Monday, 4 October 2010


Osborne arrives for the Tory Conference

Up to two million parents could lose their child benefit payments under the 'biggest reform of the welfare system in 70 years'.
Plans are being drawn up to scrap the benefit for children over 16 as part of root-and-branch reforms to save £2billion a year. The benefit is currently paid until the child is 18.
Middle-class families could lose their child benefit altogether if the Chancellor, George Osbourne, decides to means-test the payments.

Quite fucking right too.  I would stop all child benefit, full stop!  If you want to have children, then you should pay for them, or be able to pay for them, yourself.  If young girls have children to get a council house and move away from their parents and they can't support them, then there are old army camps where they can be housed.  Those that don't have jobs can babysit for the ones that do.  No men would obviously be allowed and obviously there would be no social life allowed for young women, with young children.
The fathers should be made to work and half their wages or dole money should go in taxes to the Government to pay for the upkeep of the camps.

I forecast that the teenage pregnancy rate would decline very sharply, as young girls learn to keep their knickers on and feckless young men learn that 'choking the chicken',  is in the end, a lot cheaper!  


Anonymous said...


Stopping child benefit between the ages of 16-18 won't stop teenage pregnancies. They've got 16 years of income in order to make it attractive.
However, women who choose to use men as sperm banks, dump them and expect to live on benefits, were there none, would soon learn that was not a profitable venture whatsoever and find that they'd have a choice - find a partner they love and want to have children with or else it's move back in with mum and dad in order to support sprog.

Take away automatic council houses and frown on single mothers again and you'd see the pregnancy within single (and prospective single) mothers plummet.

There is nothing within society to stop women having kids to play the system, stopping teenage pregnancies and/or breakups of families because mum doesn't want to live with dad anymore and who cares what the children may want. Selfish mothers will continue within society until there is no benefit whatsoever in being a single mother.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I would stop child benefit all together. I don't see why I should pay for some wee slut and some feckless teenagers' pleasure. Fuck them. They want one, they pay for it, stay with their parents of go into an unmarried mothers' club.

banned said...

I don't blame the girls either, they are making a well informed lifestyle choice following on from their own mothers. I blame the cunts who set up a benefits system that results in this conversation being overheard at a bus stop.

Slapper 1 to slapper 2 "Yeah I'm pregnant again, I 'ope it's a boy cuz then the council will 'ave to move me to a three bedroom 'ouse".

Incidentally, it is well known that juvenile criminals get their bitches up the duff before they go down to present themselves as loving fathers with a stabilising family and a fixed abode when their parole hearing comes up.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it's time we took to having of children out of the 'lifestyle choices' area for gadgies. Put them in camps and make the feckless cunts pay for their weans by taking it out of their dole money and if they're caught working for cash, jail them and if they say they're self employed take £100 per week off them per kid. Put the mothers out to work and the rest in the camp can look after the weans. That'll sort the cunts out.