Friday, 23 July 2010


THE Scottish Government has flatly rejected a request by senators in Washington to testify on its role in the decision to free the Lockerbie bomber.
Within minutes of the request being made, the Scottish Government announced that neither Mr MacAskill nor Dr Fraser would be accepting the invitation.The Scottish Government justified the decision on the grounds that they had "no contact of any kind" with BP.
Instead they say they will only deal with questions from senators in writing, and from this side of the Atlantic. 

Well done my Government.  I asked you to tell them to FUCK OFF and YOU DID!  Quite rightly.  How dare a legislature in another sovereign country ask the leaders of another country to appear before them.  Tell Obama to come over here and explain RENDITION FLIGHTS landing at Prestwick Airport.
Jack Straw and the original POODLE, TONY BLAIR have also been 'invited' and although I hate RAT BOY AND WEASEL, I hope they turn it down as well.

Kenny MacAskill has however said that he doesn't mind appearing at a meeting to be convened in the Hague.  That's it KENNY, get the Yanks on strange turf and then bring up all the shite we know has been buried by the CIA about Lockerbie and the part they played in it and what they knew prior to it happening.  Oh and you could maybe ask them about the part the American Government played in getting oil exploration rights in Libya for their oil companies.  Four times more than what BP, have had.


scunnert said...

Well done the Scottish Government. They should beware: Nemo me impune lacessit

RMcGeddon said...

Good campaign DL. You've swayed the Scottish govt and stuck it to the yanks.
Well done !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert. Yes, I walk a little taller tonight. Sorry, I don't speak Swedish!

Dark Lochnagar said...

I'mageddon, welcome to the blog. No poodles in Scotland, ya bas. The right decision. Of course the Yanks are shiting themselves because they know, that we know more, than they want out in the open, so they can't push too hard!

Fuck, that was some sentence.

RMcGeddon said...

Yes good to see a small blog winning through in the end.
Suspect the yanks are glad that the truth won't be aired on live TV in the US though.
Might have been a bit embarrassing !

subrosa said...

I hope none of them goes over the pond. Then these senators will sink back into oblivion where they belong.

banned said...

Be wary to use your newfound influence wisely my friend, let's hope that the CIA and FBI do not notice or take offence at being told to fuck off by such an éminence grise else you youself might get renditioned.

Toni said...

America has to accept the fact that its century of dominance is coming to an end, suffocated by greed and financial ineptitude - much like the British Empire in 1914. If Scotland can tell them to fuck off, they should consider their words when they accuse China of currency manipulation and Russia of expansionism. Obama has had his honeymoon period and, yes we are all happy there is a black president, I am sure that means everything to people in Detroit and Louisiana. He is also seemingly the most ineffectual President since Carter.

Old Nick said...

Careful DL. Captain Ranty recently nominated the head of the CIA Leon E. Panetta on my blog to burn in hell. Strangely, the blog was not accessible a few hours later although a quick call to blogger seemed to resolve the problem. Spooky or what?

Remember: Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you.

Clarinda said...

No doubt you will be toasting the stuffing of the senators et al by quaffing one of the £500 bottles of 55% beer (End of History by BrewDog) already stuffed in a small dead animal - see BBC 'news' Scotland for details. You have the choice of a stoat, squirrel or hare. Rest assured they all died from natural causes - not so sure about the senators future fate though.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I'mageddon, I@m sure no one takes account of my pile of shite. It's just a bit of fun, (are you listening CIA?).

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, if they offered to go over and explain and sent some low level civil servant, that would be OK. Let the Yanks come over to the Hague and let's have a proper investigation including what the CIA know.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Baneed, I hadn't thought of that. I only stay 3 miles from Prestwick Airport and they land rendition flights there. I could be winkled onto one and never seen again!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, I've said it before, just becau he's black, don't make him any good. I'm sure he's been promoted above his capabilities purely because he is black. Yes, America's influence is waning and if it wasn't for the petrodollar they would have sunk already. The American people have to waken up some time and see what a load of shite their country's institutions are.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Nicky, welcome to the blog. Yes, they could take me off and my techy abilities would not enable me to outwit them. I would just have to start again! Maybe this time I could be a woman. Maybe a lesbian and I could explore my femenine side and do a bit of cunnilingis at the same time. Sounds tasty!

