there is no left - they were infiltrated and taken over by NWO spooks years ago. There is no right either for the same reason."

Erm....I beg to differ McG. The left is and always has been about state control, fair distribution of wealth and minority control. Remember what Lenin said when asked of Communism - "Socialism in a hurry."

I will agree there is no right in politics, but the left is and always has been very prominent. The NWO is merely the expansion of Fabianism, a much larger state control of society - one super government.

The society we live in today is a communist one thinkly covered with a veil of capitalism to confuse everyone it's a democracy. In fact our society is a merger between the state, corporation control and fascism (fascism is left wing, along with nazism and communism) to make corporatism.

Our problem McG is that our society has been heavily outbalanced towards the left. The NWO is left wing, not right. It's total control over the people by the minority and the minority have always been championed by the left.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I think McGonagall's interpretation was that the NWO and the left were one and the same, as you believe, but I'll let him respond.

Anonymous said...

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