Saturday, 24 July 2010


After a female vicar left her husband and children and moved in with a female parishioner, gossip spread that the two women were lovers.
She denied she was a lesbian, as did her close friend, cattle-breeder Michele Wilde.
But a year after the D.L. revealed the scandal that rocked the country parish, there has been an astonishing development.  Mrs Morton, 42, has resigned and been paid off by the church - and, despite her original denials, is now living openly as a lesbian. She has told her sons she has a female partner and is even touting for new lovers on the Internet.  And in an a remarkable twist, her estranged husband Michael is now enjoying a relationship with Mrs Wilde, the woman with whom his wife was falsely accused of having an affair.

Ms Wilde told D.L., "I wasn't too sure about this lesbian thing, after all my bulls don't shag each other.  We tried all sorts of fancy dildos, but for me cock is definitely the best.  It's got a sort of 'fleshy feel' that you can't replicate properly in a vibrator.  I used to call Jean, 'Greenock Morton', because she always went down and although I admit she is better at 'rug-munching' than her husband, I'm glad to be back to straight sex.
Now as many of you know, I have quite a large Gay following, so what do you think girls, IS COCK BEST?


banned said...

DL, I don't think they like being called "girls", or so my Prison Warder tells me.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL typical CoE, nothing there.

BTW if I can get the fucker to load I've got a treat for you. It is rare and it is astonishing but I've got you an outdoor, al fresco, bona fide fresh air queef.

For some reason it won't load up on blogger so I'm trying wordpress.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, wll you see the thing is they accept me calling them girls because I have a strong lesbian femenine side. In fact a couple of them would lie to involve me in a menajerie au tois, whatevr the fuck that is but if it's French, that'll do for me.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! It sounds interesting. Give me a shout when you get it loaded.

tit watcher said...

Fine pair of tits on her. More useful than tits on a nun.

gay watcher said...

I wonder if she keeps her dog collar on during sex. Heard that's quite common in the gay community.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tittie, I wouldn't say that. I remember seeing a film in the early 70s about some Vikings raiding a monastery and the nuns' tits were being put to good use there.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gayboy, is that not tied onto her shirt, but to be perfectly honest the scenario of her having lesbian sex while still robed up is turning me on a bit.