Tuesday, 3 August 2010


The Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, yesterday issued a stern admonishment to a US senator investigating the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi. The US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee is investigating whether BP lobbied for his release to help get a $900m (£565m) oil exploration agreement with Libya off the ground.
In a terse letter to Senator Robert Menendez, Mr Salmond denied that Scotland had passed the buck on the release of Megrahi. He said: "You and some of your senatorial colleagues have suggested that the Scottish government have sought to pass responsibility to others for the release of Megrahi. That is simply not the case." He also refuted speculation that the motive for Megrahi's release was less than pure, saying: "Please do not ascribe to the Scottish government economic or commercial motives for this decision when there is no evidence whatsoever for such a claim."

In other words, PUT UP OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!  We're fed up with this wanker's accusations.  He can't even get his American witnesses to come to his hearing.  WHY HAS BLAIR NOT BEEN ASKED?  After all, if there was any hanky panky going on it was between BLAIR AND HIS NEW BEST PAL, THE MURDERING BASTARD, FUCKWIT, GADAFFI!  The stench of OIL, EMANATING FROM BLAIR'S ARSEHOLE, IS PUTRID.  Still it's only money that counts with that SANCTIMONIOUS FUCKER!


Anonymous said...

And you truly think that Salmond et all had nothing to do with the release of Mehagri for Oil deals and it was purely on compassionate grounds?

DL, please tell me that you're joking? Salmond's a politician, supposedly the Scottish NATIONALIST party and wants to quite happily gain independence from the rest of the UK in order to become part of the EUSR which will mean complete loss of borders, which won't bother him as he'd be happy to see Scottish culture demolished thanks to the continuing rise of turd world immigration into it, which he quite happily promotes? Since when did you ever know a Nationalist who thinks that multiculturalism can help sustain that lands indigenous culture?

Unlike England, Scotland's population is a mere fraction of England, rapidly decreased because of loss of jobs and Scottish emigration down south. I've already seen massive cultural change in my home city. There are far more Africans, Asians and Eastern Europeans than ever and they're growing daily. Yes, Salmond, the so called Nationalist, is nothing but a lying, anti Scottish f*ckwit who'd quite happily sell his culture down the Clyde, in order to net a fat retirement packet for himself, no doubt spent living in a foreign land.

Alex Salmond will do more damage to the Scots, the longer he's in power than Edward "Longshanks" the Hammer of the Scots ever did!
Had this tosser been living in the past, his own clan would have disemboweled the c*nt! The SNP are nothing but a bunch of Crypto-Marxist, NWO shills, who don't give a flying f*ck about anyone but themselves and how much money they can acquire while in office.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Signed the fuck in now, fuck me. Salmond is on a tight rope and the guys running this shit expect to keep him there. If he's not a foundation bitchboy he will take the coming breakdown as an opportunity.

Any sign of his forward positioning? No just reaction. FBB DL sorry to say.

scunnert said...

Harbinger has a point. Alex Salmond, as a Privy Councilor, must have been complicit in the "Order In Council" which prevented the Chagos Islanders from returning to their homeland. (An "Order In Council" is a trick used by the elite to circumvent democratic processes.)

Moreover, he is onside with the EU project which is blatantly anti-democratic, controlled by corporate interests, and is aimed to crush national aspirations wherever they raise their head. But,perhaps, that's the price we have to pay? In my opinion it is too great a price.

As far as Megrahi is concerned I'm pretty sure there was a conspiracy behind his release and as the "Juniour Partner of a Juniour Partner" Scotland was obliged to go along. It was, none-the-less, the correct decision.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, there are some times that you have to believe in the altruistic quality of your leaders. I don't believe they are all grasping cheating bastards, yet. I don't hold truck with the SNP's policies on Europe, but I do believe that we would prosper better as an independent nation with Scottish control of our resources. It would obviously take some considerable effort to get the Scottish people out of the Socialist mindset they seem to have acquired, but less than 60 years ago, the Scots were voting Tory.

