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Jewish leaders have protested strongly in private over the timing of an address by Pope Benedict XVI to the Houses of Parliament.
They are angry that the event is due to end just before the start of prayer and fasting to mark Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the faith's calendar. Observant Jews are required to be at synagogue at sunset the night before Yom Kippur. Yet the papal address to 1,800 parliamentarians and faith leaders in Westminster Hall is due to end barely an hour before dusk on 17 September.  One source said: "They were not just angry – they went thermonuclear. There's an irony that the Pope is speaking about trust and reconciliation, but representatives of a major faith will be not there to hear him."No one is going to trust to luck with London Underground in the hope that they can get back home in time for sunset."

When will we ever be rid of religion?  I would challenge anyone to argue with the statement at the top of the page.  Muslim, Jew and Christian, fuck me they all more or less agree on the same thing.  To Muslims, Christ was a prophet, to Christians he was the 'Lord' and the Jews go their own way as usual and don't believe in him.  It's such a load of fucking pish, IMO.  Take away religion, you would have lost 95% of all wars in the last two hundred years.
When are people going to wake up and see what's going on around them, with Church leaders and their 'disciples' living in the lap of luxury, whilst their 'flock' live, by the by, in poverty in comparison to them.  The biggest house in a Scottish town, usually belonged to the church, whether Church of Scotland or Catholic and their parishioners lived in hovels and handed over money to the church they could barely afford each week to keep these fuckers in the lap of luxury.  I seem to be in a moaning mood this week.  I better shut the fuck up, before I get in more trouble!


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fairy worshippers said...

Yes. Fuck knows what intelligent people see in these Sky Fairies. Fuckin Mongs.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fairy, problem is that there is a huge mass who believe what happens in 'Eastenders' is real life. They watch BB, to see some third rate 'celebrities' sleeping. What have they got in their lives? How are they different from peasants through the ages that have been told by the various churches that there is something better waiting for them in heaven as long as they are faithful and pay money to the church. They should be taken out and hung, along with the politicians. Starting with that German fucker in Rome.

scunnert said...

Religion is just old style politics. It's intolerant and absolutist. Just look at totalitarian dictatorships - they emulate major organized religions in exact detail. My fear is that the past is the future and we're headed back there.

Jim Baxter said...

'Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.'

Thon Seneca bod.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, When I look at the wealth there is in the Vatican city and look at how poor, for instance, many Africans are, who are told by their priests that condoms are the work of the Devil and they mustn't use them, so AIDS spreads throughout Africa, killing millions and that holy 'C', (I presume it stands for Cunt), stands there each Sunday telling bastards to get off the grass, when he should in fact be up before an international court for Genocicde on a grand scale. (Fuck me that was some sentence, I tought it was never coming to an end)!

Dark Lochnagar said...

James, good quote and very true. The wealth that some of these churches have is mindboggling. I have told the story before of being in Rome a few years ago with my mother-in-law who is a Catholic and was becoming disabled and it was really her last chance to see Rome. To cut a long story short, Rome airport was absolutely mobbed the day we returned, I think BA was on strike and she in a wheelchair was getting pushed past, quite rudely in some instances, by Priests and nuns getting to First Class. I remember saying to her. "See that's what all your money that you've paid into the church goes into, flying those fuckers first class", (although I didn't swear). I could see however she was thinking about what I said and I have reminded her of it, on occasion.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Oh DL this is all shaping up to be one huge ritualistic fartfest. Yom Kippur, that would be Battle of Britain Day + 3000 years or so of phekkwittery. Shun the whole fucking crew.

banned said...

Re your reply to the noble Scunnert; AIDS did not spread in Africa because of the Popes ban on condoms, it did so because of the richness of many African Cultures which Empower those men who fuck as many Diverse women as possible.

Back O/T. Got nothing against religion provided they leave me alone. Got nothing against Jews either but, like Moslems, they should shut the fuck up when it comes to our nominally CofE Prime minister receiving the head of the Catholic sect.

Which other caledrical sensitivities is Mr Camclegg supposed to respect? Hindus? Rastafari? Zaroastrans? Ismailis? Prince Phil Cargo Cultists? Budhists? Zen Merchants? What if it coincided with the annual conference of the National Atheist Alliance.

Yids, get a life.

Toni said...

Can't agree I am afraid. Catholicism provides comfort and support for about a billion and a half people around the world. Why should the Pope change the time of his address because The jews are having Yom Kippur and the muslims are in Ramadan. I do agree with what you say about the extraordinary wealth of the church, especially the Catholic church - anyone who has been to the Vatican can see that. Jesus said it was unnecessary to have all this institution between worshippers and God but there is now far too much at stake for these guys. The Catholic church is in dire need of reform. Whilest its true a lot of wars have been over religion lets just remember the Nazis were no subscribers to any faith apart from their twisted science of eugenics, Jo Stalin was resolutely anti-religion and Pol Pot declared there was no God when he established year zero, so it doesn't always work out so well when there is no faith. Perhaps the atheists should join Tom Cruise and Travolta as scientoligists and await the return of the space Gods or whatever they are. Of course I can see how it is easier to believe you are a high level theton or whatever they are called when you are a Hollywood superstar used to everyone doing everything for you - no-one wants to be a drone though. Just like those people who when hypnotised discover they were Bonaparte or Alexander the Great. Nobody ever was a maid emptying chamber pots.

Jim Baxter said...

'Catholicism provides comfort and support for about a billion and a half people around the world.'

Quite so. And not just Catholicism. People comforted like that are happier with a miserable lot. Useful to their rulers that. Without that comfort they might start trying to better themselves.

Even Karl Marx wasn't wrong all the time.

Jim Baxter said...

And Stalin was very pro-religion. Ex-seminarian don't forget, knew a thing or two about social control. It was just other gods before him he was agin.

Billy said...

Toni - Jesus never said anything - he did not exist!

Same as the Egyptian Sun God "Horus" did not exist but that is who the Jesus myth is based on - Horus has been documented by hundreds of ancient historians and on hundreds of ancient Egyptian monuments, Jesus has not been documented anywhere.

These religions are peddling lies and conning the people for power and money - nothing else.

There are hundreds of books about Horus, and the other similar gods going back to Mithra, an excellent one being Christ In Egypt by D.M.Murdock.

Zeitgeist The Movie does an excellent explanation of this con at

Anyone peddling the Jesus rubbish is just peddling lies!

The Young Oligarch said...

"Take away religion, you would have lost 95% of all wars in the last two hundred years."

So what ones were they , DL ?
Vietnam , Korea , WW2 , WW1 , The Franco-Prussian War , Crimean War , Napoleonic Wars ?

Seems to me that 95% (at least) of wars in the past 200 years have been started by nationalists who believe so absolutely in their own rationality and righteousness that they see no difficulty in asking "When will we ever be rid of religion?" , with an open-ended , but menacing , outcome hovering in the middle-distance .

But , then again , I'm not infallible . Unlike others .

The Young Oligarch said...

Jim Baxter -

"'Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.'

Thon Seneca bod. "

"Necesse est deos esse"
(It is necessary that their are gods .)

Thon Cicero fella .

Jim Baxter said...


Cicero could spell better than that. Also he was on the side of the ruling classes.

The Young Oligarch said...

You're right , Jim Baxter .

I'll never shout at a child again - until Monday .

I got the Latin right , though .

Cicero , for some of his career at least , was a highly principled politician supporting reason and the republic against demagoguery and populism .

Seneca was the emperor Nero's hanger-on and sycophant .

Is the spelling ok this time ?

Billy said...

The Young Oiligarch - Most of those wars were nothing to do with nationalism - more to do with greed and envy with leaders/governments wanting to have the same or bigger empires than what others have got.

Jim Baxter said...


The difference between Seneca and Cicero is that what Seneca said is still right. Also, wasn't he killed of being part of a plot to kill Nero? With sycophants like that who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone blame the pope for the African aids culture? Aids is a sexually transmitted disease -- African tribal culture, misogyny and bigamy are the real reasons for the spreading of aids. Africans, WHO ARE THE ONES HAVING SEX need to accept responsibility for THEIR actions. Condoms DO NOT PREVENT aids -- in Western societies, contraception has led to AN INCREASE in STD's precisely because condoms etc encourage promiscuity -- the real source of disease!

Oh, and the liberal anti-religion stance is rather tiresome. Saying that religion cause 95% of wars? Erm, where are you getting your facts from -- a chavvy tabloid newspaper?

I guess, in your anti-religion stance you forgot that atheism was the biggest killer of human beings in the 20th century. WW2 was not a religious war -- it was fought between atheistic ideologies. But hey, lets lie and say the 60million people killed via Hitler and Stalin were done so in the name of Christianity.

I find it funny how liberals like yourself are angry about the Pope coming to the UK -- where is the anger about paedophilic-popstars, criminal-musicians, fraudulent businessmen etc? I mean, the Pope and catholic world do more for poverty and the poor than any religion on the face of the earth --FACT! You are attacking Catholicism -- I don't see you in Africa helping dying children but guess what, when your stuffing your fat face with food, and laughing at degenerate TV, the catholic church is doing lots of good work. More that you do but you sit there and judge in order to be seen as a cool,edgy liberal. Your basically a twat!

Anonymous said...

Dark Lochnagar is the typical liberal: probably overweight,balding and has a penchant for all things smutty.

Dark Lochnagar likes to lump all religion together: the most despicable religion is Islam which teaches murder for infidels and kills more people in a single day than the KKK has in 50 years. Christianity continues to do more for the poor,ill, and homeless than any other religion,group,ideology on the face of the earth.

Atheism kills more humans than any other ideology -- abortion (it's not a choice but actually murder), euthanasia, eugenics, Socialist regimes likes the Soviet Union and China.

So what if the Vatican is beautiful -- it's the head of the church that Jesus' disciples set up. The catholic church does more to help the poor via actually manual work and truthful advice than all the degenerate liberals like yourself combined.

You clearly do not understand charity either -- just giving money to Africa does not work. The culture via it's leaders needs to implement change. Change can only come via education. Blaming the Pope for African people and their own sexually created aids epidemic is nothing short of disgusting. You wouldn't blame the UK prime minister if some geezer in London caught an STD from shagging a prostitute would you?

Dark Lochnagar is basically a little man (big belly though) who is a conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theorists can be defined as 'paranoid and powerless' people. It's easy for liberals like Dark Lochnagar to blame religion -- it fits in with their left-wing hate.

Of course, a brain-dead monkey can discern that you are manifestly wrong.

If Dark Lochnagar had his way, all men would be shagging each up the arse, McDonalds would sell 'muff-burgers', and all morally up standing religious people would be condemned.

Dark Lochnagar is a typical liberal. Anti-truth, anti-life and full of bullshit!

The Young Oligarch said...

Jim Baxter -

That Seneca was finally consumed by the same tyrrany which he had previously courted so assiduously , in no way exhonerates him .
Cicero also wrote much sense , as well as a lot of rubbish . On the other hand , I've never been able to read anything by Seneca except under compulsion .
It is , indeed , like drawing teeth .
You can read Cicero for fun , though .

Billy -

Your argument is a bit dodgy here . It's a bit like the "real Communism has never been tried , so we must ignore all the stuff that Communist regimes did" angle that you get from hard leftists .

The fact is that all the wars I mentioned were directly caused by nationalism or competing nationalisms .

They certainly weren't caused by religion as DL so mischieveously suggested .

Not only that but he's got me , ME , sticking up for Old Redsocks ! AGAIN !

Jim Baxter said...

Billy is right. It all comes down to the power and greed of the leaders, nearly always cloaked as something else for the ever-gullible public - whether it's religion, nationalism, a political creed, or the 'life or death struggle' for Lebensraum.

I'm not sure though that the public are as gulible as once they were.

Jim Baxter said...


You tread carefully in a burning building. Old Seneca the Younger knew that. Still, it's not to his credit that he didn't tell Nero to go fuck his mother from the start and bugger the consequences.

Oh, wait...

But yes, you have a point. I merely cherry-pick a quote from him there. Terrible old bores most of em.

The Young Oligarch said...

Should that be "tyranny" ?

The on-line dictionary I checked gives both , but the Shorter OED disagrees .

My spelling's pure p**h today .

Time for the pub .

Norman Spack M.D. said...

Shouldn't you be turning the other cheek Anonymous 1.
What's your stance on the institutional child abuse within the Catholic Church and paying off victims to keep quiet about it?

Fact = something that can be proven to be correct.
Fiction = God.

The Young Oligarch said...

You're right about the "terrible old bores" bit , Jim Baxter .

My quote was from Cicero's De Natura Deorum (or a fragment from a lost bit of it , I can't remember which).

It would bore the drawers off you anyway . Under no circumstances read the thing .

Now . The local hostelry and a flagon of foaming Younger's Tartan Special awaits !

Dioclese said...

Your heart felt and insightful piece has prompted me to reschedule my post on da Pope's forthcoming visit to Britain for tomorrow morning - well, it is Sunday.
Watch this space!

Harbinger said...

Christianity is one's relationship with God. Religion is the business that grew up around in order to benefit financially and to control. It's that simple. Christianity is not a religion. Religion says Christianity is.

However what concerns me is not the speech by the pope. This does:

"They are angry that the event is due to end just before the start of prayer and fasting to mark Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the faith's calendar."

Since when did the minority (2%) of the British population decide they should dictate over the views of the overwhelming majority of Christians in the UK? Shall I tell you? Well it was when we unfortunately let these parasites back into the UK, when Cromwell, bankrolled, by the European Jews decided to ignore the Edict of Expulsion in 1290 by King Edward that still stands today. Thus in 1649, when victory had been attained, in came the Jews. Do some research DL. You'll find that society greatly began to change then, not forgetting when banks started to sink their teetch into the public and start to control.

Conspiracy? Your damn fucking right there mate! It's ironic that the supposed saviour of the English actually was the man who would bring in the very peoples who would jump jackboot all over their heads for the next 360 years and continue today doing so, completely controlling their lives! I find it even more despicable that we are not taught this in school. I wonder why? Who controls the education system and media? Ahhh, well you have your answer.

When society eventually wakes up and realises that there are two kinds of Jew; those who are of the House of Judah and follow the Bible and Torah and those not of the house of Judah, certainly not semitic and followers of the Talmud, who happen to be controlling almost everything in the west (that counts), then will they begin to actively setting about addressing the problem and stopping the horrendous control that there is over them.

The rabbit hole is deep and those who have sought to control society have been doing so for a very long time.

Key bored warrior. said...

The Pope and the Queen were in the Royal Box at an Old Firm game in Hampden.

