Sunday, 15 August 2010


WIKILEAKS is about to leak another 15,000 PENTAGON DOCUMENTS pertaining to the Afghan war.  Personally, I think it is essential that they go ahead.  Here's what is being said:

In an open letter to WikiLeaks, Reporters Without Borders said: "The precedent you have set leaves all those people throughout the world who risk their freedom and sometimes their lives for the sake of online information even more exposed to reprisals."
Despite the condemnation, Mr Assange says that WikiLeaks "absolutely" plans to go ahead with the new release of secret files.  "This organization will not be threatened by the Pentagon or any other group," Mr Assange said.

I can understand the concerns of 'Reporters without Borders', but it is time we stand up and be counted.  We cannot any longer be threatened by Governments, Big Business or anybody else, including Churches.  If we don't make a stand now, we will be swamped by NWO crap and our personal freedoms will be worth, diddly-squat, as our American friends say.  I would not like to see info released that can cause harm to individual soldiers, because although IMO they shouldn't be there anyway, the soldiers have not yet realised that and are being fed SHITE about terrorism, the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

It is important that we give encouragement to WIKILEAKS to publish through any form of electronic medium takes your fancy.  We'll know if My Assange doesn't publish he's sold out.  If he does and I was him I would get my HEART CHECKED OUT and I wouldn't be going for ANY WALKS IN THE WOODS!


Anonymous said...

What's the point of Wiki leaks releasing 15,000 Pentagon documents DL? Who's going to be tried for illegality, war crimes and mass murder? Is George W and his administration going to be hauled over the coals, subject to scrutiny, found guilty of horrific crimes and subsequently thrown in jail for the rest of their lives? Nope!

It's like the latest bollocks with the David Kelly situation. Everyone knows that he was murdered. We don't need evidence and a show trial (which is what it will be) to find that Blair et all were guilty, of this and so much more. Those who should be punished never are as life still continues on as before.

A waste of fucking time if you ask me and taxpayers money (for the Kelly case that is). Everyone's realised now that the establishment looks after its own.

wickers said...


The wiki leaks are handy because you can go to the contact report that you're interested in and get the truth. 60 insurgents dead becomes an insurgent dead and 59 civilains dead etc.
This helps in the propaganda war to get the troops home more quickly with less lives lost.
Previously they could just make up any old story about each incident in order to help push whatever agenda was prevalent at the time.
It's not about prosecuting anyone as that's never on the agenda. They wouldn't even help with any inquiry ( US friendly fire on UK troops etc)so there's no one to prosecute.

Anonymous said...


This helps in the propaganda war to get the troops home more quickly with less lives lost.

With all due respect, there will never be a removal of troops from Afghanistan.
Firstly because there's too much money to be had in the heroin from the poppy seeds.
Secondly because they are now controlling the government there and it needs an army to protect it.
Thirdly because it's strategic land for future attacks on Iran.

Unless the UK decides to elect a party that states in its Manifesto specifically that "We will remove all troops from Afghanistan immediately and be held accountable in a court of law for promoting deceit if we do not and be held 100% accountable for our actions" the troops will stay in Afghanistan.

People simply aren't seeing the bigger picture. All political parties in attaining office must follow what the real bosses of the country tell them to - the money men.

I used to pride myself that Britain was 100% opposite in its elections to the USA and that intelligent men could become politicians and leaders. Now I see that it's no different to the USA as most politicians are all part of the same system and incredibly wealthy. Cameron's a multi millionaire.

It's a facade Wickers and nothing more. Unless there is a group of people who stands up and utterly smashes the system in place today regarding everything - judiciary, police, politics, education, there will never be any change regardless of what you and others may believe.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL have you got a penny for every fugitive you've seen on the MSM? Well by now we should know something is up, we are rooket. So what's wrong with the fugitives on the MSM then? Sweet.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, no Bush is not going to be tried we know that, but it is from the point of view, that we the people have something that they the Governments don't want us to have. Now, Wikileaks may even be a CIA covert operation, I don't know. But I do think that something is better than nothing, knowing what the actual truth on the ground is in Afghanistan rather in this particular case the machinations of the money men. If it helps to educate and to make people think about what we are doing in Affganistan, well and good and it may be a start. Remember that saying about acorns.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Wickers, I agree. If it can show, in particluar the Gung-ho people in America of whom there are plenty BTW, if Tatter is anything to go on, that they are there as a pawn of big business and crooked politicians, that is all to the good.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, to the best of my knowledge Brown is not a millionaire and Blair wasn't either when he was made PM. I can bet you that Jimmy Reid didn't die a rich man.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! I am filling a bank with pennies for every one. I find the Mail is particularly forthcoming. The Indie is letting me down. I personally believe that they have sacked all the photographers and are refusing to buy off the wire.

banned said...

The Wikileaks of Pentagon stuff is useful if only to point it out when some statist cunt promises that the next database is secure.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, you hit the nail on the head there. The more stuff get's leaked the better as far as I'm concerned. I would like to see Dick Cheney's financials.