Now while you yearn for the breakdown of society in order theat the NWO experience will be curtailed, I am not sure that it is going to happen all that soon. The main premise in your argument seems to be the oil running out or some alternative power source not being invented. I don't see that happening if at all at least in the near future. I would like to see Scotland more along the lines of Norway, where they are trading with the EU, but are not part of it. Remember when the UK breaks up then our membership of the EU will have to be renegotiated, much the same way as Germany had to. That would be the time to pull up the drawbridge in Scotland and resign our membership. Scotland would then be able to benefit from it's own resources which are considerable and I would then like to see money poured into the Scottish Universities to move forward the not inconsiderable technological skills we have in research, the games industry etc.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!! I would think so too, you lazy fucker. No, I believe that the Megrahi decision was taken without the influence of the oil deals. At least I want to. Salmond is itching to open up the corespondence he had from the US government, but protocol insists that he can't do that without their permission.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, I'm not sure if all privy councillors would have been involved in that decision. Are they not after all, 'privy' to the Queen with whom final authority rests, for fuck's sake. Which of course in a modern democracy is unacceptable in my opinion.I hope the decision which I followed quite closely was taken without 'undue' influence from London. Leaving aside the corrupt notion, I don't see Salmond listening to London, instead I think he would have ploughed his own furrow as he hates Labour, or so we are led to believe.

Anonymous said...


You know, I'm truly intrigued as to how Scotland will survive, on its own as an independent nation?
Just what 'resources' will Scotland have to offer Europe that Europe can't produce itself?
Because of the demise of our education system, we no longer produce the best of best, engineering is a prime example.
The Oil industry's dying out.
There are no ship building, plane building or car industries anymore.
All this leaves of Scotland are the following:

1. A whisky producer.
2. A tourist attraction.
3. A museum.

What will all the unemployed in Scotland do? Who will pay them? My home city's population dropped from 200k people in '94 to 143k today. And there will be more unemployed also when English companies decide to pull out of Scotland when it goes on its own. Not only that but there will be a huge rise in anti Scottish sentiment, the rise of English nationalism and Scots returning from London looking for work, but doing what?
Now I know you say the computer games industry is going well in Scotland and I will agree, considering that's one thing I've been interested in since I was a child, but the master of video games live in Japan and the USA and the money from computer games in Scotland really isn't going to support a nation, along with whisky.

You put too much faith in your country that's only become what it has, combined with England, Wales and N.Ireland. As I said, it would not be able to exist within the EU as it simply has nothing to sell, well, apart from whisky that is.
You also put too much faith in your politicians and it seems obvious to me that you're also not really concerned with Alex Salmond's plans of flooding Scotland with third world immigrants in order to do the jobs Scottish people won't do. I'm looking here at Scotland as I did England after WW2 and the influx of the West Indians and Asians to make up the lost workforce.

DL, I would much rather stay within the Union and see Scotland remain a land promoting Scottish culture instead of go it alone and turn into a destination for every third world immigrant, meaning a huge population increase and Scots becoming the minority within their own land.

And again what 'considerable' resources does Scotland have DL? If you haven't noticed, industry in Scotland is dead. Also you still fail to see that Oil is running out. I hope you do read the book by Michael Ruppert as he'd only writing about what many people have been talking about for decades.

I don't mince my words DL. If I have to say something I say it, regardless.

Anonymous said...


You also have me wrong. I DO NOT year for the breakdown of society. I do not wish for untold suffering of people's lives but that will come. For you to truly believe that Oil will not run out, that is become non profitable to take it from the ground, then you're living in cloud cuckoo land. All you have to do is the maths. I'm sure once you've read Michael Ruppert's book you'll get a far clearer picture and understanding of the situation, but please, don't make wild statements such as "The main premise in your argument seems to be the oil running out or some alternative power source not being invented. I don't see that happening if at all at least in the near future."

You fail to see that of the alternative energy sources available, of sun power, wind and tidal power, these only work when there's sunshine, wind and tides. Of the other alternative sources Nuclear, Shale gas, ethanol, remaining fossil fuels, you will read all about them and the negatives, far outweighing the positives also in the book.

I'm not going to make a statement unless I've done my research first.

And regarding Salmond, where was his intervention on the Holy Grieg scandal? Where was the investigation by Scottish politicians, everyone having been contacted by a member of the public? Where was the media coverage?

Let's be realistic here DL. When you become a politician, you become part of an exclusive club. That club is owned by the bankers, the financiers, the arms dealers, the Zionists and everyone else who seeks personal gain to the detriment of others. There is no altruism when it comes to politics for f*ck sake. Honestly, DL, my opinion of you is truly beginning to change. Putting the words altruistic and politician in the same sentence would be like putting the words peaceful in the same sentence as mass murderer.