The Pope, at half time, trying hard to impress the Queen said, "your Majesty, with one wave of my hand I can have half the punters in here crossing themselves and screaming." He raised his arm and gave the appropriate wave and all the Tic supporters started crossing them selves and screaming. "el Papa."

The Queen thought for a second and said, "very good, however your Popeishness, I can with one nod of my head get every punter in here screaming." His Popeness said OK, before he got the K out, her Maj stuck the nut right on the bridge of his nose and the whole of Hampden were screaming.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! Not that I give a fuck about religion, but it would seem to me that a religion which is only a very small part of the country's faith fairies, should shut the fuck up, particularly as they denied Christ was even a prophet or whatever.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I would take issue with what you say about AIDS in Africa. They are not all Tribal Chiefs who are trying to enter a shagathon. I admit that their moral rectitude may not be what it could be, but priests telling them not to use condoms, certainly doesn't help the situation.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, coming from a Humanist point of view and not wanting to hurt obviously deeply held, I presume Catholic ideals, can I make the following points. The Catholic Church in particular as far as religions are concerned is a huge business enterprise and nothing else. Now I don't deny that it may give comfort to many Catholics, my In Laws are Catholic, so I do understand something about it. That does not absolve it from being an organisation which for centuries has manipulated poor and ignorant people. You can see the shift from Europe to Africa and S.America when people get a bit of sense and reject it's ideals. As far as I can see there is as much chance of Scientologists being right as your crew, but that's only a personal opinion. Remember the quotation at the top of the page, can you argue against it?

Dark Lochnagar said...

James, if Karl had been wrong all the time, we would never have heard of him. People control it is and of that there can be little doubt.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I saw Zeitgeist and it was very thought provoking. The first part when it tore into religions was hilarious. It should be shown in all schools and maybe we wouldn't turn out so many MSM Zombies.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I'll give you the Napoleonic Wars, but all the rest were caused in one way or another by religion. WW1 Franz Joseph, a Catholic. WW2, Hitler didnae like Jews. Vietnam, the religion of communism against Bhuddaism. Korea, the same. I think that would cover 95% of all fatalities over the last 200 years. I rest my case!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, 2, I vote for Seneca. BTW is that not something you take to make you shite?

Dark Lochnagar said...

James, FFS never pull a teacher up about spelling. Nae wunner the weans are stoopid!

Harbinger said...

The Young Oligarch,

I agree that most wars were not caused by religion although conveniently blamed on it.

However I'm not in agreement with the wars you mentioned were caused by Nationalism either. Take Vietnam anyway and you'll see that that war was started in order to prolong the lending of money from the Federal Reserve to the American government. It was never about winning, but making zillions for the bankers. I've not really gone into Korea but would guess exactly the same. Take WW1 & WW2 the two classic cases of the NWO problem, reaction, solution scenario. That is:

"how do we go about decimating the western civilisation, creating a situation that we can then bring in mass immigration in order to destroy the cultures and conveniently, although incorrectly, blame nationalism as the cause of all wars and thus create a one world government and dismantling of nations into states of a larger union? Simple, lets start a war!"

The basic underlying situation here with all wars, even going back to the English Civil war was about money and making lots of it. And they conveniently masked it all as Nationalism.

I would classify myself as an anarcho-libertarian-nationalist and believe you me, most nationalists I know simply want to stay out of other people's lands, respect their rights to their own cultures as they expect others to of their own.
Nationalism has been the patsy for the NWO. And sadly, people do not realise that the only defense against the NWO is nationalism, pride in your culture, people and country and making sure that your culture continues to be promoted outwith the interference of those who seek to destroy you.

However, going back to the past of the times of the huge empires and people going all over the globe to conquer lands for their nations, this was all about do unto them before they do unto you. It was the kill or be killed attitude when the world was still largely unknown to many people.

Nationalism is being attacked on a huge basis. Destroy nationalism and you destroy sovereignty and thus create slavery. Complete slavery that is with no way out.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I've put it down as a typo. I do them all the time. I can't be arsed checking what I've typed. I was always the first one out of an exam. I don't know how I managed to get any highers!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, I normally encourage people to come on here and comment, but to use the colloquial Ayrshire, LISTEN CUNT! Don't you fucking dare come on to my blog and insult me by calling me a left wing Liberal, I have never been a Liberal or fucking left wing in my life. At least I put my name to and construct a blog which most people, I presume, reasonably enjoy and find stimulating, re. the comments on this post. I don't sneak about being a wee ANONYMOUS WORM! I think you would be better suited to reading the post before you stick your size 7s in. Indeed it might do, if you read some of my other posts before commenting. We don't on this blog resort to personal abuse about whether someone is fat, balding and middle-aged. Only the latter one applies, BTW and I have a mind that has at least seen something of life. Anyway to your points, cheeky bastard.

Pish! Pish! Shite! Crap! Mair Pish! Cheeky Cunt! Up the arse? Married for 33 years and like fanny! (sorry Gay following) Pish! Shite!

Now fuck off and don't darken my door again, Fuckwit!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I have read a bit of Cicero and you are right he is quite entertaining. It's surprising and yet again it's not, that things in his time apply now.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I would have to agree with the general trend of the comments that most wars are caused by power hungry bastards, but in many cases manipulated by the Jewish Banking coterie, if you believe the conspiracy theorists, which I have to say makes quite a lot of sense. Why for instance are we in Iraq. Well, mainly because Saddam made the mistake of selling his oil in Euros instead of PetroDollars and if this had continued in the middle-east the American economy would have been seen for what it is, BANKRUPT and the bastards would have been exposed, which will happen anyway, because America can't sustain their debt, which is now reckoned to be $300 TRILLION!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Dr Spackers, correct, cheeky bastard. I presume that anonymous 1 and 2 are the same. Fucking annoyed me that!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, sorry about that. I'll look out for it tomorrow or today depending how you look at it.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I certainly seem to have stirred the natives up here! Fuck me, arguments about Latin Scholars, fucking Iain Dale, disnae get that! I like the quote at the beginning, very true. It's time aye, that something was done about the Jews. Not as you say the ordinary Jew in the street, who is the same as us, but the bastards that are controlling world economies.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Keybo, fuck me I'm no Monarchist but I woulod like to see that! Even better if the Chief Rabbi and the Moderator of the general assembly of the Church of Scotland were also in attendance and Phillip smashed them!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbinger 2, Total agreement about Nationalism. I only want a country, where the Government is nearer to the people and we can change it quicker if we don't agree with it, as in the perfect example of Iceland. If they don't agree with a Government's decision, they can change it in a referendum. I don't want to be in other peoples' lands and I don't want them in mine. This is a Christian country and it should stay that way, and although I don't agree with Religion, it has some decent ideals which fit in with my society. It's well seen that the EU doesn't want countries staying apart. It bribes them left, right and centre to get them in. That is the unelected, by us, politicians at the head of the EU. No, you're right Nationalism is the antithesis of the NWO and is therefore to be encouraged.

Toni said...

DL, I agree with everything you say. My personal belief is nothing to do with this post and probably just due to my own confrontation of my mortality. I fully agree that the Catholic church as opposed to Catholicism is a massive business and has been for sometime since the church first started selling "authentic" finger bones of Jesus. The contrast between the guilded halls of the Vatican and the poverty most of the genuinely faithful, (rather than those like me who are just scared of the possibility of Hell), couldn't be more stark. I also stand by what I said that those wars would have happened if religion had not been an issue anyway, (Hitler may not have liked Jews, but we are lead to believe that the allies had no idea of the genocide or would have taken action earlier). As for the Jews and their place in society, as a former banker who attended the gold fix one week at Rothschilds, I can attest that the Jewish Influence in finance is as strong as ever. Mind you the English also complain about the "bloody Jocks" who are everywhere in the city. The Other area in my limited experience that is dominated by Jews is Media, especially in America. I should point out that I have no strong dislike of the Jews but have never been made to feel welcome by them at social functions and I fail to see why the Pope should organise his schedule for them or indeed for any other group. Anyway despite the transient nature of my faith I shall still be at the park in Bellahouston with all the other groupies, trying to buy my way into eternal Paradise.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous again.....

Dark Lochnagar thinks he's a wee West of Scotland hard man. Your about as hard as dose of diarrhoea spewing out of Elton Johns ravaged arse-hole! Your tough guy talk may work harassing an old woman outside Aulds the bakers but you still remain in my eyes a typical left-wing idiot. You are full of lies!

You said religion causes "95% of wars". You provided ZERO evidence. Indeed, atheism was the leading cause of human death in the 20th century. And Hitler wasn't religious thus his 'holocaust' against the Jews was not religious as you claim. Are you thick? -- Hitler murdered Jews due to an extreme belief in Darwinian philosophy -- he hated Christianity actually. Hitler was a national-socialist who believed in racial doctrine -- not the bible!

Abortion, communist-China, Russia, WW2 etc were all non religious entities too hence why they existed. They were human secularist doctrines -- not religious.

Thus, you are talking out of your smelly-Ayshire bumhole when you say religion causes 95% of wars.

Dark Lochnagar comes off as a typical racist -- you really love the whole 'Jews run the world' conspiracy, don't ya? Your venom against Jews is merely due to you having an inferiority complex and a paranoia about life -- basically you are blaming Jews for your own inability to grasp life.

Dark Lochnagar said "It's time aye, that something was done about the Jews" -- what are you proposing? A new holocaust? You are a disgusting, anti-Semitic man.

You attempt to come across as wee west of Scotland tough guy is about as believable as Milli Vanilli trying to fucking sing!

Here's some advice -- read a history book, go on a diet, wear a toupee and stop talkin absolute shite!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous again........

Dark Lochnagar says he doesn't like personal insults on his blog but is happy to blame the Jews for the world's problems. So, personal insults are not acceptable but racism is?

Dark Lochnagar has been married for 33 years (so he says) -- he conveniently left out the part about his wife being blind thus not being able to see what fat,racist cunt he is!

Dark Lochnagar, here's a question to you:

If you hate Jews so much, why do you use all their scientific inventions? I mean, mobile phones, computer software, western civilisation.........

Dark Lochnagar is a left-wing namby-pamby twat who hides behind liberalism in order to attacks religion and Jews.

Oh, and to question how religious people have an influence on society in the UK just shows how uneducated you are. Big titties on Page 3 of the Sun newspaper is not education Dark Lochnagar! The UK's laws and courts are all based on Judeo-Christian civilisation/ethics aka the bible and all that comes from it. To not know this just highlights your stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Dark Lochnagar says he doesn't like Zionists but is ok with the average Jew as they are just like normal people like him.

Trying to say you like Jews but hate Zionists is like saying you like black people but just hate African-Americans.


China, France,Argentina,Japan, Nigeria etc all have the right to self determination -- why not the Jews? Why attack Jewish nationalism -- oh, because the Jews are evil. I forgot.

Basically saying you hate Zionism is just you trying to legitimise your hate for Jews. Liberals like yourself don't really understand what Zionism is.


Harbinger said...


You're a moron, simply in a word. In order for one do be anti semitic, the people whom you are attacking would have to be semites. Now considering that 90-95% of Jews in the world happen to be Ashkenazi (Khazar) Jews, then it means that 90-95% of world Jews are NOT semites. Ergo, the liberal slur of anti semite cannot be used here. More so, your ignorance comes out when you do not realise that the word anti semitism is a word created in order to stop any criticism/investigation of Jews, which ironically is what's very much needed. And as for the holocaust - STOP READING PROPAGANDA USED TO DECEIVE YOU!

And I agree, something has to be done about the Jews, a small minority within the minority in every western country who have been causing havoc to that countries cultures and traditions for centuries. It is obvious that you are 100% oblivious to reality Mr 'Anonymous' as you write the way you do. For your information, the Edict of Expulsion (1290) still stands today and has never been repealed. It means that every Jew living in the UK is doing so illegally and according the the Edict should be executed.

And as regards to this Judeo-Christian civilisation/ethics bullshit, we live in an Israelite-Christian, western civilisation. The laws of this land were created originally from the Bible, only to be changed to Jewish Halachic ones, as they took more and more control of our judiciary. And guess what? Mr Plum continues to believe the 'Judeo-Christo West' shite, because he reads the newspapers that tell him so. And who own the fucking newspapers you plumb? Are you beginning to catch my drift? The Jews, the Talmudic worshiping Jews shouldn't even be in the west. They were kicked out of every land, not wanted for their ways. Our ancestors saw the damage they could do and stopped it, but in England, Cromwell decided to let the cunts back in, seeing as they financed his successful quest for power. He was truly an evil man. I strongly suggest that you do some research as you're truly ignorant on so much. Halachic law is civil law. It is NOT COMMON LAW. Are you understanding this? This means that most of the laws passed upon us (statutes and legislations/corporate law) is Halachic law - i.e. laws that make profit. Guaranteed, wherever money is to be made, you'll always find a Jew right at the heart.

Harbinger said...


And to further prove your ignorance, you calling DL a liberal and left wing, shows that your understanding of the terms is as ignorant as your understanding of Jews. There's only one thing worse that a Zionist and that's a Christian Zionist, morons who've obviously never picked up and read the Babylonian Talmud, but ignorantly support Zionism in order to wait for the rapture.

People have always hated and the Jews saw ways to make money from this, more so, to persecute those who rightly hated them and their ways, which has been ripping apart many a civilisation for centuries. And what's this piffle about "China, France,Argentina,Japan, Nigeria etc all have the right to self determination -- why not the Jews? Why attack Jewish nationalism"

Why not the Jews? The Jews have no home. Are you forgetting your bible history? Do you not realise that Israel is of the man Israel whom had 12 sons, each becoming one of the tribes, of which the Jews, the sons of Juddah were one? Why should the Jews have sole rights on the land of Israel, when they have an 8% claim to it? More so, why in the fuck should non semitic Jews (and only Jewish by mass conversion in the 8th/9th century under their King in Khazaria) have any right to land that is not theirs? Are you getting all of this, that is, have you pulled your head out of your arse long enough to actually educate yourself for once, instead of believing the continuing propaganda bullshite that's in the, wait for it, Zionist controlled media? And yes it is, very much so.

And what did Christ speak of when he called those who worshiped the tradition of the elders (the Talmud) those of the Synagogue of Satan?

I too used to be a pig, fucking, ignorant, non entity like you once. That was before I started to educate myself on reality and the truth, which meant dragging myself away from the control, manipulation and indoctrination of the main stream media. Oh how glad I am that I did.