RMcGeddon said...

DL's blog from Gitmo would be cool !
Mind you I can't imagine you in an orange boiler suit with sandals and sporting a goatee beard.

Lincoln County said...

Silly europeans, this was a purely political play by Obama and a few senators who want to be reelected in November - BP isn't very popular in America right now. As for America's waning influence (yawn), nevermind, I don't feel like talking to angry children right now. If Scotland (UK) really wants to display it's testicular fortitude to America and the rest of the world, it would pull it's troops out of Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

The Scottish government has seen this for what it is: a cynical ploy by time hardened senators to ensure that they continue to enjoy the luxuries of the American version of the House of Lords (a bit more democratic and a lot smaller and cheaper).

Cameron, the naive fool was played for a blinder. In his desperation to please the US president he criticised government at home and agreed to several things that he should not have agreed to.

As usual the USA walked all over the UK government. (yes I said walked but .....)

Straw has finally said he won't go! I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but, well done Jack!

Now, as DL said F off and remember in future don't try to mess with the Scottish government.

And Scots take note. You want someone to stand up for you and look after your interests, remember who it was that said “no”.

Of course if you prefer a puppy dog that will roll over or fetch a dirty stick for the president, Cameron's yer man!

Sophia Pangloss said...

Mr County (is that how ye pronounce it?) if Scotland could pull its troops oot o' Afghanistan, it wid! In fact, Scotland wid nivver hae sent troops tae tak pairt in America's stinkin hell o' a war in the first place!

Dark Lochnagar said...

I'mageddon, no Orange is not my colour. Maybe a pink outfit to show off my femenine side? No, beard and sandals definitely aren't me, I'm more a pair of Italian leather loafers and Gambicci jeans. Fuck me, you would think I was Gay the way I am going on.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, nice to hear from you again. Yes, I think the politicians knew what was afoot. To us punters, it was the fucking arrogance of US senators more or less ordering our elected Government to come over and justify a decision that was taken under the Law of another soveriegn country. I would pull the troops out of Afghanistan right now and police Pakistan instead. It's just a bloodbath. With all our sophisicated weaponery we should be winning easy, but that's not the case. I suppose that's what happens when you invade another country illegally. Come again soon.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, could you imagine if that fuckwit Gray was first minister, he would be over in the States getting butt-fucked by the Senate. Thank fuck for some politicians with a bit of nous about them.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sphes, I'm sure if Mr County understands Scottish East coast script he will agree with you. In my experience he is not one for sending Americans to fight in foriegn fields.

banned said...

I was going to say "Nobody expects the American Rendition" but it doescn't really work.

Lincoln County said...

I agree with you 100% on this one, DL. Telling corrupt politicians to "get fucked", now, that's the Scottish spirit my ancestors brought with them to America.

Lincoln County said...

Thank you Sophia (love that name by the way). Now, tell everyone you know. And when you see an American tourists scream and spit your sentiments in his face.

One thing I don't understand about the European. Why does he love the muslim. Where does this come from? Has his hatred for Christians and Americans found a kindred spirit? You don't owe me one, but I'd appreciate an explanation, for the sake of knowledge if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Don’t you find it, Lincoln County, incredibly bizarre to judge a person because of his spiritual beliefs; indeed to make any distinction at all about them? Perhaps this is particularly so between the Abrahamic religions, which are so similar in their teachings. Maybe the irony is that the most different is Christianity which teaches us to love our neighbour, and indeed, if we heed the Good Samaritan story, love not only our neighbour, but everyone and anyone, regardless of his origin.

It is a European thing, however, to know very little about other people’s religious beliefs. I don’t know what most of my friends believe. Exceptions, of course, would be close friends with whom one might discuss philosophy or morality, and who would have been likely to have disclosed any affiliations they had in such discussions.

But it’s strange, from our point of view, to know what one's friends religious beliefs are, much less judge him by them. We feel that way, largely, at least in educated circles, about people’s colour, sex, sexual preferences, age, disabilities, financial situation, and for that matter height, weight, etc. It’s the intellect of the person that counts... and mixing with a wide range of people broadens the mind.

