Sunday, 30 May 2010


Michael Moore is the new Scottish Secretary.  To paraphrase the old 'Smokie' hit 'Living Next Door to Alice', "Michael, Michael, who the FUCK IS MICHAEL"?

This Coalition thing is OK, but there are people getting promoted above their capabilities.  I mean Danny Alexander taking over from Laws at the Treasury!  Now I'm sure the boy is no numpty, but for fuck's sake, GIE US A BREAK!

There must be Libthingies all over the country, who thought they were on a nice wee earner, serving as a Libthingie MP for 30 years in a nice rural seat, SHITEING THEMSELVES in case they get promoted!  Anyway what's wrong with ALAN REID, MP for Argyll?  I went to school with him.  GIVE HIM A JOB!


anyone seen gorgon yet ? said...

That pic can't be our new Scottish Secretary as ours claimed £64 for a new razor in his expenses profile so is hopefully clean shaven. Plus £3K for food and £21,563 for expenses in London.
The trougher will fit right into life as our overlord. Hey I thought the Lib Dems wanted the post of Scottish Secretary scrapped ? That's two of the fuckers they've given us in 2 weeks.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gorgoners, yes he seems to have a 'five o'clock shadow', time he bought an electric razor for that four o'clock re-assurer. There appear to have been several passed over. I bet it came as a surprise to him. Fuck me, he'll have to do some work now. Mind you he'll be getting a pay rise!

a letter has emerged said...

I see Mr Laws left a letter for the new man at the Treasury..

Dark Lochnagar said...

Emerger, thanks I'll use that as a wee filler! If you had a Google ID, I would have given you a h/t.