You're really fucking ignorant on Judaism/Zionism, but I don't blame you because you're nothing but many of the mindless, controlled automatons of Zionism and the Ashkenazi Jews, who have wreaked havoc in every land they've been in. It's only once you start to learn and see just how devious, how corrupt, how despicable these people truly are, do you understand the bigger picture. And to finish off, read the f*cking Babylonian Talmud, the truly atrocious book that states Christ's mother was a whore and Jesus is still bubbling in faeces in Hell. Boy, Christian fucking Zionists, what a bunch of complete and utter Terence Fuckwits!

Harbinger said...

Also to Anonymous,

This from the excellent Michael Hoffman's website On the Contrary

This is how much your Zionists love Christians:

The rabbinic legal authorities of Orthodox Judaism decree that the worship of Jesus Christ constitutes idol worship (avodah zarah).
—Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Avodat Kochavim 9:4. Teshuvos Pri ha-Sadeh 2:4. Igros Moshe, Y.D. 3:129-6

"Idol worshippers are liable to the death penalty under the Talmudic 'Noachide Laws.’
—BT Sanhedrin 57a

Rabbinic authorities decree that a building set aside for actual (rather than feigned) worship of Jesus Christ is a house of avodah zarah.
—Yayin Malchus, 234-237. Minchas Elazar 1:53-3. Yechaveh Da'as 4:45. Darchei Teshuvah 150:2. Tzitz Eliezer 14:91

Therefore, when passing a church, Judaics utter a curse upon it as follows: "Beis gee'im visach Hashem.”

—Birkath ha-Minim, 12th Amidah. BT Berakhot 58b

And the above is light compared to the vile hatred found within the Talmud. You seriously need to educate yourself as you're clueless to Zionism and the hatred of the Talmud worshipers to Christianity.

And as for the holocaust, when you start falling down the rabbit hole, you find that the numbers dead was a fabrication and the death toll possibly between 60-100k. Worse still it was Zionists who set up their fellow Jews and it was the Jews who first started a war against the Germans. More importantly anti semitism is a direct result of semitism. Forget the shite in the MSM. It's nothing but lie upon lie in order to control you just how the Zionists want you to think and you and every other moron fall for it, hook, line and sinker!

Wake the fuck up!

Anonymous said...


Ah, you are another anti-semite. You are a sad little man!

Askenazi Jews are simply European Jews. This 'Kazar' bullshit is just another attempt by racists like yourself to try and de-legitimize Jews.

DNA testing has proven beyond all doubt that the Jews of Israel are Jewish. FACT,FACT,FACT!!!!

It's really sad but predictable how you are saying the holocaust was a lie. But since you are a racist, it makes sense that you have to discredit truth -- I mean, your pitiful existence as a human being is based on Jew-hate. How sad!

Anonymous said...

Harbinger= racist, anti-semite!

Harbinger hates Jews but has no issue using all the many sciences and innovations which Jews create.

Harbinger denies the holocaust killed approx 6million -- I suppose almost 70% of European Jewry just vanished into thin air?

Oh, and trying to use Jesus Christ as a buffer to substantiate your anti-semitism is crass. Jesus, a Jew, did not preach hatred like you!

Harbinger -- are you in the KKK by any chance?


Anonymous said...


Harbinger is a classic example of what an anti-semite is.

I'm aware that most people who post on this blog are anti-Semitic, including the blog's creator, but hopefully one-day you will start engaging your brain cells and cleanse your hearts of such hate!

Just to emphasise -- the holocaust did happen, approximately 70% of European Jewry were murdered and the Jews of Israel are actually Jewish.

It is really sad how grown men feel the need to distort fact in order to bolster lies to attack Jews.

I suggest all the bigots learn to read history, and actually start acting like human-beings.


Billy said...

Toni - No need to be scared of Hell - It is just night time, when the Sun goes down from the Egyptian pagan religion when Set (Satan) rules and Horus has to fight against his evil until he wins with the rising of the morning Sun.

Anonymous - These wars were nothing to do with Atheism either - just power hungry scum wanting their own wee empires to thier own ideals. That includes the British Empire - Britain never fought for freedom and democracy, and that includes WW2, they fought to stay top dog whilst stopping the people they had conquered from getting their freedom.

Religion is all about enslaving people - that is why they use lies to frighten people into believing what they say and to get them to do what they want.

Anonymous said...


It was the Jews who made Israel a sovereign nation -- the first people in human history to create a land based on the absolute self-determination of a peoples. FACT!

The Jews have an unbroken lineage to Israel for the last 3,500years!

It was the Jews who imbued the land of Israel with it's culture -- no-one else.

It was also the Jews who created Western civilisation -- Jewish understanding of the universe moved from silly paganism to monotheism.

Jew have also invented more science and technology than any group of peoples on the face of the earth.

Of course, all the bigots here will dispute these FACTS which I fully expect. But disputing them is like a fish disputing the existence of water.


Anonymous said...

@ Billy

Of course atheism was involved in ww2.

Both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia represented nations which, at government policy making level, rejected religion. Communism is based entirely on this -- it is human secularism and God has no place in it -- just read Karl Marx!

The German eugenics program was based on Darwinian science and this ultimately led the Nazis to develop an ideology which resulted in the holocaust. The Nazis became God in their state!

Nazi German completely rejected God and thus were atheistic in as far as rejecting Christianity.

There of course was the general motives involved in WW2 aswell -- greed, power etc but atheism was certainly at play.

WW2 wasn't fought for Christianity as the blog owner wrongly implies!

Jim Baxter said...

It was six million all right. For centuries Jewish peope were hounded and murdered out of just about every way of earning a living except various forms of money-dealing. That was 'dirty' and so good enough for them. Then when some took to that with no other way to live it was, guess what, held up as an example of their wickedness.

Religion has never had anything to do with wars. That it has been bent to the purposes of the power hungry to make it look that way sometimes is neither here nor there. So has nationalism and any political creed that will do.

As I've said on here before, Israel has the right to defend itself and the rest of the world, right or wrong, has the right to support or criticise it. But not to wipe it out.

Harbinger said...


Are you really so stupid as you come across? No tell me, are you?
You are the classic example of a brainwashed buffoon.

"Harbinger is a classic example of what an anti-semite is."

No I am the classic example to all of someone who states the simple truth that to be anti semitic, those people whom you are anti of must be semitic.


Firstly the Jews in Israel are Ashkenazi Jews who have emigrated from the west - do some research you fool.

Secondly 70% of European Jewry were murdered.... Why not pick up some population almanacs of the time as well as the Red Cross official numbers of Jewish dead? Oh wait, that's all a lie as well, manipulated by those who wish to attack Jews for being Jewish...
You just don't get it you blithering idiot do you? Our history, the numbers of Jewish dead were fabricated in order to give Jews the crown of people who have suffered throughout time. It is the Zionists who purposefully created Victim Mentality. It was created in order to destroy common sense, logical debate in order to bring in emotive debate. Everything that has happened has been carefully orchestrated to stop anyone from delving into Jewish activity that's utterly obliterating the west, it's culture and traditions.

I read your rubbish and literally I'm amazed. You're nothing but a brainwashed automaton, who merely shouts out what he's been told.

You are forgetting facts here regarding Israel: Israel was created under the illegal Balfour declaration given to Ashkenazi Jews (read non semitic peoples) illegally by Churchill who had no right to give them that land. They had no right to the land because they were 'plastic Jews.' The 12 tribes of Israel have the right to Israel of which the true semitic Jews are one. Are you understanding all this you fucking loon?

Harbinger said...


And this shite of the Jews who created Western civilisation really is a bit dim. Considering that the Jews came into the UK with King William of Normandy, segregated themselves off for nearly three centuries, before being booted out of the UK. How does this mean that they created the western civilisation? How on earth did the Jews influence the Greeks? How on earth did the Jews influence the Romans?

The Jews (semitic Jews) stayed in the land we know as Palestine. The plastic Jews (read non semitic Jews who are because their ancestors who were pagan all converted em masse to Judaism in Khazar in the 8th century) moved from Khazar and infiltrated the West, to continue promoting their vile Talmudic doctrines and subsequently were removed from these lands as haters of Christianity and people who sought to destroy instead of create.

The true Jews have had no influence in the West. The plastic Jews have. They'd done their best to destroy that built on the teachings of Christ, by destroying God's Common Law and imposing their Talmudic Halachic, Civil Law upon us. You need to educate yourself far more than you have. You're clearly ignorant on much.

The semitic Jews, those of the middle East do have a 3,500 year lineage to Israel as part of the 12 tribes who also do. The Jews have a part of a right to Israel. It is not solely theirs. They only have 1/12th of a right. Are you understanding this? More so, the Jews in Israel today are 'plastic' Jews, of European Khazar origin, NOT descendants of Juddah, but instead non semitic peoples who were once pagan. Are you getting all this shit for brains?

And who's the bigger bigot? The bigot or the bigot who calls them so?

The Ashkenazi non semitic Jews, only by mass conversion in the 9th century and not descendants of the true semitic Jews, have no right to Israel. And you still cannot see this. You can't see this because you're a brainwashed automaton who is only a parrot of an incredibly false and lying media, controlled by Zionists, who continue to promote false propaganda of reality and history. Read 1984, especially the jon of Winston Smith in the Ministry of Truth and you'll see that this is exactly what happened.

You are a moron of the highest order, a parrot, a fool, a believer of false propaganda and a promoter of it. To quote Christ: forgive them father for they know not what they do.
You're oblivious to reality because you are ignorant on much as we can all see from your utterly ridiculous statements. Goebbels lie theory is in practice today and you, like many continue to unknowingly prove that Goebbels was 100% right.

Wake up you moron!

Billy said...

Anonymous - The Jewish culture is also a copy of the pagan Egyptian culture. It was the Jews who copied the Horus myth into the Jesus myth to start with. Their religion is just a big lie like the rest of them, based on pagan myths spun to make them seem real.

Horus as I said before has been documented by all the ancient historians and on most of the ancient Egyptian monuments - Jesus has not been documented anywhere.

The Nazis might have been atheists but they did not start the war for religious reasons - they did it because they wanted an empire like Britains. They also tried to wipe out gypsies, gays etc because they did not fit in with their ideals - more to do with race than Atheism or religion. Just a cult like any religious one where people have to give up rational thought for someone elses thoughts and ideals.

Harbinger said...

Jim Baxter,

Israel has the right to defend itself...

Israel has no right to exist full stop. It was illegally given by Britain to non semitic peoples, who had as much right to that land as Japan does to Scotland. How would you feel if one day a declaration was made that stated, we're going to give the Highlands to Japan and the Southern Uplands to China? Would you accept that? Of course you wouldn't.

The Jews in Israel (as I've said in my reply to dickhead anonymous) are not semitic people. They are Khazarians of Southern Russia. They are Jewish because their King decided to convert them all en masse to Judaism in the 8th century.

Churchill had no right to give these non Jews the land that in the Bible was for the 12 tribes of Israel to inhabit. And yes the Palestinian peoples are one of those tribes, thus have more right to it as semitic peoples to the non semitic Jews there today.

Israel is an abomination on the face of this earth and should be dismantled and given back to the Palestinian peoples. If the plastic Ashkenazi Jews want their homeland then they can go back to Birobidzhan, their true ancestral homeland. Israel for the 12 tribes of Israel and Birobidzhan for the plastic non semitic, Ashkenazi Jews.

Anonymous said...

Harbinger is a smelly anti-semite!

May you find enlightenment soon!

p.s. A dole scrounger such as yourself shouldn't really judge anyone!

Anonymous said...


Palestine is a roman word to designate land area.

Palestinians are actually arabs and not indigenous to 'Gaza' or Judea-Samaria.

It was the Jews who built Israel and remained there with a unbroken lineage for over 3,500 years.

In 1923/4 Jordan was mandated arab land. The arabs of Gaza are actually illegal!

The Jews were attacked in 1948 by a coalition muslim army of 5 countries. Israel was attacked in 1967/73 and continuously aswell.

The Palestinian refugee lie was actually created in 1948 when the arabs told the arabs in Israel to leave so that they could kill the Jews. However, the Jews won that war and thus the refugees were the remains of the arabs who were promised Jewish land once the arab coalition arab were to eradicate Israel. Not Israels fault.

Funny how liberals lie about History.

Harbinger says the holocaust was a lie. The Jews are evil and Israeli Jews are not even Jewish.

He also says the earth is flat!

Jim Baxter said...


Many 'new' countries are created after wars. There was no such country as Czechoslovakia before 1918. Poland was only revived as a country after WW1.

Israel was estabished as such by international agreement. OK, you don't think they had the right but that's what happened. You can't pin it on Churchill who was out of power in 1948. Even Stalin voted for it, although he quickly regretted it when he realised that Golda Meier, who'd been handling the negotiations in the USSR, was not subservient to him.

It was six million. Oh, and Huntley is a child-murdering piece of shit.

Harbinger said...


Judge? Are you for real? I'm merely relaying fact of what Zionism and Ashkenazi Khazarian Jewry has done to destroy the west and nothing more.

If anyone needs to be enlightened it's you as you're pig ignorant on much.

And yes, I'm unemployed and? Why is there so much unemployment? Again you can pin that down to Zionism also, as they created the laws to allow mass immigration into the west which flooded the job market and created high unemployment.

You know anonymous, anything you have to say to me I'll simply rip into shreds and throw back at you. You have no argument and now have to result into ad hominem attacks, in order to invalidate my argument.

And while unemployed I educate myself. I do not watch TV, read the papers or listen to the radio. I am 100% free from the indoctrination of the Zionists media that seeks to control, manipulate and destroy the western society. Therefore I educate myself daily. I read and I learn and don't waste my time, as many unemployed glued to the box and no doubt like yourself, considering the continuing written diarrhea that oozes from your fingertips to sully DL's enjoyable blog.

Unlike he I won't tell you to piss off. I'll just continue to turn your Emmental cheese arguments into a melted covering for my toast to devour.

Moron (not an ad hominem attack as you define the word in your futile arguments of complete and utter ignorance).

Anonymous said...

@Jim Baxter

Well said.

Anonymous said...



Rip me to shreds -- what with, lies? lol. Your a twat of the highest order who is such a sad human being.

The taxpayer is paying for your upkeep -- you can't even support yourself. Your no better than a baby that gets it's arse wiped for

Maybe that's why you hate Jews and lie -- it easy to blame a persecuted people for all the wrongs in your life!

Anonymous said...

Harbinger's lies:

1. There was no holocaust.
2. The Jews of Israel are not Jewish.
3. The earth is flat.
4. That Jews made him unemployed -- not the fact that you are thick as shit.
5. That Israel should be given to the Palestinians even though no such people exist!

Harbinger is on the dole everyone. He is a benefits scrounger. He is a racist. He is uneducated.

Please pray for this troubled person!

Harbinger said...