Ah well, I guess you are on the other side of the world. Perhaps you do things differently. And that, of course is your business. It’s “horses for courses” I suppose. We like things the way they are here, and I suspect you are happy with things the way they are on your side of the world. What a happy set of circumstances that is.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it worked better than that Swedish you gave us on this post, last.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, thanks for that. That's how half the globe was invaded and civilised by the Scots. We shouldn't have stopped at Palestine but kept on going.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers 2, I don't know either. I appreciate that most of these people are entitled to be here, ( a throwback from the British Commonwealth remember), but I would insist that when they come here they adopt the host culture. You don't see Asian ghettos in Australia becuase the insist on the culture ruling and they are much better integrated than us.

Dark Lochnagar said...

TRis, I think people tend to navigate towards people who are similiar and hold certain beliefs. For instance, religion is much less important nowadays that 50 year ago. My wife's a Catholic and I am Protestant and when we got married 33 years ago my father at one time was contemplating not going to our wedding nuptuals. Now, my father wasn't an Orangeman or anything like that but even 30 years ago, 'mixed' marriages were looked at as being outside the norm. Nowdays all sorts of marriages are going on, even between the same sex and all of us to larger and lesser degrees have bias against certain groups and types of people. People who are intellegent, and I hope I fall into the catagory are able to quash their prejuduces and mix with different people. Why on this blog I meet all sorts of people, some even from the East cost. People whose intellegence or range of experiences of different people are lesser find it difficult to break out of their peer group. Now I don't include old Linkers in that for a moment, I don't know the man, although I would like to know him better as I would with you. So in some ways if you mix with people of high intellect, you also are mixing with your peer group, just the same as you would if you were a BNP thug and mixing with other BNP thugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes DL... I understand that and I accept the truth of what you say. I was brought up to treat people equally regardless of religious, racist or physical or sexual differences. I realise that there was much much more difference made a few years ago. I’m not sure that my grandmother had knowingly had a catholic in her house until a few years ago, despite the fact I never remember seeing my gran go to church! My best mate’s gran was, it turns out, a Methodist; I don’t even know what that is!!! If I’d known when she was alive all these years I would have asked her.


I was catching on to the tone used by “Mr County” in his reply to Sophia. I think that tone deserved a little ridicule. (Mind if Sophia reads it, he’ll get more than he bargained for, but then as he probably doesn’t speak our language he’ll not understand it.

I have mates who are probably Muslim (they are Scottish, and proud of it too, but their family came at some stage from Pakistan), but, I really don’t know because in the UK people (at least people under 60) don’t as a rule anymore wear their religion painted on their forehead. I know some do. There are people who go to the Mosque on a Friday; they aren’t wearing their jeans; they have robes on so that’s obvious. There are some people who get all dressed up on a Sunday and wear make-up and a hat (and that’s just the priests!!), but in general no one bothers much.

I don’t know if my boss is a Catholic or Protestant or a Jew; could be a Hindu or Muslim for all I know... and further more I couldn’t give a shit.

I accept that, in this respect Americans (the senior partners), are about 50 years behind (some would say) us.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, I abhorr all religions, but I do believe that people when they come here to a mainly 'white Christian'country, should like your muslim friends, embrace the host culture. There are some parts of England, where you would think you were in the Indian Sub-continent rather than Britain. One of my recent jobs, involved me visiting families in their homes and in many cases, I saw Grannies and wifes who could not speak English and many of them had been here for 40 years and that is just not right. So I say, you are welcome and we respect your different nationalities but when you come here please at least in part adopt our culture.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that people who live in Scotland should learn to speak either English (or Gaelic) depending on where they live, possibly both. I don’t think they should necessarily have to accept Christianity or Christian standards. After all we only have them because there wasn’t any choice.

Less in Scotland but certainly in England they are what they are because the King said so. When the King was Catholic, they were Catholic, when the king got pissed with the Pope, they became protestant and I believe that changed a few times, with some being put to death if they failed to stop believing what they used to believe and started believing the next thing they were told to believe...

