Saturday, 25 September 2010


The Archbishop of Canterbury has said he has "no problem" with gay people being bishops but they must remain celibate.
I don't pretend to know much about a religion which has the head Honcho wearing a nice wee purple dress, but I would have thought if you're going to allow homosexual priests, you've got to let them bugger one another.


banned said...

Fuck 'em all...

Key bored warrior. said...

So what he is saying is, "OK with poofs as long as they don't get into the habit." sounds reasonable. I mean they are all wankers.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, once again, I am indebted to your brevity as you come straight to the point.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Keybo, as one who was brought up in the Presbyterian faith and who now has no faith, I couldn't possibly comment. Well I could, but I don't think I could add anything!

Anonymous said...

Well considering that the church has nothing to do with true Christianity then they can do whatever they want for all I care. I'm not part of, nor do I ever go to church. It's all alot of bollox.
The bible forbids homosexuality and yet they ordain them as priests?
It's merely yet another scheme to further obliterate western society and Christianity. I mean, really, what I don't understand is why on earth would a homosexual ever want to join the church which is supposed to follow the forbidden teachings of man on man love? My only reason for them wanting to would be to get at the choir boys after Tuesday night rehearsals.

Bishop Williamson is a deluded old fool. It's about time a piano or something heavy fell on him from a great height. Call it divine intervention.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, you're right in your assertions about Homosexuals. I was watching QI tonight with my wife, (I have to spend some time with her). Stephen Fry, the host is of course a Homosexual and I can deal with that, but there was so much talk about 'Gay's and rectums and the like, I even made a comment to my wife about it. It's drip fed to us all the time and it's only just recently that I've started, as you know, to take account of it. Going by that poll, I quoted the other day only 2% are homosexual so why do we take so much notice of it and why is the BBC feeding it to us. Has 'disgusted' of Tunbridge Wells, popped his clogs?

Anonymous said...


Read the following to understand why there's so much promotion of homosexuality:
click here

They are trying to create a hetero-homo society, where eventually heterosexuals will be looked upon as homosexuals were 15 years ago.
Believe it or not it's about the rise of the new religion - Lucifarianism. That is the opposite to the natural will of God that has not just created but kept society as it is for such a long time.

Homosexuals have preference over almost everything in life. When I got back from London after 16 years I was frankly amazed at the amount of homosexuals in Dundee. And the continuing brainwashing within society accepts them as no different to you and I, when the mere fact they fuck one another immediately shows difference.

Society is fucked up, 100%. The preference over the minorities within the UK has actually made me prejudice against them, where once I was happy to accept them for who they are. I won't deny this and if I'm like this imagine how many others there are? If this grows, which I think it will it will create a situation where one day the majority just flips and starts horrendous persecution of any minority.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, Useful info. However as I said previously you and I differ in the belief of an afterlife. I found the article written by someone who had a Catholic slant, unpalatable when describing Humanism, as modern day Humanism is far different from what I saw described there. Humanism is a response to the widespread demand for an alternative to dogmatic religion like Catholicism. It's history of the Frankfurt School was however very interesting, but my challenge is how to tie that in with modern day Zionism, the control of the media and the NWO. Perhaps as someone who has studied it in some depth, you could enlighten me as I feel that we, (the seekers of the truth), should agree what the truth is and what we should be promoting to our fellow humans to warn them of the perils.