Jim Baxter,

You're missing the point. If the Jews want to dictate Biblical history as their right to Israel, then sadly they are not following that Biblical right. The Jews in Israel are not of Juddah but majority of Khazar, this with no lineage whatsoever to the land. That's the point.
Israel was given to the non semitic Ashkenazi Jews as a deal between the Rothschilds and the British Empire. Britain had lost the war to Germany and Turkey. The sentiment towards the Germans was pro in the USA. The American people were vehemently against the war and did not want to become involved. The Rothschilds said simply, "You give us Palstine and we'll get the USA into the war and help Britain gain victory."

Thus, in one massive change, the Rothschilds started the propaganda war in the USA, put their puppets in control of the media to promote the stories of baby eating Huns and the attitude of the Americans went from pro to anti Germany overnight. And then there was the sinking of the Lusitania.....

As regards to six million - massive evidence to suggest otherwise.
As regards to Huntley - massive evidence to suggest otherwise.

We're going to have to agree to disagree on six million and Huntley as well as the legal right for Israel to exist.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how Harbinger hates Jews but is happy to use Jewish technology?

The computer he uses runs on an operating system designed by Jews. The mobile phone he uses to call rent-boys was designed by Jews. The country he lives in has it's laws based on Judeo-Christian thought.

Harbinger -- can your beloved KKK not find you employment?


Anonymous said...

Harbinger -- the only evidence which says there was no holocaust is racist,deceitful and anti-semitic.

Denying the holocaust happened is like a fish denying the existence of water.

But then again, an unemployed dole-scrounger like yourself, who cannot even support himself, is hardly the best person to preach history!


Anonymous said...

Harbinger gets erections when looking at pictures of the KKK!

No wonder he is an anti-semite!


Harbinger said...


1. Correct
2. Correct also.
3. In some parts it most certainly is.
4. Jews never made me unemployed, but they set about the destruction of the west by taking control of money and implementing their devious plans on the indigenous peoples, whom they hate.
5. The Palestinians do exist and have for a very long time.

You should read and believe less of Jihad Watch anonymous and pull your head from out of your rectum.

Yes, I am unemployed and? Ever heard of the Foreign Situs Trust? Do some research.
Racist? Because I disagree on a people, not of my land and culture who are doing their best to destroy it, to control it and to put all into abject poverty and slavery under them?
And if you think I'm uneducated then I'd seriously think again. All you have done is parroted the Zionist controlled media's take on things. Which of course is 100% false. I on the other hand have chosen to research and delve deep, under the false reality top soil, there to keep us away from uncovering the truth below them.

You come across as a fool. Not only are you a fool because of your ridiculous beliefs on Israel and Jews, but also in calling DL of the liberal left.

And worse still you're a Christian Zionist. Have you read the Babylonian Talmud? Then again you could be an Ashkenazi Jew, but I'm guessing more along the lines of a Christian, Zionist automaton.

Now unless you have anything important to say and you can dispute my arguments, which you haven't as you continue to ignore much of them go away and stop annoying people like an ignorant, little school boy (or girl).

Harbinger said...


Your 3 replies weren't even worth reading, less replying to.
Like I said, stop parroting the media's false take on reality. Do some research. It may wake you up...

And the ad hominem attacks continue...LOL

Anonymous said...

Harbinger, go and buy some history books. Oh, you can't, your benefits have not arrived yet! lol

Palestine is a roman word. What are called Palestinians today are actually arabs. Jordan was mandated the arab homeland. Israel was founded by Jews. The holocaust happened.

✡ ✡ ✡ ✡

Anonymous said...

Harbinger is clearly worth listening to. Here's his credentials.

1. Unemployed and a benefits scrounger.
2. A racist and anti-semite.
3. Thinks the earth is flat.
4. Deny's the holocaust.
5. Has no truthful comprehension of mid-east affairs.

A dole-scrounging anti-semite is what Harbinger is!

Jim Baxter said...


I shall agree to disagree. I should say that I support your right to say what you say, much as I despise what you say - not you but what you say - the laws in Germany and Austria that would put you in prison are woefully misguided and dangerous.

Also, in support of DL, people posting on this blog might do us all the courtesy of acquiring at least a blogging moniker, even if you feel unable to use your real name as I do.

Harbinger said...

Jim Baxter,

What part of what I have written do you despise?
Do you not find that if people put others into prison it shows simply that they are trying to cover up history?
Of recent history the David Kelly death evidence has been made top secret for 70 years.
This is no different.
The fact is Jim there was no holocaust in the definition of the word holo - whole, caust - fire (Greek)

There should be an open honest debate regarding the 'facts' we have been led to believe regarding the history of the holocaust. No subject should be taboo and no ethnic group should be given privilege over others, especially the protection of being criticised for many things they've been involved in over time.

I do not despise what anyone says. I like to look at things and discuss them. How can you despise what I say when you have no truthful facts to back up the so called truths your purport?

The brainwashing of society with the holocaust has been nothing but emotive propaganda. When young I saw continued pictures of emaciated bodies and I was told these are Jews. How do I know that was the truth? How do I know these skeletons weren't dead allied forces servicemen, gypsies, homosexuals, non Jews?

The thing is we don't. We have been led to believe they were and those who seek to question are banged up inside prison for fuck sake in parts of the world!

Does this not spell anything out to you? Does this not reek of foul play and a cover up?

To quote John Bryant, a philosopher who looked into the Jewish question:

"The reason men are silenced is not because they speak falsely, but because they speak the truth. This is because if men speak falsehoods, their own words can be used against them; while if they speak truly, there is nothing which can be used against them -- except force."

Never a more truer a word spoken against tyrannical behaviour.

Harbinger said...

Jim Baxter

P.S. As for Huntley, well, I'd like to see a retrial with all the evidence put forward, to a jury that wasn't in the original show trial.

Again we'll disagree but I never bring emotion into any argument, hence I will never despise anything that someone has to say. Words are merely words and must be regarded as such. Bringing emotion into debate immediately destroys common sense logic I'm afraid to say. And this, is exactly why our society has collapsed, part of the plan by those who seek to control us and turn us all into servile, mindless, non questioning, illiterate, well behaved (read follow without dissent) automatons.

Harbinger said...

And finally Jim,

Although I have read you despise what I say, although completely disagree of bringing emotion into debate, do you disagree more on my questioning on two events in history that 'mustn't' be questioned because I question fact or because it upsets you that I should challenge?

What would happen if you were found guilty, in a show trial, a kangaroo court of a crime you never committed? What would happen if you were thrown into a prison to the mercy of the other inmates for the rest of your life? Would you not be glad there are people like me who will question what they find to be discrepancies in the official return of the court, especially when evidence was witheld? Or would you rather we just accepted the final decision regardless and leave people who very possibly could be completely innocent to rot in a prison cell?
You know I know what's worse; being locked up for 25 years in 6x10 cell or knowing that I was innocent and being locked up for 25 years in a 6x10 cell.

All I can say is thank fuck there are people like me instead of you who will question instead of ignorantly accept judicial decision because they happen to trust the judiciary, when many see that our establishments are very susceptible to corruption.

And as for the holocaust, well, I think I'd rather continue searching to clear the name of the German people who have been abused for years now by the Zionist elite who continue to reap false propaganda through the media on them and their 'anti semitism.'

You're either a believer of liberty or your not. If I want to call a Jew a lying cunt or anyone anything, that's liberty and there is no man or court in this land that can tell me otherwise, that is if they live by the common law, God's law of liberty and freedom. Again, as many simply are unaware, our common law has been replaced by Jewish Halachic Law, straight from the Talmud, that seeks to profiteer off of offences they continue to create, in order to suppress society and fill their pockets with yet more wealth. Do some research Halachic law is Civil Law, not Common Law and if you've read much on Lawful Rebellion (if you know of what it is) you will see that we are all against the illegal imposition of Civil Law upon our daily lives.

Jim Baxter said...


I'm not upset. Where do you get that idea from? There's no emotion involved in despising an opinion. Not as far as I'm concerned, anyway. Despisng is not hating. Hate is an emotion.

I think you're badly misguided. It's not a crime.

Oh, and I thought we were going to agree to disagree. How about you start agreeing with that since you suggested it, on DL's blog, anyway?

No doubt you have reasons for believing what you say. Some will judge you personally for them. I'm not going to.

Harbinger said...

Jim Baxter,

Regardless what you may think despise is hate. Look it up in a dictionary.

An opinion is merely an opinion. You will either agree or you will disagree. When you start despising you bring in emotion. You can argue this until you are blue in the face - despising is to hate and hate is an emotion - end of.

I do agree to disagree. I merely moved the debate into the direction of defending people of crimes they may very well not have committed.

I have many reasons for believing what I say. A good deal of research has gone into leading me to believing in what I believe. Unlike you, I am not swayed by public opinion or media propaganda. And before you say you aren't, your stance on subjects prove you are.

No doubt you have reasons for what you say and I can think of three; TV, Newspaper and Radio ;)

Jim Baxter said...


Something else we'll have to agree to disagree on.

Me, I read books. Old-fashioned, but there you are.

Try 'If This is a Man'. Primo Levi.

Now, that's quite enough agreeing. DL tries to reply to most posts on his blog. I think he now has his work cut out.

Harbinger said...

Jim Baxter,

I have and?
We were told that Germans made lamp shades from the skin of the Jews....
We were told that the Germans made soap from the fat of the Jews.....
There was much that we weren't told of what happened in the concentration camps.
Most camps were work camps, so why in the fuck would the Germans kill the very people responsible for their war effort, manufacturing of clothes, weapons, ammunition etc etc?

Yes, you are old fashioned Jim Baxter and I've found people who are old fashioned tend very much not to question but to accept as they trust far too much.

I don't trust. I don't trust because I see deceit all around me.

It is incredibly interesting what you find when you start doing research into history. It's also ironic that those who do start to look at the history of the holocaust become revisionists of it, dispelling the myths surrounding it and promoted in schools and universities throughout the west.

And to finish, what I find ironic is the word untermensch that we are told how the Nazis viewed them, yet we are told nothing in our schools of the Talmud and what it teaches Jews the world over that they are the ubermensch and the Goy the untermensch. As the Jews continue to look at themselves as superior to everyone else in society they continue to promote themselves as victims......

Don't worry Jim, read your books, swim within your seas of propaganda, for you know, history may very well have been fabricated in order to perpetuate certain ideologies. Did that ever cross your mind?

Harbinger said...

Oh and one last thing Jim,

I'm for open debate and discussing any topic regardless.
If the history surrounding the holocaust is under speculation, would it be best to not have it all out in the open once and for all?
Would it not be best to dispel any debunks of the history that have come to light?

Holocaust revisionists are not holocaust deniers. They are not saying that Jews were not persecuted by the Nazis, or should I say thrown into work camps. What they do deny is the term holocaust and the official death toll.

Do you therefore not find it odd that these people are subsequently tried and thrown into prison, just for their belief especially with indisputable facts to back up their stories. Do the words there's something seriously wrong here when people are arrested for trying to contest the story of a certain part of history?
Does that not therefore make you think of Spanish Inquisitions, Galileo and Columbus and oppression?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, the only reason I believe the Jews are a bit miffed is that out of the 645 MPs, I would bet you there is a much larger than usual proportion of people of the Jewish faith. Now whether that is because they are better at ruling the plebs, I don't know, you'll need to make your own mind up. But, I don't see why the Pope should change his schedule to see Jews or any other faith, because you can bet your bottom dollar, if it's a jewish festival, it'll more than likely be a Muslim one. I think it comes back to who has got the best imaginary friend, but if you believe that you do and your going to join him after getting the nod from St Peter, in the sky along with the billions of other Catholics who've copped their whack, all well and good. I'll just go down the worm food route.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, when I saw you had come back on, I was going to moderate your posts. The first time I would have had to have done that in 18 months. I decided rather just to let them fester and be shown up for what shite they are. Other than that I have absolutely no intention in corresponding with you further, however if anyone else feels they want to waste their time, that's up to them.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers 1 ish, I'll tell you what is worse than a Christian Jew, it's a left wing Christian Muslim. Back to the whose got the best imaginary friend argument. All religions in my view are shite, but if someone wants to follow one, that's up to him, provided it doesn't impinge on my life, my country's customs or society in general.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, in your readings of Egytptian mythology, did you come across the scientology principle that we are descended from Spacemen with large pointed heads at the back, like have been seen in a number of Egyptian paintings, either that or the artists were just shite at painting potraits? Just curious, because it seems just as likely to me, as all these other imaginary friend religions.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers2 ish, even if you accept the fact that Israel has the right to exist and I don't think we could change that now, why do they keep on pushing the boundaries? Is it a Jewish thing that they are never happy with what they've got?

Dark Lochnagar said...

James, I don't think you could take back Israel now. I don't know how many it was, but I did see an article on the number of Jews living in Europe before and after the war and there certainly wasn't 6 million missing. I'm not so sure about Iain Huntley, I think his partner has more to do with it than is being let on.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers3 ish. Just ignore the cunt, once you get one of these trolls on, if you encourage him he'll come back and I don't want to use the moderate button. As I said to him yesterday, I don't allow personl abuse on this blog whether coutered or not. You're doing a fine job so fsr.

Dark Lochnagar said...

James, if you follow the concept of not believing anything you hear or see, then you have Harbinger's point of view. Now whilst I wouldn't be as far down that line myself, I do find that I'm getting a lot more cynical as I get older.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers4 ish. The thing about TV is the shows that you watch. I was watching an episode of 'Criminal Minds' tonight, a FBI prog about serial killers. Anyway you could see the way the writers had tried to manipulate the audience into thinking that all Romany Gypsies, were child adupters, stole in shopping malls and were dirty and lazy compared to AMERICANS! Absolute, pish, but if you know it's there you can filter it out and still enjoy the prog.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Jame, yes I do and it is a toil that I normally enjoy, but when you get poisonous cunts like that Anonymous it kills the fun of writing and replying to comments. Anyway just one more to answer as I am determined to get to 100.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harningers 5ish, Thanks for your stout defense of your and to a certain extent mine from that evil wanker. I just couldn't either give him the time, nor indeed did I have the inclination. Anyway that's 100, so onwards and upwards with your soaraway Sun, fuck me do you remember that one?

Anonymous said...

Dark Lochnagar

You are a bigot, racist and silly old man.

You arse-lick fellow racists who espouse hatred for Jews. You have stated factual errors and basically blame Jews for any and all wrongs in the world. Sad.

Your blog has been reported -- racists like yourself must not be allowed to flourish!

Funny how you call me evil but pander to a guy who said the holocaust was a lie. How absolutely disgusting that you would align your thoughts with such heartless venom and evil!