Hey, as you can see, I’m not a huge fan of religion either!!

I think that it is appalling that there are people living in the country who don’t speak a recognised British language (mind if you go to Newcastle there seems to be a large number of them... oh, and Aberdeen too!) lol.

Mind, the same thing should apply to people setting up home in Spain or Bulgaria, or wherever. I know English people who make an absolute point of the fact that they will NOT learn a single word of Spanish. Whilst I deplore that, I have no objection to them wanting to talk to each other in English.

When I’m in France and I meet brits or Americans, I speak English to them (with most there would be no point in anything else. I also see no reason why brits in Spain or wherever, shouldn’t, if there are enough of them (and there are some places), have their theatre groups and put on plays in English, or their pubs/restos where they sell bacon and eggs and haddock and chips, and English beer. That’s not offensive. (Well, it is, but only gastronomically, not culturally.)

But once again, I must stress that in my comment I was reacting to County’s question why do we love Muslims and hate Christians... we don’t, we simply don’t pay THAT much attention to their religion. Perhaps that’s because we think of religion as a load of mediaeval superstitious nonsense, whichever one it is, still practised by the old because they were made to and it’s become a habit (or it may be that they are nearer death and it’s always good to have an insurance policy, just in case!).

In any case Jesus called for respect for all, and regardless of what they did to you, to turn the other cheek Mr County. You may be doing a bit of cherry picking on your religion methinks.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, I agree with most of what you say but the only point we would have of disgreement is Brits not learning for instance Spanish. I think it is grossly offensive towards the Spanish people when swathes of Brits, Germans or Swedes invade small towns in Spain and try to change the culture to their own. I don't have a problem with people putting on plays in their own language or eating bacon and eggs but if they want to do that in Spain they shouldn't have moved there in the first place. It is similiar to the English moving to places like Plockton on the west coast of Scotland and trying to change the culture of the village by running schools, the community council and the like and overheating the housing market so that young locals can't get on the housing ladder and have to move away. The same thing happes in parts of Europe where they have more sun and yes, I think it is fucking offensive.

Lincoln County said...

No Tris, I don't find it bizarre to judge someone on their religious beliefs if that belief includes blowing up buildings and beheading Christians. I hear they're not to fond of atheists or Wiccans either; my guess is that includes you. In fact, I judge them and find them guilty. Freedom of conscience is a wonderful thing is it not? I guess it is some consolation to know that Europe has evolved to such a point that it no longer even considers another's religion (but then that would leave you awfully confused about the motives of those who are religious). I don't believe you're stupid so I conclude that you are being dishonest (or in denial).

Thank you for answering my question although I am baffled by your reasoning. As a Christian myself, I'll take my chances with the good Lord when it comes to protecting my family or fighting for my country or even arguing with an atheist. I've always said it takes much more faith and/or religious zeal to be a true atheist so you have my respect as a person of faith and I respect your answer. Perhaps you can persuade the Mulsims to your point of view and you can all live happily ever after. I honestly wish you the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about Northern Ireland Lincoln?

You see, the IRA was full of Catholics, but I don’t judge every catholic by their standards; there is also a rather embarrassing number of Catholics who have been buggering little boys, and others who have been coving it up, but I don’t judge Catholics by them either.

There are protestants who make everyone’s life entirely miserable by banning this and that and the next thing because the more miserable time they have on earth the better they think they will be treated in heaven, and they want us all to live their miserable existence, but I don’t judge every protestant by these standards. There are also protestants who aided and abetted by the british government ran terrorist organisations in Northern Ireland too, but i don’t judge all protestants by them.. and finally the minister who visited my school (protestant) when I was a child was fond of sitting boys on his knee.... I’ll say no more, but I don’t judge all ministers by these standards.

I could rabbit on forever about jews too, but I’m sure I don’t have to. One of my dearest mates is Jewish (I know this because his dad is a Rabbi and his mum is a jewess... so he has to be a Jew, and despite that he’s never bombed anyone either.