Politicians are bought and paid shills. They are all in the same car, that's taking them to the same destination as every other politician.
If you truly believe there are some good politicians out there, you're sadly mistaken and worse still utterly deceived by mass media.

Mehagri was released, rightfully, but not because he was innocent, but because an large oil deal was about to be made with BP, involving Mandelson and Blair. All politicians are in the same boat. It's called the "F*ck the people for our own financial and personal gain."

Toni said...

If I had my way Scotland would have total control of the revenue generated by the offshore oilfields. As taxation would be much lower oil would be cheaper so Scotland would become a UK transportation hub - even now English haulage companies run on fumes until they get to France to fill up. The biggest benefit would be in being part of Europe but operating as an offshore financial centre. Edinburgh has the legal and fund management infrastructure in place and with appropriate taxation, I could see the financial centre becoming highly successful anyone who remembers the difference between the old Dublin Docks and their IFC will agree and all they offered was 10 year tax breaks and a highly educated work force. I would suggest a flat taxation rate and no capital gains or withholding tax and the money would flow in to the country. The knock on effect of a vibrant financial centre is huge as anyone who lives in London knows. The great universities would be full of foreign students willing to pay to study in Scotland. All this is quite achievable as long as we don't have the Euro - the Scottish Pound could have a similar relationship to the punt and we have full control over the natural resources. Just remember the difference between Aberdeen pre-oil and post oil.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, 'Confronting Collapse' arrived this morning and I am about to read it. As far as oil is concerned and I admit to having an open mind on the subject, as I stated in the piece or in some other post, the new 'Catcher Field' which they have just discovered has reserves of at least 350 million barrels, which is ten times the size of a normal North Sea field. In an independent country, the taxes that accrue from that could be put to better use than propping up the British economy as it has been doing since the early 70s. That is without the oil that is available from Rockall and the west coast of Scotland which as yet lie untapped. People will tell you, "you can't drill there, it's deep water, there may be a catastrophy". So, a couple of thousand seabirds die, so what? Oh you might pollute the beaches. No one goes on the beach apart from the fortnight in June when we get summer.
I easnestly HOPE that a politician can be altruistic and to that end I would rather see a Tory Government with leaders who have a few bob, because they are not going to be SO grasping as those Socialist bastards who have nothing. Who would you rather have running the country? Someone who has been educated at Eton and gone on to Cambridge or Oxford or a fucking postman like Johnston? Unlike you, I will make a statement without doing research first, because that it what I feel or think and it is for others to put their point to further the discussion as you do very well. I suppose if everyone was the same, the World would be a dull place. You keep on talking about your city, where is it?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, much of what you say I agree with, although there must be proper controls in place in the Financial Industry, because as a smallish country we can't afford to have a calamity like what has befallen the UK. Norway with their huge oil fund has lost some of it because they allowed themselves to be conned into investing in this country. When we do establish an oil fund, I would like to see an Scottish National Industrial Bank formed which can fund R&D,The Universities and lend to companies at advatageous rates to encourage other businesses to locate in Scotland.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, info on the Catcher field http://tinyurl.com/24m8jlw

The Holly Grieg case is a disgrace BTW.

Anonymous said...


Humans use 1 billion (1,000,000,000) barrels of Oil every 11-12 days. That works out to be around 83.3 million barrels of oil a day. So an oil field of 350million barrels reserve will last nearly 4.25 days. When the Oil companies went out first to get oil it was literally coming out of the earth - remember the Beverley Hills Hillbillies? They left the hard to get ones and went for the easier oil, with the largest reserves. They've all gone or will be soon. It leaves the hard to get oil, that will cost a lot more to get in smaller oil fields, that will cost more to clean. It will come to the point that the oil will be far too expensive to remove from the ground. Peak Oil has passed already. Again this information can be found on the internet and in the book you're about to read. 350million barrels is f*ck all DL, I'm afraid to say. That oil is not for Scotland's personal use. The overwhelming majority of that oil will go to the USA. In 2007 the USA was using 20.6million barrels of Oil a day alone! Britain was using 1.8million per day. So even if the new Catcher Field has 350million barrels of oil, it would only last over half a year if Scotland just used these barrels alone and I'm talking 3 years ago, when demand was less.