Disgusting bigot!

Anonymous said...

Dark Lochnagar = Anti-semite!

Long gone are the days when Ayrshire produced such distinguished men as Rabbie Burns. Now they produce pathetic weasels who blame Jews for everything based on fact-less lies.

The level of your depravity is disgusting -- trying to say the holocaust is a lie is sick beyond belief. I feel sorry for your wife and any children to have such a bigot like yourself in their lives!

Anonymous said...

Dark Lochnagar said ".....but I did see an article on the number of Jews living in Europe before and after the war and there certainly wasn't 6 million missing"

So reading an article constitutes your investigative journey into holocaust studies. I read an article once on physics but that doesn't make me Stephen fucking Hawking!

Was this article wrote by the KKK by any chance?

Fat anti-semite!

Harbinger said...


You can't have a Christian Jew nor a Christian Muslim. A Christian Zionist is a Christian who believes in the state of Israel. I know what you're getting at though and that's a Christian who agrees in Islamic freedom (to grow and promote their population and faith) in Christian lands, which is no different to the left allowing foxes to live amongst chickens.

Ashkenazi Jews in Israel have no concern or regard for anyone but themselves, hence why they continue to persecution of the peoples who live in the lands they've taken and have no right to be in regardless of what they may believe. In order to understand the Jewish situation you have to understand the Talmud. Like the Qur'an which states that Islam is the one and only religion and all non Muslims are kuffar (cattle) and below them, Jews see Judaism as the one and only religion and all non Jews are Goy (cattle) and also below them. So as in my reply to Jim Baxter Jews see themselves as ubermensch and all others as untermensch, so it was ironic justice that the Nazis looked upon the Jews as they did, when Jews have looked upon (and continue to do so) all non Jews as inferior cattle, to do with as one please. If you would like concrete proof of this - read the Babylonian Talmud and all will be explained. It has to be one of the most hateful pieces of literature on the planet and easily defeats Hitler's Mein Kampf and the Qur'an for hatred of others.

I always allow freedom of speech for if I didn't all belief in any liberty whatsoever would be pointless. I would be nothing more than a hypocrite. Anonymous is a fool. He's an ignorant, uneducated, brainwashed moron who knows little about life.

His argument is non existent, unable to see that the only anti semitism going on in this world is happening slap bang in Palestine with Ashkenazi Jewish persecution of them, as the Ashkenazi are not semitic peoples but of course the Palestinians are.

Look at the rubbish he's written above this reply - "Your blog has been reported -- racists like yourself must not be allowed to flourish!" Disgusting people like it, would have all liberty banished from this world in order that no criticism is metted out towards Jews. It's truly an abhorrent thought. If you want to know where hate speech laws and religious and racial hatred laws came from look no further than the Jews. Worse still, the idiot is oblivious to the fact that THERE WAS NO HOLOCAUST in the meaning of the word (GREEK - whole fire). There was certainly a dislike of Jews from Hitler, but then he didn't like non whites, gypsies, non Germans and homosexuals. Why should Jews take dominance?

I used to love Israelis and used to defend their right to exist. Once I found out more about them though, the talmud and their manipulation of society for centuries, I changed 100%. I won't reply to Anonymous anymore because he's a fool and an ignorant one at that.

Harbinger said...


But what really and I mean really fucks me off is the fact that nothing and I mean nothing should ever be forbidden to discuss or speak of. No one should ever have the right to decide what others can or can't say. Fuck people who say "we must banish racism." If anything attitudes like that create more and more prejudice because it restricts peoples basic freedoms of life. If people choose to hate others and not associate with them then that's prerogative to do so and no one and I mean no one, especially the state has the right to say otherwise. I can't go into this on here. I've read so much and my opinions have been sculpted from literally thousands upon thousands of pages of reading on the subject.

The prick anonymous, fails to forget that the more shit heads like him put chains on people and pull at them, the more they'll try to break free and push against them. Judaism is about caging people, controlling people, making them behave how they want to. It's an ideology that's the polar opposite to freedom and liberty. It's about destroying the natural inquisitiveness within every soul, to question.

There is much that disgusts me about Judaism, that is within the rabbinical teachings of the Babylonian Talmud, it's full of hatred upon hatred. And worse still, as anonymous has proven, anyone who should dare question Judaism, that tiny minority within the minority that holds disproportionate power and control over millions, should be barred, locked up and destroyed. People throughout time have warned people of Jews and Judaism but people never listen, believing it to be nothing but hatred. After all, how better a way to destroy your opposition by demeaning them and making people believe they're just horrible people? Look at the ad hominem attacks on me because i've ripped apart every argument he gave? This is the classic ploy of the Jews. They don't just seek to control all but totally destroy their opposition and they do this firstly by destroying liberty and the person's freedom of speech and secondly by destroying the person. Mel Gibson is a classic example of Jewish control of Hollywood that hated him for showing them up for what they are in his film on Christ. Oh how they hated people knowing the truth about them, because when people do, they'll realise just how damaging, manipulative and destroying they are of culture, community and civilisation. And this is one of the reasons the west is the way it is. The Jews are one major part of its obliteration although they are merely one tentacle of the beast we know as the NWO with all of its many organisations, peoples and secret societies within.

I am Stan said...


Answer is never,humans have always looked beyond themselves,from worshiping hunting and animal gods ,to the coming of Jesus and the present day interpretations to Scientology etc.

As a Christian myself I would never deny others their freedom to worship, the care of a persons soul is ultimately their own responsibility.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, you have been reported? Prick!

Jim Baxter said...


'Why would they do that?'

You think you've asked a serious question there?

Nauseatingly moronic, I call it, like much of what else you have to say. Note: what you have to say. Again, I try to separate the person from the 'ideas'.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, this prick anonymous's comments have started off with bile, which I don't permit on this blog. He has then become increasingly deperate because he couldn't counter the arguments in a logical, calculated fashion. It is the last resort of the mentally beaten bigot to shout "I'm going to ban it". Ban what? The freedom of speech, that only a free man has to discuss events around him with his fellow man. "It offends people". Well if that is the case they shouldn't be on a blog where a range of subjects are discussed, but rather one where some American lassie tells you about her trip to the mountains.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, and neither would I. I personally don't have any problem of course, with someone being a Christian, Muslim or a Jew. It's all the 'business' that has grown up around it with which I take issue. But I don't believe in anything but by all means if it gives you solace, carry on, but I hope we can still discuss things in a logical way, without letting personal insults enter the conversation, like that dickhead, who doesn't even want to leave his name.

Anonymous said...

Dark Lochnagar

I think you'll find I was the only one presenting facts.

The holocaust is a fact. it happened.

You and your bigoted cronies are the ones slurring Jews.

You even called for "something to be done against them" -- what did you mean?

I hope you do report me as I have reported your blog. I would love the opportunity to tell anyone what a bigot you are -- and what a disgrace of a man you are as you tolerate such racism directed at Jews just because your own paranoid mind has concocted a lie that they are evil.

You are an anti-semite of the highest degree.

Dark Lochnagar said...

James, that's the way, seperate the man from the argument. Some others on here, who will remain anonymous are not able to do that.

I am Stan said...


I have no desire to enter the realm of pointless personal insults on any subject....the fact that anonymouse claims to have reported you speaks volumes! regarding his/her mindset.

Reported what?,that you have expressed an opinion that he/she does not agree with.

The "business" of religion has been in parts corrupted by evil,humans by nature are sinful....the battle between good and evil in the personal and institutional sense is eternal!...I believe.

Anonymous said...

To Dark Lochnagar and anyone who makes bigoted comments like him:

Free speech grants us the ability to speak free from persecution. It doesn't grant us the ability to attack an ethnic group unfairly.

The amount of nasty comments on this website regarding Jews is disgusting -- saying that Jews made up the holocaust, it wasn't real etc is nothing short of evil.

Dark Lochnagar -- you should moderate your website more vigilantly. I don't like reporting blogs but your blog is tolerating such venom that I could not ignore it nor sit by and abide it.

Using the whole free speech thing to justify attacking Jews is extremely warped and a violation of what free speech is.

Anonymous said...

To @I am Stan,

So you tolerate people lying and saying the holocaust was a lie and made up. You tolerate people saying something has to be done against the Jews to sort them out?

Reporting bigotry does say something about me -- namely that I have a conscience and certain people on this website do not!

Anonymous said...

Dark Lochnagar said " It's time aye, that something was done about the Jews. Not as you say the ordinary Jew in the street, who is the same as us, but the bastards that are controlling world economies."

What do you suggest? Violence, expulsion based on their ethnicity?

Do you suggest "doing something" about all the Jews who invent sciences, technology and innovation to a higher degree than any group of people on the face of the earth?

It's sad how 6 million Jews were murdered in the holocaust only for clowns such as many of the people on this blog, to deny it.

I am Stan said...

Anonymouse said,

"So you tolerate people lying and saying the holocaust was a lie and made up. You tolerate people saying something has to be done against the Jews to sort them out?"

"Reporting bigotry does say something about me -- namely that I have a conscience and certain people on this website do not!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

@Anonymouse,yes I do "tolerate" people expressing their opinion,whatever it is,its called freedom of speech,denying the holocaust is nothing new and is not illegal in this country, there are endless counter arguments available if you could be bothered to do some research.

Reporting "bigotry" as you call it does not elevate you as a person with a conscience but as a hysterical individual who is not satisfied just to counter DL opinion`s with facts and evidence.

Spitting out your dummy, stamping your feet and running to teacher does not win arguments between adults...:)

For the record I dont know exactly how many Jews were killed by the Nazis and I dont need to know.The knowledge that unspeakable evil crimes were commited against them and others is enough.

Anonymous said...

@ I am Stan

Actually, I have been presenting FACTS!

Dark Lochnagar said 95% of wars were religious. I asked him for evidence. He didn't provide any. I showed how atheism has killed more in the 20th than religion has. I was right, he was wrong. Simple.

And trying to legitimise "it's not illegal to deny the holocaust...." -- why would any decent human being wish to say 6 million Jews were not murdered by Nazi thugs? Ah, it's because, as testified by people on this blog, that denying the holocaust is a way of discrediting Jews and thus legitimising hate against Jews.

For the record, approx 6millionJews were killed. For the record, almost 70% of European Jewry were wiped off the map. For the record, all the 'men' saying the Jews made up the holocaust are nothing short of sick.

Free speech isn't meant to be used to attack ethnicities with lies.

Anonymous said...

@I am Stan said "denying the holocaust is nothing new and is not illegal in this country, there are endless counter arguments available if you could be bothered to do some research"

Ah, so what you are really saying is that you think the holocaust was a sham too. Your last comment gave you away. Counter arguments to the holocaust? Yeah, I've heard those -- they usually come from jihadists website and KKK sympathisers.

There's also counter arguments to the theory that earth is spherical -- you have heard of the flat earth society right?

You are a typical bigot -- trying to use relativism to justify saying lies and hate speech!


I am Stan said...

Anonymouse said

You are a typical bigot -- trying to use relativism to justify saying lies and hate speech!


*Sighs*...perhaps you should report me too eh!

Anonymous said...

@I am Stan

Your manifested ignorance speaks for itself.

Clearly, it is important for you and others to try and malign Jewish suffering.

*sighs* -- maybe you should pick up a history book!

I am Stan said...


Perhaps I should be a little clearer on one point as you obviously did not read my comments properly and are confused.

I meant counter-arguments AGAINST! holocaust deniers..hope that helps..;)

Anonymous said...

@I am Stan

No, you meant counter arguments against the 'theory' of the holocaust.

You and others are free to hate but that hate, when contradicting objective truths, is based on essentially maligning an ethnic group based on lies.

I am Stan said...

Anonymouse said,

"Dark Lochnagar -- you should moderate your website more vigilantly. I don't like reporting blogs but your blog is tolerating such venom that I could not ignore it nor sit by and abide it."

Mmmm sounds like you have previous form on reporting blogs...seems you like it lots....:(

Anonymous said...

-95% of wars ARE NOT caused by religion. Indeed, atheism and human secularist ideology has caused many wars -- more than religion in the modern era.

-6million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

-Free speech IS NOT ABOUT the ability to say hate and lies but rather the ability to express an opinion freely. Denying the holocaust IS NOT an opinion since the Holocaust is an OBJECTIVE FACT!

Hope this helps all the bigots here.

Anonymous said...

@I am Stan

I actually rarely report anything. However, it is telling that my supposed 'reporting blog' ways would upset you.

Where was your concern when people were slagging off Jews and saying the Holocaust was made up?

Can you see how silly your selective emotions are?

I am Stan said...


Im suspect that you are in fact delusional and disturbed,at no point did a write the word "theory"you did,strangely you are reversing the meaning of my comments,I know what I said and meant and the evidence is there for all to see,apart from you it seems!.

Cheerio and god bless!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, yes, I think that is just like the thought police, if I don't agree with it, I'll report it and get it banned. If yoyum don't like it I say don't come on and comment, in fact don't come back.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, he's a dickhead. I have never at any time on here denied the 'holocaust'. Whether nis was as ba as is made out id debatable.

I am Stan said...

@DL....apparently anonymous "rarely" reports anything,once or twice a week maybe?...thought police indeed!.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, again. He has obviously no concept of how to run a blog to induce comments or does he have any concept of someone playing the 'Devil's Advocate'.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Everyone, reluctant as I am to discontinue comments on this thread, I am going to do so because, a certain bigoted dickhead has ruined the discussion by trying to twist and belittle everyone's arguement by personal libel. It, challenges me to report him back. Yes, google would laugh at that. "Let me see, Mr DL, you want to report an 'anonymous'".

If I missed anyone comments please accept my apologies as it has been difficult keeping up with the number of comments received.

Any comments from now on, on this thread will be liable for moderation, which is a shame.

Anonymous said...

@ Dark Lochnagar

1.If you know the holocaust happened why would you allow posters to openly lie and say it never and then openly attack Jews based on nothing but prejudice? That's not free speech -- that's just hate. You wouldn't allow anyone to tell horrible lies about you so why tolerate it against Jews?

2.Dark Lochnagar -- you have openly called for "something to be done" against Jews. I asked what you meant. You never elaborated. It reads as if violence could be an option. If that is not your aim, then please answer what it is you would like done against those 'jooooz' and how you would implement it.Further, you mocked the holocaust by saying you have "read an article" which says 6million never died.

You have been more offended by me espousing historical truths than the people telling bigoted lies against Jews. That says something about you my dear friend!

3.You said 95% of wars are caused by religion -- I asked you to provide evidence for your stance. Since you 'couldn't' I have no option but to deduce you are talking shite.