There are Muslims that blow up buildings, but, just like the Christians that blow people up, they are not real Muslims. I mean they are people who do all that shit in God’s name, whichever bloody god, and they are ....well, not particularly genuine.

My point is that not every Muslim is a bomber. Honestly, take my word I know lots of them and not one, not once has ever even shown the slightest inclination towards bombing. Neither is evry Christain a bomber. I can once again guarantee that as i know many... my mum for example has never bombed anyone in her entire life.

On the other hand mr Bush bombed Iraq with the help of the murdering bastard Tony Blair, and killed tens of thousands of Muslims, good Christians that they are.
Firstly it was to get rid of the weapons of mass destruction, then it was to remove Saddam, then it was to establish democracy.

So they achieved the middle one, not that he’s any worse that the Muslim or Christian leaders elsewhere in the world who kill thousands of their own. Come to that there are North Korea and Burma leaders who do that and I note we have done nothing about that!

So you see, I think you might just have a slightly jaundiced view of what Muslims do, and what Christians do come to that.

As for the motives in religion...well, the organised ones are usually to make as much money as they can, and keep it... the actual people are probably by and large good.

And I promise you, I couldn’t tell you the religion of more than half a dozen people I know.

I’m sorry that you judge people by the acts of a few. Please, it might be better if you don’t dwell too long on the IRA and the UDR... you might take to hating all Christians too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry DL, I probably didn’t express myself well. I do have a problem with Brits, or anyone else not being able to speak the language of the country to which they move. I also think they should accept whatever the rules or laws are. I was intrigued by the story of an English family who moved to a part of Wales where Welsh was widely spoken but refused to allow their children to learn it at school..... Clearly nonsense.

I simply meant if English people want to speak English to each other in Spain I see no problem with that. I like the fact that there are polish shops in Dundee. The food is superb. So I expect the Spaniards don’t mind that there are English shops and pubs... maybe they even find them exotic....

I doubt if you can ever get very old people to learn a new language (or new ways of doing things) As a language teacher I found teaching older people much more of a challenge. They simply forgot most of the things they learned.... and couldn’t understand that other languages had different word orders.... so whether it is granny in a Pakistani House here, or Old Bert in a British house on the Costa... it’s probably gonna be beyond them to get anywhere.... but enough. It’s late. I need sleep.... Night matey

banned said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
banned said...

DL, what an interesting debate this has turned out to be.

Lincoln County (as English a name as one might wish for) tells tris "I don't find it bizarre to judge someone on their religious beliefs....

I lived in London in the 1970s and 80s during which time the Irish Liberation Army (IRA) was doing its best to blow the place and its people up (financed in part by fundraising in the USA).
My immediate social circle included McCrowen, O'Reilly, Murray, Fox, O'Hagen, Duffy, McKewan and Higgins that Éireannophiles will recognise as Irish; not only that they were Catholic. Did I care? Did I fuck.

I had lost my Church Of England (CoE) faith by about age ten when I realised that there were better things to do with a Sunday morning than traipse off to Church in my 'best suit' to listen to the ramblings of some dead Jewish guys.

I do however retain the greatest respect for those who have religion, not least my deceased parents.

My last contact with organised CoE religion was with my Scout group that was affiliated to the local CoE Church (St. Georges Day parade yawnathon) and assorted weddings.

"The Troubles" (polite slang for the IRA terror bombing campaign in England) was not a polite topic of conversation down the pub but those conversations did take place on a 'one-to-basis' in private.

Did I regard any of my Catholic mates in any way responsible for that campaign? No, but I did rate the Americans as being so; in fact they retained their simplistic, nostalic attitude to the IRA until they themselves suffered on 9/11.

Those Catholic mates were second generation (ie their parents had come over) and all ended up in perfectly sound middle class occupations from social services to mejia and telecommunicatiomns that their parents could not have dreamed of.

They were Catholic and Irish, just like the IRA but as we were uniformly escorted from a punk rock venue because of a suspicious package or similarly locked into our local pub one evening and for a while found it expedient to check which subway stations were closed for the same reason, did I question their friendship on the basis of their ancestry?