Again, this is about programming, which is what the TV and the media do. They don't tell you the real sh*t that's happening in the world, firstly because they're owned by those who don't want you to know and secondly because it will cause widespread panic, when people realise that they're all about to lose their jobs, due to the fact that they rely on oil to get them there and that the use of oil is very much a part of their company they work for. Like I said in a previous post, all you have to do is think just what in our daily lives is made of oil, uses oil to make, or is part of the process of transporting those goods and the people who use them. The answer is practically everything! I don't speak of collapse for fun and neither does the incredibly intelligent and man of integrity Michael Ruppert and many of his associates, trying to warn society of the situation.
Their politicians have lied to them. They are owned by big business. They are corrupt. They are out for themselves. They are responsible for the mass murder of innocents abroad and their own servicemen and women who signed up to protect their nation from attack, not become hired thugs to be sent all over the world.

Anonymous said...


"Who would you rather have running the country? Someone who has been educated at Eton and gone on to Cambridge or Oxford or a fucking postman like Johnston?"

Now this is where you and I are going to differ 100%. The above is what I call social conditioning via indoctrination and brainwashing. I know people who never went to university who from their own interest in subjects run rings around Eton and Oxford graduates.
And I would always choose the postman. Why? Simple, he's lived life. He's experienced the ups and downs. He knows what it's like to have to choose between eating or heating. He knows what it's like to be knocked left, right and centre, being made to feel useless by society. He knows what it's like to have applied for job after job and to be continually refused. Therefore, unlike the toffee nosed, straight out of school, into University, into politics, career politicians of today, who sit in their echelon towers looking down on society, ignorant of their plight, Johnston the postman, understands very much the reality of the every day man. He's the one who has to wait in the emergency room for 5 hours with a bandage wrapped around his head after nearly cutting off his arm in a freak accident at work. He's the one who has to wait weeks for an appointment at the doctors. He's the one who has trouble getting his children into the local schools and colleges, due to immigration. He's the one who has to go through the daily grind of bad public transport, possibly facing job loss because the system f*cked up again. He's the one who has to juggle his cash because he's not got enough to go all around.

Therefore, if there's anyone who understands life better, who will speak for the common man, then it's Johnston, not the prick from Oxford or Eton, who's more than likely pleasing mummy and daddy at being elected representative for some constituency in the UK. And I grew up in an upper middle class family and I'm well educated. Only those who truly experience life can make life saving and societal choices. For a start, immigration would be halted because THEY have to live in the sh*t the Etnonian/Oxford politicians have made, yet don't.

I used to have your mindset, of how could our society not be run by Etonians or Oxford graduates, until I realised that I was being conditioned to believe this way, by the media. And I'm not a socialist, far from it, but I realise that the original socialists, the Ramsay MacDonalds and Kier Hardies, were working class men who wanted to give their people a voice in Parliament that they never were getting.

And I'm from and live in Dundee (for the moment). Have a read of my last article on my blog. I'm considering whether to go back to London and back into music promotion where I earned a very good income.

Jim Baxter said...

Let's not forget Iran-Contra or Rumsfeld's meetings in the 80s with Saddam. Let's not forget teh USA's support of bin Laden when the Soviet's were in Afghanistan. Let's not forget Roosevelt seeking assistance from Lucky Luciano in various matters, including the invasion of Sicily in WWII. Mussolini had destroyed the mafia. Rossevelt brought them back. Let's not forget Roosevelt handing half of Europe to his good friend Stalin, a man he could do business with.

Let's not forget the secret bombing of Cambodia (it was no secret from the Cambodians) early in Nixon's presidency which helped destabalise that country enough to that country enough to make Pol Pot possible. Let's not forget East Timor or Kissinger's support for the brutality unleashed against the people there. Let's not forget the Nixon-backed overthrow of the democratically elected government of Chile on - well, what do you know, Sept 11th 1973.

Let's not take any lessons in morality from American politicians.

Sophia Pangloss said...

Weel said Jim. It's the stench o' hypocrisy emanatin fae the US Senate that gets up ma nose. Every time Alex talks oan the matter ah believe him aw the mair. The SNP were never gaunnae support Blair's dealins in the desert, so it's nae stretch tae accept that they kept their distance fae BP. It's also nae real stretch tae accept the compassionate release, it wis justified by the medical reports, while at the same time solvin the heidache o' haein al'Megrahi in a Scottish jail. It feels kindae straightforrit tae me.