4. I genuinely don't like reporting blogs but if I have to I will. Your blog, and it's anti-Semitism is the cause of the reporting. Not me. Nonetheless, it's nobody's business how many blogs I report but it is my business if racially offensive remarks are posted on the internet for the effect of attacking Jews.

@ I am Stan

It is you who is retrospectively inventing prior posts.You said:

"@Anonymouse,yes I do "tolerate" people expressing their opinion,whatever it is,its called freedom of speech,denying the holocaust is nothing new and is not illegal in this country, there are endless counter arguments available if you could be bothered to do some research."

Since you were commenting on the holocaust and not 'deniers', for you to say you meant deniers is a total load of crap. By saying there was "endless counter arguments", the context makes clear that you meant counter arguments against the orthodox opinion of 6million Jews being killed. You further emphasise this when you openly state you do't know how many died as "it's not important"

Harbinger said...

This debate gets even more hilarious as I read on.

Free speech grants us the ability to speak free from persecution. It doesn't grant us the ability to attack an ethnic group unfairly.

Free speech is just what it say you moron - the freedom to speak freely with no restrictions. And yes it certainly grants people every right to attack any ethnic group.

But let's look at Jews shall we? 90-95% of world Jewry are of Khazar origin. Throughout the last 1100 years they have dispersed from Khazaria and many moved and lived in Europe intermixing with the European Cauasian peoples. The Jew bloodline is passed down from mother to child, not father to. Therefore not only is it impossible to be anti semitic to a Jew (that is the 90-95 of world Jewry due to the fact of their non semitic origins) it is also a completely defunct statement to say that Jews are an ethnic minority. Jews are a religious minority who choose to live by their vile Babylonian teachings, which (as stated may times) portrays Jews as the ubermensch and all non Jews untermensch. But this is the problem with world Jewry; because they have managed to portray themselves as persecuted throughout time, having been kicked out of every land they've been in because the locals didn't want them around, they haven't looked at why people don't like them and thus fix. Their practice of usury, their involvement within the NWO, the creation of almost every single conflict in Europe since the English civil war of 1649, the setting up of banking systems all over the world, the imposing of their halachic law (Civil law/Corporate law/law of Admiralty) upon the societies they lived in which very much takes precedence over Common Law, their infiltration of major establishments which they have corrupted from within and to take politics, of late introducing political correctness into society, hate speech and incitement to religious and racial hatred laws....the list continues to grow, all of this from a religious minority that is the minority within the minority that holds incredible power over the lives of people, not of their religion, but of a religion they are taught to hate and despise (read the Babylonian Talmud).

"......saying that Jews made up the holocaust"

Nope, no one said that, but what I did say was that:

a. The word holocaust, from the Greek whole fire is not an appropriate description of the imprisonment of Jews within work camps of the 3rd Reich.

b. The figure of 6 million is hugely exaggerated. The figure of Jewish dead is possibly closer to 60-100k.

c. Revisionists do not 'deny' the holocaust (that is the imprisonment of Jews) but they are very dubious of the numbers of Jewish dead.

Ironically there were three holocausts in WW2 - Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Dresden where a whole fire certainly did occur.

Harbinger said...

(cont) should moderate your website more vigilantly. I don't like reporting blogs but your blog is tolerating such venom that I could not ignore it nor sit by and abide it.

Using the whole free speech thing to justify attacking Jews is extremely warped and a violation of what free speech is.

And yet the fool continues to espouse his hatred of liberty, which is one of the reasons that Jews are so detested within the west. We had freedom, to live under common law before Jews arrived in the UK and now look at the control and restriction upon us?

And still this moron is unable to see that free speech is freedom of speech to speak freely regardless of subject matter. What the utter pillock doesn't realise is that ok, let's take out the use of free speech (which we never ever should) of criticising or speaking about Jews shall we? Now let's see where this will lead to, using the most appropriate logic in the case? The Muslims decide that they don't like being criticised for what's in the Qur'an so any attack on Muslims in the West is deemed hate speech and you're not allowed to talk about it. The same for criticising those of different ethnicities for whatever reasons, more religions, murderers, rapists, paedophiles...until eventually from a land that used total freedom of speech it's been rattled down to 1% freedom of speech in that 'hello' and 'goodbye' are the only words that be used freely as every other interaction with peoples offends.....

Currently in the USA, the Jewish controlled government is preparing a war against Iran. It's on its way. Iran poses no threat whatsoever to any other land in this world, bar Israel. It poses no threat to Europe, no threat to the UK, to the USA, to Australia, to New Zealand, to China, to Russi....getting the picture? So instead those clever Ashkenazi Jews in the USA are about to launch a full on war against Iran, where gentiles (read Goy) will die for the Jews, in another war they've created yet again. Worse still more Muslims will die in another needless war. And of course what's happening in the USA is a simple matter of propaganda controlled by the Zionist, US media, The advert is that Iran's push for Nuclear power is a threat to the USA and the rest of the world. Wrong, it's a threat to Israel, the illegal state, that's been killing Muslims for the last 90 years and Iran doesn't like that, along with every other Muslim country in the middle east.

America has Nuclear weapons and so do many of the states in the West. Israel does to but there's no objection to that is there? And who was it that's already used Nuclear weapons in warfare? America, yes and do they really have any right to dictate who should and who shouldn't have Nuclear power after their history of using WMDs?

Harbinger said...


I used to be so ignorant of much. And yet Anonymous continues with lies.

For the record, approx 6millionJews were killed. For the record, almost 70% of European Jewry were wiped off the map. For the record, all the 'men' saying the Jews made up the holocaust are nothing short of sick.

A sign that stood outside Auschwitz from the end of the war up until 1995 stated that 4 million Jews died there. This plaque was then changed to 1.1 million people died. Notice that the figure of 4 million Jews has fallen not just to 1.1 million but the name Jews has been changed to people, meaning that 1.1 million people were most certainly not all Jews? This is fact. It's on the plaque outside Auschwitz.

Some more facts about Auschwitz that we were never taught about while being lectured in school about WW2:

There were swimming pools, orchestras, camp hospitals, camp currency and brothels for the inmates

The Nazis hung guards who abused the inmates

High ranking Nazis, such as Himmler sent memos stating that the death rate at the camps must be drastically reduced

Auschwitz was a massive industrial manufacturing centre for the German war effort. They relied on the Jews to keep them afloat in the war with weapons, clothing and munitions

These facts above are minimal compared the others mountains of evidence that have been brought fourth to prove the absurd claims we've all been taught on the holocaust by the Jews. You simply don't exterminate your workers when you're fighting a war. Germany took on Europe, the USA and Russia. How on earth could it have managed to do that if it was killing the very people who were making the weapons that enabled them to continue to fight? It's ludicrous to believe otherwise but this is the propaganda that we've all been led to believe.

And regarding the official numbers of Jews in Europe, that again is nothing but lie upon lie. Should you pick up any respectable world almanac (that hasn't been changed to suit the official Jewish death toll - Winston Smith Ministry of Truth) you'll see that it tells a very different picture.

The very fact that people are being sent to prison in parts of the world for questioning nothing but history proves that there is foul play at work. It sadly takes us back to the era where denying religion meant being burned at the stake.

Harbinger said...


We have been taught lie upon lie when it comes to history and anyone who should try to bring about the truth to the lies we're taught, they're ridiculed and castigated by society!

For example Jim Baxter "despises" what I write. He doesn't see that hate is an emotion and thus the word despise has no place in a common sense, logical debate utilising critical thinking. Worse still Jim's view on history (along with much of the public) is what he's been taught and therefore must be the truth and not to be questioned. All I can say is thank goodness for the tenacity of Galileo Galilee and Christopher Columbus who faced death for their 'absurd' claims that went against the religious teachings of the time.

There's no doubt about it that not only have Jews lied about history but they continue to lie today on much. They hold massive disproportionate power within the very industries that control society - government, the media and education. Therefore, by gaining the media for themselves they are able more and more to brainwash the public with continuing propaganda. Schindler's list and the many other Hollywood movies have been part of what Norman Finklestein calls the Holocaust Industry. The continued pictures in history books and short film of piles upon piles of emaciated bodies being pushed into mass graves...and we are told these people are all Jews. No one ever questioned the teacher, just accepted it, for the simple reason that teacher was teacher, we trust him to tell us the truth.

Today however there is change and people are questioning history for the simple reason that history has a huge part in our future - He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future. The media is the biggest propaganda and reprogramming tool known to man. More and more people are fixated to films and TV. It stops their thinking process. They simply look, listen, follow and believe. They do not question and those who do are instantly pilloried by the press - again controlled 100% by Jewry.

There is no hate in my posts, merely describing the horrendous situation the Goy find themselves in, being under the control of a tiny minority, whose religious book (The Babylonian Talmud) teaches them to look at all non Jews as untermensch and all Jews as ubermensch, God's chosen one's to rule over all.
How can society expect to break free from the control, when everything they do is controlled by them? Our law system is Halachic. Political correctness is rammed down our throats and anonymous' postings are a prime example of the control that he wants to met out on the public and those who choose to question the status quo.

Pick up the Protocols. Read the Babylonian Talmud and then begin to understand why society is the way it is. Forget the shite in the papers. They're telling you what they want you to know, not what you need to know.

Anonymous said...

@Dark Lochnagar said: "Stanners, again. He has obviously no concept of how to run a blog to induce comments or does he have any concept of someone playing the 'Devil's Advocate'."

Devils advocate?

Calling for "something to be done" against Jews is devils advocate.

If that is so, where was this 'devils ad-vocation" when bigots said the holocaust was made up, Jews are evil evil?

You never posted comments for the effect of stimulating debate as you posts were expressed as absolute opinions from you -- not pre-texted by being for the goal of being a "devils advocate".

There's been over 100 comments on this blog entry.

You failed to answer my original post which challenged your claim that "95% of wars are caused by religion". I proved that this was a lie.

Further, you and you cronies have indulged in a bit of Jew-baiting thus I have stood up for the truth against your bigotry.

I hated reporting your blog as some of it is good but when you start this whole "jews need sorting out stuff" I realise that you are indeed just another anti-semite!

Ayrshires a lovely place, full of witty, talented , righteous people. Sadly, you are not one of them.

I am Stan said...

I have made myself clear....get over it!

Anonymous said...


I won't pretend that I'm interested in your bigoted posts, just that I have no intention of wasting energy reading posts which sound like they have come off of a KKK website.


Anonymous said...

@I am Stan

Clearly you never made yourself clear if you had to RETROSPECTIVELY ALTER THE ORIGINAL MEANING OF YOUR POST!


Harbinger said...


DON'T stop the comments. Don't give in to this moron. Look at your thread 120+ comments. You're instigating debate. You're awaking people's consciousness. You are allowing freedom of speech!

Do you not see what this person's doing? What anonymous is doing is trying to close this debate by threats and because you and I are not agreeing with the propaganda we've been fed to believe. This is exactly the ploy of the Jews in power, to remove liberty and freedom and by doing what you're going to do, you lose and they win!

This idiot has no facts to back up his argument. What facts he does use have been contested over and over and those who have, haven't been allowed the freedom to espouse these findings but instead taken to court, tried for hate speech and locked away in a prison for voicing their opinions! What kid of a fucking world is that to live in? What happens when they move further down the line to people who criticise other things in life such as government foreign policy or council behaviour on rubbish, or disagreeing with paedophilia? Yes, once you give in to some cunt (group of cunts) who want to ban freedom of speech, you set the ball rolling to the death of all freedom to speak freely resulting in the death of liberty!

What's worse is that this has been done all because honest, just and men and women of integrity chose to question history that they found to be wrong and had facts to back up their case!

Remember 1984 DL:

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

This will be reality soon when you give in to shitheads like anonymous. Your choice.

I am Stan said...


Again you are making things up,you quote me as saying "it's not important" me where I said that!,you cant because I did not.

Stop telling lies!

Harbinger said...


All anonymous does is parrot what it's been taught. There are many like he (she?) who use emotion to instantly shut down debate.
Look at the immigration debate? Emotion has shut that down and we are now forced to look at the slow demise and disappearance of our culture, society and race all because no one was prepared to speak up and challenge the NWOs plans like Enoch Powell was. It is emotion that stops anyone from discussing the holocaust. Emotion is the destroyer of impartial debate and logical conclusion. It's a case of "she's sad, stop talking about this", even though the debate involves the lives of possibly millions, but we must stop so as not to offend a small minority!!!

This is reality DL. We are forced to abide by the control mechanisms of very evil people in society and should we challenge them, the media plays our own peers against us who are simply unaware they are attacking the very people who seek to free them from their chains.

Anonymous has no argument. It's stance in the argument proves beyond all shadow of a doubt that it's a hater of freedom of speech and liberty. And what's worse is the fuckwit is unable to see this, blinded by its own ignorance and overwhelming stupidity.

Continue your blog. Do not give into the threats. Should you, you lose your integrity and you've given into the very thing that you contest - tyranny.

Anonymous said...

@ I am Stan said: "For the record I dont know exactly how many Jews were killed by the Nazis and I dont need to know.The knowledge that unspeakable evil crimes were commited against them and others is enough."

You say you don't know how many Jews died and this you don't need to know. This means it's 'not important to you'.

But strangely, it was important enough for you to comment and important enough for you to ignore the people saying 'something had to be done about the jews' and that the holocaust is a lie and that the Jews are evil.

You have strange principles!

Anonymous said...

I would also urge Dark Lochnagar to keep his blog going, if it isn't banned.

Also, since Harbinger, this blog gives him something to do with his idle days!

I hope in future Dark Lochnagar that you educate yourself on why bigotry is wrong. Go to your local library and learn about history.

Hate is not an attractive quality.

P.S. I also suggest you learn what devil's advocate means since clearly that was a pathetic retrospective defence you employed in order to try and make out your were not being bigoted.

Anonymous said...

@Dark Lochnagar

If your site continues to be bigoted and racist I WILL CONTINUE to report it. Afterall, I'm exercising my 'free' rights!

There's no need to racially mock Jews and in an act of sickness, condone people who say the Jews invented the holocaust.

I really hope that, as a man, you look in the mirror and realise that some of your comments have been nasty and prejudiced. If you admit you are wrong, and actively change your ill-educated mind, your blog will be a much more pro-active force for good.

Your blog was conceived as a place to get to the truth and cut out PC nonsense. Great premise -- why degrade it by tolerating anti-semitism?

Harbinger said...

Finally DL,

One thing that I find incredibly important to consider is one very simple part reality. What we know of in life is so because we put our faith and trust within the story tellers. This has been the situation for a very long time. We choose to accept their definitions of world events that have sculpted societies throughout time, yet what if they are not telling the truth? What if they are in fact manipulating us, for their own malicious reasons?