Not so the Moslems, different ketle of fish; especialy the phoney Converts who just wish to excuse their own inadequency.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, I think that the states will be the last bastion standing against the Muslim Jihad in a few years, becuause fortunateley for you, you have never had an empire, well apart from Hawai and Alaska, so you don't have half the Indian sub-continent wanting to come to your country. I may have to move over there, I'm quite good at Spanish, maybe you could get me into the border guard with Mexico?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, sorry I meant to answer this last night but I fell asleep! I as you know don't worry about anyone's religion or for that matter whether they are gay or straight or whatever. I do though have a problem when they try and change me or convert me to religion or their way of life. No that's not true. Their way of life is not a matter of importance to me as long as they adopt the host culture of the country. At this point I can be symapathetic to the BNP's position that their ancestors have been in this country for generations and we kind of like it the way it is. You can of course make the argument that we shouldn't have invaded all these countries and colonised them. But, that's an argument for a different post.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, p.s. Have you tried Harbinger's blog, it's very thought provoking and I think you would enjoy it.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, yes it's a good discussion, right enough.

I don't know whether it's an inbuilt fear of Muslims, whether it's something in our white ancestory dating back to the crusades.

I think we all have predisposition to bigotry. Although I have tried hard over the years and it's not that I know many, maybe that is the reason, but I'm not happy with Gays, I suppose like many straight men. I, as you know, have a strong Gay following on this site, and they're all decent folk but I prefer Lesbians to men, maybe because I would like to be one! I've no doubt it's ignorance on my part, but it's the same with Muslims, EN MASSE. Any that I have met on a one to one basis seem fine, but I think there is an inbuilt feeling that they are trying to subvert my way of life. Do you know what I mean? I'm starting to ramble now!

Lincoln County said...


I think your stretching it a bit to compare radical Muslims with the IRA. I could write a book as heavy as a cinder block explaining why - but I just don't have the time.

But I did find this statement curious:

"Did I regard any of my Catholic mates in any way responsible for that campaign? No, but I did rate the Americans as being so; in fact they retained their simplistic, nostalic attitude to the IRA until they themselves suffered on 9/11."

I would expect a statement like that from an angry adolescent but not from an adult (a serious adult)I say your hatred for America has clouded your reason. Again, I could write a thesis to prove you wrong but it can be summed up, pretty much, by saying that most Americans are not familiar with your (British) history - even the educated ones. But that doesn't make us culpable. British history, compared to our own, is incredibly complicated and most of us give up after 1066.

And I'm not here to bash the British although it can be fun sometimes. My last name is Baxter. I'm proud of my British heritage - I fear for the British people especially with their newfound religion - political correctness - the most insane, illogical and radical religion in the world. I feel like I'm witnessing my favorite uncle commit suicide.

banned said...

DL " have never had an empire, well apart from Hawaii and Alaska" and the formerly Sovereign Republic of Texas and Lousiana purchased from France with never a thought for the locals.

@Lincoln County. My point was that although London was under attack by Irish Catholics it did not affect me views about the Irish Catholics that I knew or Irish Catholics in general who, in any case, knew far better how to have a good time.

Any theseis of yours, while welcome, would not disprove that the bulk of overseas aid recieved by the IRA came from America, specifically New York both with rattling cans and sales of the IRAs in house magazine in bars and clubs. That money was used to buy weapons and explosives in America before the IRA turned to Libya as its main supplier.

banned said...

I forgot to mention Lincoln County that I do not 'hate' America, I am very fond of it and am happy with Britains role of 'junior partner' since the Second World War. I regard myself as an Atlanticist rather than European and actually believe that the Anglosphere still has an important role, see whose citizens get rescued first whenever a US, British, Australian or Canadian warship arrives at seome scene of devastation (I would have included New Zealand but they don't really have a navy anymore).

I take your point about Political Correctnss but not all of us are infected by it, hence bloggs such as DL and in any is it not as widespread in America itself?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, I think Banned has a good point about money for the IRA being raised in America and the Kennedys had a hand in it as well if memory serves.

