Monday, 20 September 2010



More than 9,000 public sector employees earn more than the Prime Minister, according to most comprehensive analysis of state pay levels ever undertaken.
In a stark illustration of the financial rewards available to workers in the NHS, schools and police forces, the study found a total of 9,187 earning more than the £142,500 paid to David Cameron. There are also 38,000 who earn more than £100,000 a year.

38,000 earning more than £100k in the public service!  Plus their pensions, annual leave and sick days.  Fucking unbelievable.  Ah, but they will tell us, we could be earning more in the private sector.  My answer to that would be, well go and do it.  BTW, you're banned from using any influence from your current employment in your new one.  See how many companies want you then.

The same should go for politicians.  Pay MPs, £40k and see how many of them want to go into PUBLIC SERVICE!  OK, give them a decent pension to compensate, based on the number of years service.  It would also bring down wages in the private sector, which would mean companies paying more tax and there would be a knock on in the housing market.  Anyone earning over £100k in wages, shares, bonuses etc, should be paying 75% tax on their earnings over the £100k.  Time we returned to normality!


Toni said...

DL, your outrage is well founded. Not sure I can agree with you when you say anyone earning over 100k should be taxed 75% on the excess, (as I used to earn far more than that), mind you in my previous job it was entirely performance based. Remember the good ol' 70's when the Stones recorded Exile and Rod Stewart made Atlantic Crossing, thats because people like them were paying 90% tax. The same will happen again, those that are worth the money will simply leave - good for Hong Kong and Switzerland, bad for London. The public sector wages do seem high though, especially when you have people like Shoesmith saying she doesn't see why she should be held responsible. Well that's kind of the point, you get paid big money for taking responsibility. As for the MP's I am sure there would be plenty who would accept the 40k limit, most of these guys have, a'hem, other income sources and it seems that there is a particular type of person that craves power.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, I never though I would have heard myself saying there should be 75% tax, but these are hard times and very few are in the position they can emigrate to countries that have lower tax rates. I would have very little tax up to £40k, 50% between 40-£60k, 60% >£100k and 75% over that. The housing market and the whole economy is in the shit and it would encourage people to get off their arse and do something. MPs should not be allowed to have 2nd jobs, it's totally wrong and if they have been Ministers, they should not be allowed to have other jobs that relate to their departments for 5 years. Send me an e-mail if you need to discuss the other thing.

tris said...

Good post. Like Toni, I’m dubious about taxing people over £100,000 at 75%, although the fact that Michael Caine would leave the country would to my way of thinking be a bonus. (As a side thought, he campaigned for the Tories on the basis that he didn’t want to pay 50p in the pound tax, and they won, but we still got 50p in the pound tax... took him for a bit of a plonker, huh?)

Overall though the nonsense of people like Paukl Stevenson and his predecessors getting that kind of money, or that twat at the BBC getting £800,000 is a joke.

MPs too will never understand what life is like when they earn 3x the average wage and ministers are on 5 or 6 times what Joe public earns. Politics shouldn’t be something you enter to make money. No one is saying they should be poor, but apart from show biz or sport, I can’t think of a job you can walk into at between £55,000 and £65,000 (depending whether you are in Scotland or England) without a single qualification or any necessary talent or ability, with no targets to achieve and no real boss. And where you can chose your own hours and where you are treated from day one (when you are trying to find the toilets) with deference and (in England) are above the laws set for everyone else because you are in a palace.

But will it change... will it hell.

tris said...

PS: If men have to wear suits and shirts and ties to work, why on earth does the Home Secretary go around looking like she was at a garden party?

Do dress codes not apply to wimmin?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, I'm not saying it should be a permanent thing, just for this period. Why the fuck, BTW should halfwit footballers and stupid lassies with a decent voice be paid millions. It's obscene. Take Alan Hutton for instance. Now I quite like him, but it's obvious that Harry Rednap doesn't, although he played a great game on Saturday. Now he's on £50k per week, at least. £2.6 million per year and he's not even in the first team! That can't be right in any sane society.

Your point about MPs is 100% correct. It's a fucking joke. MSPs are only in Parliament on a Wednesday and a Thursday. The rest of the time they're fannying about in committees or kidding on by sitting in their constituency offices drinking tea and feeling the new assistant's arsehole. Do you know any other place of work that has a bar attached? They are complaining about having to pay £2.90 for a pint of Guinness! To say nothing about the subsidised food. I remember in the early 90s driving through Glasgow rather than taking the Erskine Bridge when I had been up North, in one day BTW, because I couldn't afford the 60p bridge toll! It will never change because they are not going to cut their own wages. It's now seen as a way to make money, full stop. None of this public service. That's what people never understood when Tories like McMillan got elected. They already had plenty of dosh, so they could work to the best of their ability for the country, rather than Labour arseholes like Blair who enrich themselves.

Your right, May is wearing a blue bin liner with holes cut in it for the arms and head!

banned said...

Leave private salaries to the market DL but I would agree on putting an absolute ceiling on public sector salaries (inc extras) at say, the Prime Ministers salary, -£1.00

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, that's fine with me. But as far as private sector salaries are concerned, the time has come, I believe to say enough is enough. Someone has got to make a stand and take the first step! If average footballers want to come to England or to a lesser extent Scotland and get paid £50k per week, I'm sorry they should be paying about £40k of that in tax. No one needs more that £10k per week after tax. I know it's a short career, but they'll have at least 10 years when they can be making that sort of money. The same applies to Bankers. You want £10 million per year salary in Britain. Fine you pay £9m of that in tax. Full stop, just the way it is, the country's fucked and these sort of rewards are obscene, IMO.