Thursday, 5 August 2010


Royal Bank of Scotland has dismissed claims that it has been in discussions with any potential bidder for Liverpool FC, which owes the bank £237m.  (WTF, it should be!)
The current owners have tried to put a valuation of £650m to £800m on the club, which they acquired in 2007 when they paid £220m to buy out existing shareholders and take on £45m of debt.  Huang is said to have offered £325m. The Americans are under pressure to agree a deal or risk RBS pressing for repayment of the entire debt, driving Liverpool into an ignominious administration.

I don't doubt that Liverpool FC are worth the £237m that they owe RBS.  But why the fuck have RBS extended that size of a loan to them.  That must be taking about £35m per annum to finance.
Manchester United are reportedly £800m in debt, yet both they and Liverpool continue to pay mind-boggling salaries to talentless fuckwits, £120k, £180k, £200k per week!  Fucking obscene!  At least Man Utd are in the Champions League, Liverpool are in the wilderness and they still pay Fernando Torres ridiculous amounts of money.  Now I don't doubt that the lad can score a decent goal or two, but he's always injured.  It must be obvious to Liverpool FC, that he can only manage about 20 games a season.  That's no use.  Punt the bastard and pay back our bank some money that you owe us.

Is the whole Premiership built on sand and is this the year, it IMPLODES? 

p.s. Sorry to anyone who arrived here expecting the usual sparkling, politically incisive post, but there was FUCK ALL WORTH EXPLORING!  ;-((


a talentless fuckwit said...

" Liverpool continue to pay mind-boggling salaries to talentless fuckwits, "

Can they pay me please ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Talentless fuckwit, and me! Wait until you get down to the level of my team, Ayr Utd. They can't even afford £5k for a player and got outbid by a Junior team!