Sunday, 25 July 2010


Today, above, I reveal a picture of Venables, as see by the Judge in the Old Bailey.  Venables 23, was convicted of downloading child pornography and drug offences and sentenced to two years, possibly without parole.
This rare picture of Venables was taken in 1994, when he was a Manager of an England Football Team.  Although he took training sessions with the players, it was from a video link from the halfway line and his identity was hidden at all times by a screen.  When he played football with some other lads of his age notably in the Chelsea and Tottenham areas of London, his identity was hidden by a brown paper bag with some eyes cut out of it.  It used to get soggy and very heavy if it rained during the game.  The newspapers of the day marvelled at how he was able to score so many goals.  Only when he went on holiday one time, to Barcelona, was he able to play and manage in a lightweight, plastic model.

I am revealing this photograph and identity of Venables in the hope that it might help the players and fans he scarred during his time in football to draw a line under their hurt and sorrow.  If this blog does not re-appear, you will know that I have been taken down and possibly arrested for breaking the court rules, but I do so in a strike, I hope, against censorship.

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