I do think that Americans, en masse, are a pretty insular bunch. I know that you and some others engage with people in Europe but considering the number of internet users in the States, it's rare. I have started using twitter quite a lot at some points during the day and I find it's immediacy useful and interesting. I follow quite a lot of American tweeters and they are very ignorant of our politics and customs, whereas British bloggers are quite up to speed on most American issues.

I am now going to make a statement which you will shoot down in flames, but I think the bulk of the American people are thick, that is dimwitted. There argue with me! :-)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I would just like to take issue with your statement that my blog is not PC. Whatever do you mean? Do I not look after my Gay followers, I don't even insult the English, well most of the time and I very rarely swear unless I am angry. Ok, you're right! Thanks for the compliment.

Lincoln County said...

First let me say it's my birthday and I'm in a great mood so nothing's going to piss me off today. That being said....

Texas wasn't purchased from the French. So much for the "intelligent european" stereotype.

My thoughts on the IRA:
If you're having a problem with renegade Catholics bombing and killing innocent people then HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM. 'nuff said on that subject. Or would you prefer some Americans come do it for you?

DL, you say:
I think the bulk of the American people are thick, that is dimwitted.

I say:
When it comes to politics you are probably right. We (not me) elected Obama so maybe there is some truth to your statement.

I also say:
I think the bulk of the British people are homosexual atheists, that is, Godless fudge-packing queers.

So I'm not going to argue with you DL. Sometimes we just have to call it a draw and accept the fact that we're both right.

Lincoln County said...

Oh and Sophia,

I like the way you call me Mr. County and I also like that proletariat accent. I'm looking for someone just like you to clean my home and act as Nanny for my boy. Are you available? (Please send a full body shot first or I'll have to rescind the offer)

And, mind you, I said Nanny, not Mammy. If you're lactating please disregard the offer.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, some Americans to hunt them down and kill them? Going by American force's record on 'friendly fire', I would say we in Scotland and Northern England better start ducking! :-)

We certainly seem to have a large number of Gays or Homosexuals as you quite rightly in my opinion call them, but I'm sure we have no more than in America, particularly on the west coast and Alabama. God fearing? I would hope that at least some people in this country have given organised religion the heave-ho. How anyone can believe in a deity in the sky with his faithful servant, Peter by his side, well, is beyond me. But if that's what you believe, I hope it works for you. I think when you're dead, you're worm food, nothing more. I would gladly call it a draw if you promise to visit on a more frequent basis, as your input is appreciated. Even if you are wrong!

Lincoln County said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and make an accusation that I can't easily prove. I don't believe you are an atheist. I think you are afraid of being ridiculed.

Don't give in to peer pressure (especially if your peers are men in drag).

banned said...

Hi Lincoln: Texas, Louisiana, separate issues; did you know that Texas made enquiry about joining the British Empire before opting for the USA?

Our forces did a bit of that

operation flavious

banned said...

Back on topic, it is reported that the Senate hearings about Megrahis release have been postponed due to the complete lack of witnesses, including Slippery Jack Straw and that Obamas man in London not only knew about the release in advance but regarded the humanitarian release as the preferred option to prisoner exchange.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, thanks for the link. That is fucking interesting. That will fuck up Obama in the States , alright. I might even blog on that tonight. I'll need to see what else is happening.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, sorry, just noticed that comment you slipped in about me being an atheist. I'm not, I'm an agnostic. Religion is for the people who can't think for themselves and particularly in poor countries where most of religion's wealth comes from, that there is something better waiting for them in the big place in the sky, whether it is a loving Christ or 24 virgins because you have blown yourself up. Absolute piffle and I am surprised that you have got caught up in the big Christian lie. No, I'll take my chances here and when I'm ready to go, which won't be for a while yet, wormfood I will end up and they'll not be seeing my spirit floating up to see God or down to see the Devil. You can pray for my soul if it helps you.

Anonymous said...

It's not a proletariat accent ... it's called Scots.

Scots is often regarded as one of the ancient varieties of English, but with its own distinct dialects. Alternatively Scots is sometimes treated as a distinct Germanic language, in the way Norwegian is closely linked to, yet distinct from, Danish, or if you like Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are closely linked and mutually understandable, but separate languages.

