Thursday, 16 September 2010


A cardinal due to travel to the UK with the Pope has pulled out just days after claiming Britain was like a "third world country".   German-born Cardinal Walter Kasper, 77, was to make the trip as part of the Pope's entourage.  Vatican officials have reportedly attributed the change of plans to ill health.
Asked about the protests expected to greet the Pope's visit, he remarked on Britain's multi-cultural inhabitants, telling the magazine that someone landing at Heathrow may think they were in a "third world country" as there was such a variety of feces there.

It's strange that it takes a foreigner and a German at that, to tell us the truth about the last 13 years' immigration policy.  London is a cesspit.  I have had many people commenting on here about how they feel like a stranger in their own capital city.  If he thinks Heathrow is bad, he should fly into Birmingham.  Why is it that when an Asian flies away on holiday or for an extended stay in the country of their or their parents birth, the whole fucking family has to turn out to see them off?  En-masse, the Pakistanis must be the rudest people in the world.  Can anyone tell me why at our International airports, we have to have special toilets for Muslims, so they can squirt some water up their arse, after they have had a crap?
So, in my opinion, the Cardinal is right and it's time something was done about the levels of immigration in this country as most of the immigrants from Asia have no intention of adopting our culture and just form cliques across the country where the use of Sharia Law is prevalent.  Mind you we seem to have gone from a Totalitarian centre right Government to a fuck-knows-what-we-are-or-what-we-believe-in-centre-right-Government!

h/t Old Holborn for the pic


Anonymous said...

i agree,

love the abbot pic,haha

would like to see that on some huge billboards,she'd win i reckon

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL he should have swung through the dump 5 years ago or so. It looked like Beirut after the IDF had paid a visit, only even more so. Now though it is a multi-kulti advertisers paradise and snoops night emission.

Anyway DL do you reckon the old guys have a wee swastika tattooed somewhere?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, I think it would be better round a bit so we could actually see her arsehole. Then we could see what was stuck up it!

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! He certainly won't have any numbers tattooed on his wrist, despite the pish that we are told about him being in a concentration camp. How fucking stupid do they think we are!

banned said...

Quite so DL: riff raff of the fucking world landing on our shores and at our airports; aided and abbeted by the 'liberal elite' cunts who will not have to live amongst them in their State Sponsored slums and tenaments or scavenge for scarce resourcs with our own people like rats fighting in a sack.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, that is the plan of the communists Jews that run Russia in the revolution. They learnt they couldn't crush the West by power and so now they hve resorted to stealth. I can see in a couple of hundred years we will have moved onto, Europe v Africa, or the North American alliance v the South American alliance and those fuckers will still be sitting there holding the purse strings. I just wish I could be here when the oil runs out!