Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Every man, woman and child in the country is carrying a £65,000 share of state debt, according to the first official breakdown of how much the Government really owes. 
The estimate from the Office for National Statistics, (an independent Government department),  puts the real level of the national debt at £4trillion – double the amount calculated by independent analysts.  An average household would have to work for five years to pay off its portion of the vast sum.

Only now do we see Labour's failed legacy.  I hope now their activists will SHUT THE FUCK UP and let the TORIES get on with sorting out the country's finances as ALWAYS HAPPENS AFTER A LABOUR GOVERNMENT has been in office.

As for you SCOTLAND, you should be FUCKING ASHAMED of yourselves for voting Labour!


The Young Oligarch said...

I agree , DL .

This was not , however , the line taken by Stewart Hosie , the SNP's Treasury spokesman , in the House of Commons today .

To the loud , braying and affected approbation of his party colleagues , he expressed astonishment that taxes had to be raised or spending cut . It was all down to the malevolence of the evil Lib/Con coalition and their well-known hatred of the people . Under a triumphant SNP government no such measures would have to be made and a nationalist utopia would ensue .

I had hoped for much better after Alec Salmond's recent statements , tinged , as they were , with a hitherto unknown level of reality .

Scotland doesn't need even one party of mindless grievance-mongering politics , our political culture has been stunted by this for far too long . The SNP needs to abandon its long-running attempts to be Labour Mark 2 in this respect and start offering genuine and realistic alternatives .

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL I don't care if I've got 2 million or 2 trillion quid as my share of the fake, imagined, fiat national debt. Just so long as I can actually say I spent the whole fucking caboodle on wine, wimmin' and sports socks.

Oh, and a new Bishop's Palace with hot and cold running virgins of course.

As it is I've had fuck all.

National debt, public theivery, bankster con.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I totally agree. Scotland IMO is crying out for a centre right, pro independence party as the Tories are tied to London and anyway are a bunch of political wankers. I know you won't agree with the pro-independence part. The SNP, or at least some parts of it, I reckon, have seen the socialist vote in Scotland and are trying to move the party towards the left, even if not on purpose at least in practise.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!! They would have been better just giving us the dosh and them we could have spent it how we wanted. The economy would have been stimulated, no unemployment, happy daze!

Dioclese said...

Not exactly a bargain is it??

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Gets my vote...

Gordon McSnotty said...

I blame America

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, good site but the comments section isn't working properly. Better get Auld Nick to sort it!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Go0rdon, you twat. How's the book coming on, I bet you're furious that arsewipe Mandy got his out first. Oh, and BTW, he says your an incompetent arsehole which is the only thing he has ever said I agree with!

banned said...

A personal debt of £65,000 would render many folk bankrupt, come on, let's go and get their stuff!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, we may now be able to become burgalars with impunity. I know a rich gaffe round the corner, me old cock sparrow, what about us tea leafs robbing the joint?