An' Harbinger, yer posts are too long, ah've no got aw night ye ken!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, 350 million barrels in World terms may be a drop in the ocean, no pun inteneded, but that along with other fields not yet in production should be used to help the people of Scotland. It's like winning the lottery, as I think said somewhere before and giving 92% of it to your neighbour. I don't doubt that oil will run out at some point and by reading 'Confronting Collapse', I hope to learn more about what the implications will be and what mankind can do about it.

I don't believe however that every politician all over the world is at it. I notice Michael Ruppert, gives a dedication to Jimmy Carter, so there you go. However it still remains true that a good number of them are bastards.
As far as preferring a politician like Johnston over an educatd person, then remember the Johnstons of this world are also molicoddled in the Union movement or as an intern as soon as they leave Uni. Unfortunately in a country the size of Britain we, the people, are too far away from the decision makers where that I don't believe is true in the Scottish Parliament. I get telephone calls from my local MSP on a regular basis to discuss, issues of the day and how I feel about them. He may be using me as a sounding board, I don't know, but I don't go to meeting neither am I active in any local party. I suspected you were from Dundee, but that does explain quite a lot!

Dark Lochnagar said...

James, very true. Their very fear of communism whether it be in Russia, Vietnam or China has kept the worls desatbalised for 60 years. Not to mention many other interferences that the CIA have had in all countries of the World over the same period. No, No, they can fuck off and I think that is the message from most of Scotland. Our Government has made a decision, right in my opinion, and they are will ing to stick with it to their credit. Cheeky American wankers.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sophes, yes I don't think thre would be any way that Salmond would do a deal with Blair. I think if Megrahi had remained in Greenock, he would be dead by now and having a high profile figure like him dying in a western jail would have brought a thousand bombers our way. Harbinger does tend to go on a bit, although what he writes is usually interesting. What are you worried about reading them, I've got to answer them!

Anonymous said...


The Oil of Scotland in the 70's was swallowed up by the USA while England took all the profits. America was predominantly in charge of all the rigs.
As for today, even if Scotland got independence, and America wanted the Oil there'd be nothing Scotland could do to stop them taking it. They'd do another Iraq if things got so bad.

I don't agree with all that Michael Ruppert states, as I think he's ignorant on a few things about reality, but his understanding of the energy crisis, government way of doing things, his history in the force, assassination of police in Scorpio type scenarios etc etc makes him incredibly knowledgeable on the subjects, but I'm not so sure of his undertanding of the NWO, Judaism, Zionism, Rothschild, Illuminati, Protocols, etc etc. Then again it would be perfectly understandable because what he knows is enough as it is to handle on a daily basis without the latter I've just mentioned. Although he is classified as a conspiracy theorist and I haven't read his other books, but I somehow feel that he may know, what I think he may not know about. There you go, I've just contradicted myself.

When you said a postman like Johnston, I thought you meant a working class person and instead of what I assume you mean BORIS JOHNSTON the London mayor. Well, of course, he's a buffoon and always has been, but I think my reply made pretty good sense of electing people who understand and have lived life over career politicians with zero experience in life.

And Dundee, yes, it's changed in the 16 years I've been away. Coming back I thought I'd walked into Cumbernauld, as Dundee's been turned into a new town, with some utterly hideous architecture and some complete council f*ckwit has pedestrianised the town centre, created one big one way system and literally ripped the heart out of the city! It's dead. I've seen more life in a Mausoleum. And as I said, a population drop of over 25% in 16 years? What cities do you know drop in population? What does that spell for the future? Also, the main street in Dundee is now filled with charity shops. It's a terrible sight, which is making me seriously consider joining the rat race back in London. Although I don't want to.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I understand that the oil in the North Sea is the wrong 'type' to make into petrolium but it can be made into diesel or vice versa. Anyway I don't see any way the Yanks would invade Scotland, but I'd tell you one thing, they would get a more hostile reaction than they get anywhere else. But I suppose if oil got really short? Mind you the way things are going, it's more likely to be the Chinese.

No I meant Labour Johnston, as bendy bus is a Johnson to the best of my limited knowledge. I worked in Dundee on a daily basis for about a fortnight and I thought it was an ok place although like all cities there are places you don't really want to be after dark. The town centre is a mess, but to my mind all these pedestrian precincts don't work. It's killed Ayr High Street, a street that used to be in the Guinness book of records as the street with the highest per capita spending in the UK, now it's full of charity shops particularly since Woolworths closed and it killed the botton end.