The Jewish question is always such a massive debate because we were mad to allow Jews to attain positions of power. Your OP proves this overwhelmingly when they, as a tiny minority state how they are angry that the pope came to visit the UK, a land that they have no indigenous right to, a land they were exiled from and still to this day under pain of execution and a place where they have no right to whatsoever to dictate what should happen, especially with their views on Christianity when living in a Christian land. Anonymous and every other braindeadhead out there want to say a Christian-Judeo west, when it isn't. That's indoctrination sadly. Judaism is polarly opposed to Christianity so why in the fuck would it work together to create a civilisation????

Now, what would happen if a tiny minority of people, within a foreign land, there illegally and most certainly not welcome, managed to attain positions of power within that land? Would they not seek to indoctrinate them? Would they not seek to alter their perceptions of them? What if the reason that this small minority were hated so was 100% truth? How then would this small minority go about changing this society into accepting them when the reason they were disliked was because of their own doing and 100% true? Well the answer is obvious - they will lie by promoting false propaganda in order to indoctrinate and brainwash society and ironically we will see Goebbels lie theory come into huge effect, used by the very people whom he and his movement disliked.

So with the above DL, this is why I think the way I do and many like me. I am a brutally honest man and seek the truth everywhere I look. I utterly despise deceit wherever it rears its ugly head. I am concerned greatly because of what I've just written that our society has been manipulated and lied to on a huge scale, all in order to accept a small minority who are not liked, for very good reason, because of their actions past and present. Throughout the news all we read is the continuing war against Muslims. As you know I was anti Islam until I woke up. Yet don't you find it odd that while they rip apart the Qur'an and the hadith, nothing is mentioned in the news of what the Talmud teaches on Christianity? Fuck, as much as what the Qur'an says is anti non Muslim, at least they saw Christ as a prophet instead of the Talmud's definition of him eternally burning in boiling faeces in Hell!

Harbinger said...


This is the problem I have with reality in that we live in blatant hypocrisy that's damaging our society, culture and people, all being controlled by a very small minority whose religious teachings tell them to hate Christians and other non Jews, as they are superior and all others merely cattle and inferior beings.

This is why I question history and what I've been taught.
This is why I'm looking into the life of Adolph Hitler and making my own judgement on him from the Zionist controlled media's (and educational establishment's) portrayal of him as a demon, when we are taught nothing of Stalin's crimes against humanity. And what about the Holodomor? Where was that in our history books? It wasn't there because Jews wouldn't allow any other suffering to trump theirs, even though 10 million Christians were starved to death compared to the false 6million Jews.

I do not let people's emotional reasoning and acceptance of the 'official story' get in my way of finding the truth and to finish I will quote the following from Basil Liddell Hart, in his book The Other Side of the Hill 1948, Pan Books 1983 with regard to the so-called Halt Order of 24 May 1940 at Dunkirk, where Hitler had the opportunity to capture the entire British Army, but chose not to. Liddell Hart, one of Britain’s most respected military historians, quotes the German General von Blumentritt with regard to this Halt Order:

“He (Hitler) then astonished us by speaking with admiration of the British Empire, of the necessity for its existence, and of the civilization that Britain had brought into the world. He remarked, with a shrug of the shoulders, that the creation of its Empire had been achieved by means that were often harsh, but ‘where there is planing, there are shavings flying’. He compared the British Empire with the Catholic Church – saying they were both essential elements of stability in the world. He said that all he wanted from Britain was that she should acknowledge Germany’s position on the Continent. The return of Germany’s colonies would be desirable but not essential, and he would even offer to support Britain with troops if she should be involved in difficulties anywhere..” (p 200).

We have been fed story after story from the British/Allied viewpoint of the war but nothing from the German. This has been on purpose because it continues to strengthen the Jews case against Germany, whom ironically declared war upon Germany long before the Germans declared war on the Jews. We continue to be manipulated.

And before people start thinking I'm a white supremacist, neo nazi I'm not. I'm merely a searcher for the truth, sieving through the mountains of false propaganda to keep me from finding it!

Dark Lochnagar said...

I have not answered your comments becuase you are ani idiot, who likes to try and out words in peoples mouths. A brilliant quote from from your last post illutrates what a narrow minded idiot, you really are. "Your blog was conceived as a place to get to the truth and cut out PC nonsense. Great premise -- why degrade it by tolerating anti-semitism?". I rest my case.

I am Stan said...

I suspect anonymous is part of the Absorption Ministry


Anonymous said...

@Dark Lochnagar

You won't answer my questions because I have called you out on your behaviour.

I proved your "95% of wars caused by religion" comment was false.

I proved that you overlook anti-Semitic comments.

I asked you what you meant when you said something needs to be done about the Jews -- did you mean violence, and if not what?

My original post was in relation to the blog entry -- you couldn't counter MY TRUTHFUL points.

Your blog is now being looked into and if you continue to allow and facilitate anti-semitic remarks, I will continue to report your blog!

Anonymous said...

@I am Stan

Yet more speculations. That seems to be a recurring theme with you and your clique.

Truth requires objective research and 100% knowledge of a given subject -- not specualtions!

Anonymous said...

@Dark Lochnagar said "I have not answered your comments becuase you are ani idiot, who likes to try and out words in peoples mouths."

I don't need to invent lies like you and your bigoted friends here. Rather, I have quoted DIRECTLY from you or truth paraphrased/deduced what you ACTUALLY SAID!

So,Dark Lochnagar, what did you mean when you called for 'something to be done about the Jews' -- was that a threat of violence? I'm trying to give you the opportunity to explain otherwise I will report you again and you can explain to someone else!

Anonymous said...

@Dark Lochnagar

RE: your Dianne Abbott banner at the bottom?

Is it funny to show a woman with her arse out just because Miss abott is a black woman?

You preach about tolerance and how religion is evil and causing conflict but you make racial remarks about Jews, closeted threats, oh, and smutty pictures essentially mocking a black woman.

You are a disgusting piece of work.

Anonymous said...

@Harbinger said "And before people start thinking I'm a white supremacist, neo nazi I'm not"

Someone who denies the holocaust happened, blames Jews for all the worlds troubles, blames the Jews for his own unemployment, says Israel should not exist, that the Jews deserved to be kicked out of the West etc etc.

Jeez, I wonder why some people think your a cheerleader for the KKK?


I am Stan said...

Your a proper little Hitler arent you anon? you really think that Google will give a squirrels chuff about your sad little reporting...

Look look Google the nasty man asked "when will we ever get shot of religion"

Hahahaha you really are a sad sack,a predictable,dishonest, authoritarian sad sack!.

I am Stan said...

a big black booty works for me!..

Anonymous said...

@I am Stan

Your silence on the holocaust denial and racial attacks on Jews says that agree with them.

Funny you call me Hitler. A rather ironic analogy from someone who doesn't know how many people died in the Holocaust and who probably doesn't want to accept it as a fact.

A booty may work for but I think a history book and education may be a better gift to yourself!


Harbinger said...


Let's get some facts here shall we?

1. There was no whole fire, thus there was no holocaust. Do you understand this?

2. Jews are certainly at the top of the list for all troubles in this world over the last 4 centuries anyway.

3. Jewish supremacy and doctrine within the NWO were responsible for the flooding of immigrants into the West, in order to destroy the culture and civilisation. You work it out.....

4. Israel shouldn't exist. It's full of non semitic Ashkenazi Jews who have no right to that land whatsoever!

5. Jews deserved to be kicked out of every land they were in for their rabbinical teachings (read Jewish hatred of the Goy) towards the Christian lands they parasited within.

And here's the rub shit-for-brains:

A person who is born with a Jewish mother automatically takes the name Jew. Jews are not a race. The term Jewish denotes two distinct separations:

1. Of the ancestry of Juddah
2. Those who worship Judaism
3. Those who follow the Talmud before the Torah and Bible.

Both can and can't be connected.
Western Jews are Khazars of points 2 & are of and not of point 3.
Semitic Jews in the middle east are of 1, 2 & are of and not of point 3.

What is also to be noted is that people are born. They are not born into religious denomination. That is forced upon them by their parents through no choice of their own. Religious following is a choice, not a birthright as we are continually falsely led to believe. Judaism is an ideology, a belief system and nothing more.

Jews therefore are not a race, but followers of an ideology. As I've explained Ashkenazi Jews intermixed with many western Caucasians. They were not semitic before and most certainly not semitic afterwards. Thus it is an impossibility to cry anti semite to a man criticising a non semite (Ashkenazi Jew - 90-95% of world Jews). You are still unable to realise this. Then again you are incredibly stupid.
Hitler's bloodline is in fact Jewish, yet he was not a Jew. There are many like he.

Now go away. You're arguments have been ripped apart.

Anonymous said...


Let's get some things straight:

1. Your unemployed and a dole scrounger.
2. The holocaust happened, even if you dispute. Gravity is a fact too by the way! lol
3. You are an anti-semite.

Further, sfor omeone of your limited intelligence, who cannot even get a job, to be acting like you are an authority on genetics is laughable.

You hate Jews so much that you already have a pre-conclusion. Namely, that the Jews are evil thus you manipulate racist material to substantiate your own racist views.

The UK taxpayer is paying for you to be lazy and spend your days online spouting racist diatribes and lies! How sad.

Anonymous said...

@Harbinger says the Jews of Israel are not Jewish. I suppose that curved yellow thing in the fruit and veg isle is not a banana aswell!

Did you personally conduct the DNA tests yourself or merely go onto a racist site to find information which agreed with your bigoted stance?

Probably the late I think.

After Harbinger has tackled the subject of Jewish ancestry (which he wrong about) perhaps he can correct Stephen Hawking on space travel aswell.

Who knew Harbinger was a genius -- so much so that he admittedly says he is unemployed and being supported by the UK taxpayer!

Anonymous said...

Harbinger = Nazi sympathizer and anti-semite.

Harbinger = unemployed dole scrounger.

Harbinger = intellectuality bankrupt!

Billy said...


I don't know if the Jews lied about the holocaust but I certainly would not believe ANY religion when it comes to the truth considering they are all based on lies, lie and con the people all the time, and quite happy to do so to brainwash people into believing what they want.

I do not know how many Jews died either but what an excellent opportunity this must have given them to inflate the amount to have died in the Holocaust in order to gain huge public sympathy in their aim to get the promised land their imaginary god said they could steal from the people already living there.

If the figures Harbinger quotes from Auschwitz is true regarding 4 million Jews being changed to 1.1 million people then that should give you a wake up call.

Religion is already dying here in the west, with less and less people attending church because they are becoming more aware of the lies that religion is, and also because in the great scheme of this universe human beings are nothing just like everything else. This will also happen with the people in the rest of the world when they become more educated and aware of these things.

Religious people do not believe what THEY think - they believe what they are told. What they are being told is lies based on pagan myths, especially the Egyptian sun god Horus, such people don't think.

Harbinger said...

And your replies prove my point.
I think any further reply to your drivel is utterly pointless considering all you're able to do is ad hominem attacks.

I am Stan said...

Shalom right back at ya!....

Anonymous said...


How low can you sink in order to use any lies to substantiate that ' the jews lied about the holocaust'. You are ready to believe anything that someone says even though it is a factual lie!

6million jews died during Hitler holocaust. FACT.FACT.FACT!

The whole issue regarding the Aushwitz numbers is a moot point and to manipulate it to serve as the foundation of a Jewish conspiracy, is disgusting.

Since the end of WW2, it was known that millions of Jews were systematically killed.With honest revision, historians are managing to evaluate WHERE the Jews dies. Thus, the initial figures for Aushwitz were incorrect but the overall number of Jews was still the same.

The eitzengruppen also had a larger role what with their mobile killing methods.


Are you thick? Israel was founded by Jews who made it a sovereign nation and who were the FIRST PEOPLE IN HUMAN HISTORY to fully express self determination between a land and people.

For over 3,500yrs, the Jews lived in Israel with an unbroken lineage. Indeed, ONLY THE JEWS HAVE MADE A SOVEREIGN NATION THERE!!!!!

How about, instead of taking the easy option of hating Jews, you actually read a history book -- preferably not written by the KKK!

Anonymous said...

@I am Stan said: "Shalom right back at ya!...."

That's the nicest thing you have said so far. It's nice not to read a bigoted post!

Anonymous said...

@Billy said: "I do not know how many Jews died either but what an excellent opportunity this must have given them to inflate the amount to have died in the Holocaust in order to gain huge public sympathy...."

Yeah, the 70% of European-Jews who were murdered miraculously hid whilst they pretended that a holocaust happened.

Saying the Jews invented the holocaust is disgusting. I suppose the moon is made of marshmallow aswell in your world?

I am Stan said...

Anonymous said-That's the nicest thing you have said so far. It's nice not to read a bigoted post!

You have a right to your opinions others have a right to theirs,even if you find some of the things offensive its not an excuse to try and get it banned.

You do not have a right not to be offended.

Ask a Palestinian!

Go in peace

Harbinger said...


If you happen to go to the incredibly Zionist controlled Wikipedia you'll see the following (Auschwitz concentration camp search):

After the collapse of the Communist government in 1989, the plaque at Auschwitz State Museum was removed and the official death toll given as 1.1 million. Holocaust deniers have attempted to use this change as propaganda, in the words of the Nizkor Project:

Deniers often use the 'Four Million Variant' as a stepping stone to leap from an apparent contradiction to the idea that the Holocaust was a hoax, again perpetrated by a conspiracy. They hope to discredit historians by making them seem inconsistent. If they can't keep their numbers straight, their reasoning goes, how can we say that their evidence for the Holocaust is credible? One must wonder which historians they speak of, as most have been remarkably consistent in their estimates of a million or so dead... Few (if any) historians ever believed the Museum's four million figure, having arrived at their own estimates independently. The museum's inflated figures were never part of the estimated five to six million Jews killed in the Holocaust, so there is no need to revise this figure.

How convenient?

When I was at school (I finished in 1989 when the plaque was removed but studied history 2 years earlier) this was an integral part of the holocaust. Would it therefore not have been appropriate to actually have said the Jewish deathtoll 'could' have been over 9 million? Of course not, it was 6 million, not a body more or a body less. More so, the Jews tried to fiddle this figure also at the time of WW1 to talk about Jewish persecution in the West also. Interesting eh?
And so along comes a Jew (Nikzor) who writes a book "The Auschwitz Gambit: The Four Million Variant" in order to dispel any questioning of the 6 million figure by simply stating that Few (if any) historians ever believed the Museum's four million figure, having arrived at their own estimates independently.
And thus in one fell swoop the 6 million figure is kept alive.
This is why I'm not favourable to the Jews for their deceit and manipulation of history. There's no doubt in my mind that Orwell was writing of Jewish supremacy in his novel 1984. Everything within reeks of Jewish manipulation of society and the control they demand (written in their Rabbinical Talmudic writings) over all Goyim and non Jews.

