Thursday, 15 July 2010


Facebook has rebuffed a call by David Cameron for the removal of tributes to the gunman Raoul Moat which have been left on the social networking site. 
The Prime Minister condemned the online praise being paid to the "callous murderer" yesterday and instructed Downing Street to raise its concerns with the company over the web page of the "RIP Raoul Moat You Legend" group.

I don't always agree with Cameron but in this case I think he's right.  This bastard was a thug who was involved in the drug industry in Newcastle for 20 plus years.  Christ knows how many young people he sent to an early grave.  He is not a puppy dog or some contestant on Big Brother, he was a homicidal bastard who was probably mentally unhinged but that doesn't excuse him from murdering an innocent person and trying to kill others.  The only one who thought he was a great guy, was some brain dead, ex-footballer who is in a state of being permanently drunk most of the time and even when he's sober has problems stringing two words together.


banned said...

It is not for Cameron to "ban" what morons on Facebook do, that would be to copy the authoritarian streak of X-nu-labour.

Let public opinion speak for iself, that generally works.

Anonymous said...

Tend to agree with Banned on this.

I find the neo-deification of Moat gut wrenching but censoring it plays into "their" hands and we must we very careful to give the bastards any ammunition as they are even more dangerous than Moat.

The bilge spewed out on Facebook over MOAT reads volumes in the way our society is totally fucked, maybe even beyond repair?

The latest SkyChavTV and SunChav revelations that the bastard recorded himself, in very high quality definition too, during the runup to his murderous spree smells of "getting the retaliation in first" rather than a cry for help.

Neatly executed, recorded for posterity, speaks volumes for what Moat was; a cunning, deviant, thuggish murderous cunt. Someone to be pickled in quicklime and then poured into mouth of the Tyne.

The Plod were still useless though, not by not posting a 24 hour guard on his announced victims but in not flushing the bastard down the sewers he was using to move about, and sealing all the exits.

Where the fuck do we go from here?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I tend to agree, I was playing the Devil's advocate here and coming down on either side of the fence. I do however feel that fucking Facebook should have taken down the sites in deference to the people he killed and maimed. The fuckers.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, we now live in a society which has become enthralled with celebrity through a media aimed at younger women who have now grown up to be fucking morons. Moat was scum, pure and simple and the quicker the whole incident is removed from peoples' minds the better. Fuck him and may he rot in hell or whatever.

banned said...

Seems tht the wankers who put up that page have succumbed to public opinion and taken it down themselves.
(Or maybe Cameron arranged for some Spooks to have a few words).

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, you don't think that could happen, do you?