After the union of Scotland and England (1707), the use of Standard English was encouraged and the use of Scots discouraged by the colonial masters. They did the same everywhere they went. Worse they completely banned the use of Gaelic which was too complicated for them to learn (it is almost impossible to learn as a second language and has grammar more complex than Classical Greek. Its use was beaten out of children at school as late as the 1960s.

Due to the widespread use of Standard English in the media, many now believe Scots is simply badly-spoken English.

Not true. And not indicative of any lower intellect or educational achievement either, as you will find to your cost should Sophia descend upon you with her razor sharp wit and chrystal cut intellect.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, very true particularly about Sophes, but as I told her when she had done her first blog post, you get a quite international audience as you know and if you use all Scots words as she does, although you and I will understand it, many won't and they'll just switch off. That doesn't make it wrong on her part, it's her blog and the content is down to her. It was merely an observation.

Lincoln County said...

Calm down. I'm just doggin' her a little. Actually I think the Scottish accent is beautiful, almost poetic as most Americans do. I would hope that the Scottish would keep both their language and their accent. And whether you like it or not, it's MY heritage too.

Beleive it or not, I understand it fairly well.

Anonymous said...

Yes DL, I realise that. I also love the Scots language but I use English for posting for the reasons you quote. One of my American friends does read and understand it.... in the same way I can read and understand some simple German (because I speak English) and Spanish, Italian or Portuguese, because I have some Latin and speak French. Scots is not unfathomable, just difficult as LC says

I detest the way that I was brought up to believe that the Scots words were slang. They are not. They were simply made slang by the colonial masters who came to Edinburgh to teach us savages how to do things their way... the right way... the way they made everyone around the world that the conquered do things.

But I repeat, it is not a proletariat accent (or more correctly dialect), it is a language of the same family as English. And it is beautiful as shown by some of the literature extant.

I regret the preponderance of English in communication these days. As a bilingual, I prefer to speak French because it is far more expressive, but do all my posts in English because that is where the audience is...

LC. Fair enough, but you know, it's a pretty down thing to do to rubbish someone's language, just because yours in predominant.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, I know it's your hetitage. I am quite willing to be a nanny, btw and I can guarantee I am not lactating. No the point I was making was that while it's ok to use a guid Scot's tounge, it can turn people off reading your blog as many English don't understand it never mind a full native American, or Red Indian as I called them when I was a wean, like yourself. Fuck me that was some sentence! My English teacher would have spanked my arse for my use of grammar there. But who cares nowadays!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, I think in Europe we all have a smattering of the various European languages. Some 20 years ago I was fairly fluent in Spanish and while I still retain some, it's not as it once was. Italian would be my favourite language as it would seem, to me , to be the most poetic of all European languages, unforunately it's fuck all use unless you want to get extra pasta in a tally restaurant. I think old L.C. was on a high because it was his birthday, but he does have Scottish heritage and although he should therefore know better, we'll let him off this time.

Anonymous said...

For a couple of years I taught French for the tourism industry here in Scotland... then I taught English in Grenoble for a bit. The thing about foreign language here is the attitude that it doesn't really matter because people will speak English (American really) anyway.

At one stage I showed a dvd of French TV news ... and a lad in my class said..."Do they actually speak it everyday then?"

Right!! It was like he thought that English was spoken in France, but they were also clever enough to actually use the French they were taught at school.

Och yeah, I'm all for letting people off, and giving them the benefit of the doubt. What kind of world would we have if we didn't do that.

(All except mrs Thatcher, but she's not really a people, is she?)

Anonymous said...

BTW...congratulations on the popularity of this post..... 64 comments!! I've never achieved that!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, Yes the young have some funny concepts sometimes.

I've got to say I will support Thatcher to the hilt, almost, as she took over a country which was in almost as big a mess as now. I don't know what age you are, but there are some urban myths about Thatcher, spun in a socialist Scotland which if not all untrue are grossly exaggerated. Yes, thanks, that makes 66 comments now. I think that is a record. I'll tell you one thing though, it's a waste of time doing posts on a Sunday as no one comments! Anyway this one will be going off the radar tomorrow, so it will be byby. It just shows you, you write best, when angry!