The whole thing's despicable - crack the myth of the holocaust and you start ripping apart the Zionist control of the west. The holocaust industry is vital to the continuing survival of the illegal state of Israel.

Anonymous said...

@I am Stan

Opinions are subjective.

Saying the holocaust is a lie is not an opinion since it is a fact that it happened.

That's why I will report bigotry.

Anonymous said...

@I am Stan

Oh, and Palestine is a Roman word used to designate land area. It can be applied to Jews -- indeed, up until the 1930's, Jews were called Palestinians too.

Palestinians are actually arabs and in 1923/4 the British mandate designated Jordan as their homeland in the middle east.

Thus, todays Palestinians -- the arabs, are not actually 'real' Palestinians since they were not the people who inhabited the land when the Romans coined that term!


Anonymous said...


Your still not convincing people that your not a KKK supporter.

With every word you type, the more pronounced your bigotry becomes.


Anonymous said...


lol. Your typing these long racist, ignorant posts for me and I'm not even reading them.

I gave up a while ago when I realised that your were an anti-semite.



I am Stan said...

Thats your opinion Anonymous,I shall not try and have you banned because of it,nor will I invent quotes,twist your words or make assumptions about your opinions and post them as you have.

When you do that you and your argument loses credibility,discuss with your line manager..:)

Harbinger said...


More importantly, Anonymous' arguments can easily be debunked, simply by using Biblical teachings.
That land of Israel is the promised land to the Israelites. The Jews (read sons of Juddah and NOT Ashkenazi Jews of Khazar [Southern Russia]) are merely 1/12th of the Israelites and thus contrary to their belief Israel is not solely their promised land but the promised land of they and the other 11 tribes (scattered throughout the world).

Anonymous continually seems to believe that all the Jews in Israel are semitic, when in fact the majority of Jews in Israel are Ashkenazi who cam over to Israel after WW1 when it was illegally given to the Jews at the manipulation of the British by the Rothschild dynasty.

Israel has no right to exist.
Anonymous is unable to think and do research and instead parrots the propaganda teachings of Zionists and Zionist controlled scholars and historians. Conveniently also stating that any contradiction to these false teachings are by the hands of extremist, Jewish hatred organisations. What a great way of gaining support by automatically proclaiming yourself the victim and everything said about you is nothing but lies promoted by people who hate you. This has been the way of the Jews throughout time. This is why Jews continue to promote multiculturalism in the west (just not in Israel, proving just how ethnocentric they are) because they seek to destroy the Goy in order to destroy their culture and any chance of hatred against them (for their hatred against the Goy) and removal from their lands again. It is simple to surmise that the world Jews want to live in, is a world that is comprised of small groups of cultures and ideologies that will not be seen as a threat to they. Do some research on Israel. They state they promote democracy there but guaranteed, Israel will always be run and controlled majority wise by Jews and their Jewish ideology.

Jews HAD to gain control of education and the media in order to manipulate and hide people from the truth and thanks to the internet people are now being exposed to the lies of the Jews and fighting back. Apart from usury, the Jews were evicted because of their hatred of Christians. As I continually say read the Babylonian Talmud. It's all there and then you'll begin to understand just why there is this dislike of Jews.
Currently the media is going overboard to promote the teachings within the Qur'an to rally support from the non Muslims to hate the Muslims. They're doing this because Israel again is under threat of attack.
What really do you think would happen in the West if all the Christians and non Jews started to read of what the Babylonian Talmud has to say of them? And who controls the media and education system again? Contrary to popular belief, Rabbis choose to follow the Talmud's authority before the Torah. Are you beginning to join the dots?

Billy said...


Where is the list with the names of all these millions of Jews who died in the holocaust. You know the census records that exist for before WW2 compared with after that people use all over the world to find their ancestors.

Also the Jews came out of Egypt following Moses, a man with an Egyptian name, to find the promised land. They were promised other peoples land by an imaginary god because as they say they were special. So special they even stole the Egyptian religion as well.

Like I say all religions are based on lies stolen from pagan myths, especially Horus, in order to con and brainwash others into their wee cults. Liars the lot of them!

Harbinger said...

Billy and to all,

To show just how manipulated our media is and under the control of Zionism, would you ever expect to see an article like the following written in any of today's broadsheets (far to complicated for tabloid readers)? The article appeared in the Sunday Herald on February the 8th 1920 and the author none other than Winston Churchill, whose mother Jenny (Jacobson) Jerome was Jewish, which under Israeli immigration law makes Churchill Jewish:

"Some people like Jews and some do not; but no thoughtful man can doubt the fact that they are beyond all question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world.

And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible....

From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary - pre Crypto-Jew name, Cohen), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.

It played...a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian revolution by these international, and for the most part atheistic Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin (subsequently revealed as a Jew), the majority of the leading figures are Jews."

There is no criticising of the Jews in the media, other than (in some) their continued crimes against the Palestinian people. You just don't get this kind of journalism anymore, because Jewish controlled media shuts out any negativity of Judaism and Jewish involvement in the manipulation of our history to the overall detriment of the non Jewish population!

Anonymous said...


Where are the names --The Yad Vashem website includes a database of Holocaust victims with details on their lives and the circumstances of their deaths.


It seems you are trying to look for ways to dispute the holocaust. That is because you subscribe to bigoted views. And the reason you WANT the holocaust to be a lie is that it will validate your bigotry against Jews.

Denying the holocaust is like denying that 1+1=2.

Why don't you spend some time understanding the holocaust and then come back and compare that knowledge with the bigoted statements here.

Or, just remain an ignoramus.

Your choice.

Harbinger said...


Sometimes I begin to wonder that Churchill's part in the creation of the state of Israel was along the lines of - getting the Jews in the West out of the West and into one place where they won't have the power to manipulate and destroy it as they've done in the past.

Oh how wrong he was. If only he knew that a mosquito will never move away from its host to feed on, so to will the Jews never leave the west, when there's too much wealth to be gained and control and destruction of culture, society and civilisation to be had.

Harbinger said...


Denying the holocaust is like denying that 1+1=2.


Agreeing there was a holocaust (in the definition of the word) is like saying 2+2=5

Fuck me, this twit really doesn't have a clue about word definitions for goodness sake!

Harbinger said...

Interesting reading on the denial of the definition of the word holocaust for the persecution of Jews in WW2 by
Kevin Myers in the Belfast Telegraph:

Harbinger said...

If you want to find out what the Babylonian Talmud and subsequent Jews think of the Goy/Gentiles then have a look at Michael Hoffman's website:

Anonymous said...

@Harbinger needs the holocaust to be untrue as his premise is that the Jews are evil and out to destroy everyone.

Thus,Harbinger is a conspiracy theorist. By trying to excuse the objective truth of Nazi genocide, it helps orchestrate a lie that the Jews lied.

Of course, he talks utter bollocks. But since he is unemployed and on the dole, he spends his idle days searching racist website which contain information that supports his bigoted views.

Harbinger cannot even get a job, lives in council accommodation, has to be given money from the UK taxpayer. He's basically a pathetic, weak man.

Harbinger gets his food and shelter from proper men and woman who's taxes pay for his sad existence. He gets his education from racists!


Billy said...

The Bible was written by liars who have stolen most of their stories from the ancient pagan religions, especially the Egyptian one. The Jewish religion just like the rest of them is just one big lie. The Jews followed the bloke with the Egyptian name, Moses, out of Egypt to the land they were promised by their imaginary god and were allowed to steal it from the people who were already there because only they imagined this god.

Funny I didn't question the holocaust - I asked where the proof was for these people who were supposed to have died. If there is then someone should be able to match the list with the censuses.

Also I only pointed out that all religions have been lying to and conning the people for thousands of years, including the Jews. So what makes them any different when it comes to this.

So what if Harbinger is unemployed - there are millions in this country, and soon to be millions more. He at least seems to be educating himself, questioning things and looking for facts and evidence.

I and others on here would rather listen to someone like him rather than someone like yourself who would rather accept what you are told by, and defend, religions that have been lying to and conning people for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...


You were told about Yad Vashe, but you have conveniently ignore it. There's an abundance of proof for the holocaust -- really sad that objective facts are dismissed by you in favour of racist speculations designed to malign innocent Jews.

Your knowledge of the bible is lacking Mr.The biblical stories are not 'stolen' -- again, your conspirational approach to history may work for the KKK but it is ultimately incorrect.

Of course you would rather listen to Harbinger -- his bigotry is what you want to hear. People attending racist sermons would rather listen to racist preachers. Birds of a feather flock together.

If you need to ask where the proof for the holocaust is, that is a display of your inability to engage with google to say the very least.

Oh, and not all Jews were marked in a census -- you are aware that many of the dead Jews were killed outside of Germany in Poland and Russia. Like duh!

May you find enlightenment for your petty,bigoted mind!

Anonymous said...


Oh and Harbinger's unemployment is an issue. There is a direct link between anti-semitism and a disfranchised peoples.

Harbinger has openly said he blames the jews for his unemployment (read his other posts). Thus, the fact that he is denser than a breeze block is irrelevant -- it's the jews who have conspired to make him unemployed.

And denying objective facts does not constitute educating ones-self.Harbinger hates Jews and thus will dismiss all facts in order to promote lies to suit his position -- a bit like your self!

The taxpayer is funding Harbinger and his racist lifestyle which is disgusting!

Jim Baxter said...

Just when you all thought it had al quietened down eh?

Our friend 'Harbinger' again.

'For example Jim Baxter "despises" what I write. He doesn't see that hate is an emotion and thus the word despise has no place in a common sense, logical debate utilising critical thinking. Worse still Jim's view on history (along with much of the public) is what he's been taught and therefore must be the truth and not to be questioned.'

No, you're right, I dont see that. You see, I know what it is to hate - I don't have to look it up in the absolute law that is a dictionary definition as you seem to have to. Hate gets me all fired up. I know too what it it is to despise - to feel contempt - contempt leaves me cold, looking at a nothing that is trying to be a something. You, Harbinger, leave me cold. You're not really Stewart Cowan are you? You wilfully distort information and quote selectively, i.e. dishonestly, exactly as he does.

You seem to know a lot about how I came to my opinions though. How did you come by that information? Oh, the same way you came by all your other information, I would guess. Make-believe.

Harbinger said...

And the ad hominem attacks continue along with continuing speculation of my life. I don't hate Jews but I utterly loathe and despise their actions of old and continuing actions today.

The internet is littered with Jewish crime against humanity. Libraries are littered with novels that tell of Jewish crimes against humanity and the media continues to promote life as if everything's rosy and no one has anything to worry about while it's crumbling all around us.

I don't really bother about morons like anonymous, because their arguments are about as strong as grass before the oncoming lawnmower. What does bother me is their indoctrination, their inability to question reality, their ignorance to simply accept what it is and to not realise that no one is born into any religion. They're born human and many are forced into religion whether they like it or not. Especially in the Jewish faith they butcher their children's foreskin's because it's unclean, itself a direct attack against their creator, whom they believe is not able to create perfection but they're certainly able to fix his imperfection.

Jews are simply bad news. They always have been and always will be. As long as they adhere to the disgusting ethnocentrism within the Talmud along with the rest of its vile teachings within, they're a danger to humanity, culture and society and the more they grow it's like having a nest of cockroaches in your kitchen that will eventually infest and take over everyone's lives.

However, should they see sense, leave this vile ideology that they were forced into when born, to follow and see themselves as above everyone else, then they can lead perfectly natural lives as decent human beings. Human beings are therefore most certainly not the problem. In this case it's the Jew that's the problem and always will be because it adheres to ideology that's against humanity and nature.

Take back the human from the Jew. Expel the Jew from the human and you will create a far better world.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, or whatever your name is, I told you at least 100 comments back that I wasn't going to answer any of your anti-free speech propoganda. Still if you're Scottish, School starts soon and you'll need to be in bed early. I see a survey says that 33% of men got to bed with a Teddy Bear, I expect you will be one mo them, if it's PC of course to sleep with a 'Teddy'.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, leave him alone, he's obviously deranged.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, ok I won't stop the comments, but I am seriously thinking of banning Anonymouses.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, he's a lying pusbag. Don't even waste you time with him. I'm not.

Harbinger said...

Don't ban him. In doing what he/she wishes to be done to liberty and freedom of speech you thus become no different to the vile creature, whom I am beginning to realise is an Ashkenazi Zionist and not a Christian. Well I hope so, because if he/she is then it proves overwhelming just how brainwashed the fucking loony tune is;(

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, the thought police won't shut me down. I'll get his full moniker from Google if he has complained, which I don't give a fuck about, because I can start a new one in 3 seconds. However, if I make a stand for freedom of speech, I don't think it will be over a blog.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cunt, I have at no time mentioned the holocaust or hee haw else. This blog runs of freedom of speech and it won't be shut down by you, the thought police. I was thinking of changing the layout anyway, but I suppose I'll just have to wait until you, Anonymous, contact Google to say you want to report a blog and your name is Anonymous. Give me fucking strength!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy the point you made further bac there about religion dying on it's feet is 120% correct. Hopefully when the peoples of the world get better educated and can see that organised religion is pulling them down, we will then be shot of it, then we can start on the NWO, the Zionists and politicians.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, he is one twisted little shite.

Anonymous said...

@ Dark Lochnagar

Sure sign that you've lost an argument when you can't answer any questions.

You have mentioned the holocaust: you said you have read stuff which discredits the truth that6million Jews died. You have also encourage Harbinger and co who openly attack Jews and say the holocaust was a lie. Your compliance is sick.

You also said that the 'something needs to be done' about the Jews. I asked if you meant violence or something else. You wouldn't answer.

Freedom of speech does not constitute the freedome to racially mock another group or spread lies. You tolerate hate speech against Jews which is sick.

I have some suggestions for your new blog -- stamp out the racial prejudice and bigotry.Oh, and stop trying to act like a wee west of Scotland hard man -- it's about as authentic as one of those fake rolex' off of Ebay!

I have reported your blog as have several others I have informed. Your blog is a disgrace -- you are not trying to stimulate debate at all and your baloney about "being a devils advocate" was just clap-trap so as to try and nullify your involvement in some of the horrible attitudes presented towards the murdered Jews of Nazi Europe.

You are a sick man.

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