Saturday, 13 March 2010


According to government statistics, one immigrant arrives every minute, and a new British passport is issued every three. In the past ten years, almost 750,000 British people have left the country, and 2.5 million immigrants have arrived.

The rate of inflow is 25 times higher than any previous period of immigration since the Norman Conquest.  Last month it emerged, under the Freedom of Information Act, that far from being unexpected, this massive increase was sanctioned by the Blair Cabinet - not least to ensure a strong backing for Labour from the new immigrants at successive elections.

The new government whoever it is, must put an end to the immigration influx that we have seen in the last thirteen years.  As increasing financial pressure comes to bear on the NHS and Schools any new usage is like a cut back.  If for instance we allow another five percent immigration that is the same as cutting the budgets by five percent.  Along with the pressure that puts on housing, social security and basic infrastructure that will create 'tinderbox' areas of the country, where the BNP and other parties with radical views will thrive.

The next few years is not the time to increase immigration because the south-east of England needs CHEAP LABOUR!


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL they will never control immigration.

They have been told that they do not want to.


Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! Fuck you sobered up quick! I'm hoping Airbrush Cameron might do something about it. It's not too bad up here, but I don't want to store up problems for a later date.

banned said...

Don't be unfair to the Normans, only a few thousand actually came over, granted they took control of everthing but they didn't add much to the gene pool.

I'm fairly safe in my hideously white mono-cultural backwater and hope to be so until I die, after that I don't care.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, me as well also! The thing about the Normans was that there might only have been a few of them, but it didn't take many to beat you English. Only joking!

Anonymous said...

I sometimes take the bus in to work.
When I look around, I'm the only white face on it. Forget the Eastern Europeans, they all have white vans.
Everything and I mean everything is in 12 different languages in my area.
I'm the odd one out here in my part of London.
The Doctor's surgery - me and one of the receptionists, that's it, everybody else needs help filling the forms out because they can't speak English at all.
This has to change because I'm sick of being a minority in my own Country.
All I hear is rights for others, I am absolutely fucking tired of it.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Headson, I can understand your frustration. These fuckers shouldn't be allowed to come here unless they can speak English or at least undertake to learn it sharpish. The problem is that they live in their own wee enclave and have a reluctance to grasp the host culture. There is no one for you to vote for either. You used to be able to vote Tory thinking they would put a stop to integration but they are just as bad as Labour.

CH4 Dispatches said...

Ch4 Dispatches had a good programme recently and it got to talking about the imams in mosques. They were seen getting taught English at our expense 25 years after arriving here. 25 years and the one being interviewed couldn't even understand " what is your name ?".

Dark Lochnagar said...

Dispatchers, It doesn't surprise me. There is a mindset in some immigrants where they just are not interested in integrating. Norman Tebbit had it right when he asked what cricket team they supported. A bit simplistic but it made a point.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the language problem, I'm swamped.
Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, it's like living in weird mishmash of India (and minor states thereof), Africa, in fact, everywhere.
It is also increasingly difficult to speak out or mention the subject of imigration and the conversation is instantly aborted as it is racist with the threat of legal action hanging over you and discuss this at work and you are looking at disciplinary action - just for talking about it.
I'm sick and tired of being ignored in my own Country.
As you say, there is nobody to vote for and that is the fucking killer.
Where the hell can I go to get asylum?

Down in the Smoke said...

In parts of East London even the street signs are in Bangladeshi.
It's enough to make one consider emigrating north of the border.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Headson, for fuck's sake get yourself up here before it's too late. And when you get here vote SNP to get a bit of control, (apart from the EC which we'll try and change) before it's too late.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, you'd be very welcome , you English bastard! Just kidding! Get your arse up here quick!

scunnert said...

My understanding is that the UK, a piddling little country about the size of a bread bin, has been accepting between 600,000 and 1,000,000 immigrants per year during Labour's tenure. This, of course, does not include EU migrants, asylum seekers, or illegals. At the same time England has been experiencing white flight of between 300,000 and 450,000 per year over the same period, allowing Labour to report "net" immigration and thereby ratchet the true extent of the immigration numbers downwards. In contrast Canada, the second largest country in the world, takes in 245,000 immigrants per year.

Every study into the economic benefits of immigration has failed to find any. But we are, never-the-less, left with the assurance that "diversity" is the benefit. Being able to get a chicken curry or falafel is reason enough, apparently, to celebrate mass colonization.

The Canadian MSM has this week has been celebrating the fact that in 25 years white folks will be a visible minority. How many years before English folk are a minority in their own land?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, I don't think it'll be long the way things are going. when you hear comments from the likes of Headsonpoles you begin to understand just how bad it's getting. In Scotland we're foutunate we don't have a major problem with immigrants and let's call a spade a spade here we're not talking about white immigrants but black mostly muslim immigrants. They just seem to be incapable of 'embracing the host culture', whereas people from the EU like the poles will generally try and learn English and integrate into our way of life. I'm not saying that they don't yearn for things that are Polish sometimes but that is only natural. The reason those Labour fuckers allowed so much immigration of course is because 99% of them will vote Labour whilst I would wager that a large percentage of the white population that is emigrating are Tory voters.

You surprise me when you say that the Canadian MSM are 'celebrating' the demise of a white majority. Is there a large number of negros, (I refuse to use the words 'African Canadian'), in Canada?

scunnert said...

Most black folks in this area are descended from escaped slaves in the States. However, there is a large population of Jamaicans in Toronto and gang and gun violence is endemic in their neighbourhoods. In Vancouver Chinese folks flocked in after the end of colonial rule in Hong Kong and Sikhs have been a long time source of immigration to that city. With the Chinese came the Triads and with the growth of the Sikh population came internecine conflict and conflict with the Hindu community within Canada.
As well there are the Vietnamese who are the main growers and distributers of "skunk".

But there are increasing numbers of Arabs and Pakistanis and with them have come Sharia and the inevitable wanna be terrorists though, so far, they've been scooped up before they could carry out their dastardly plans. Interestingly it seems most of those folks have close links with family in the UK and, apparently, travel there frequently.

Canada was the first Western country to implement a "multi-cultural" policy in 1969 - thank you Pierre Eliot Trudeau. In that year Canada started to refuse immigrants from Europe while encouraging them from the third world. They justified the policy by the usual fairy tales: "good for the economy", "the benefits of diversity" blah, blah, blah.

It's now widely accepted among academics here that multiculturalism has been a failure.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, that's sad to hear. I've never unfortunately been to Canada although I along with I suppose a lot of Scots have some relatives there on my wife's side in Toronto. You always imagine Canada to be a mostly white country with some French descendents and some Eskimos or Innuets or whatever you have to call them now!

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL guess where?

"The policy of deliberate overtaxation is responsible for rising inflation, and falling marriages and births, especially amongst the White population. As White birth rates fall, an expensive programme of immigration in which alien peoples have been introduced, has been launched. This is an attempt to replace one ethnic group with other ethnic groups, all at the expense of the European group.

For generations now, many and various people, mostly in Government, have advocated Zero Population Growth and promoted birth control, while at the same time actively pursuing a programme of increasing intake of immigrants advocating abortions as a means of “fertility control”.

Ethnic integration will eventually become total global integration. With no ethnic base to support cultural traditions, all cultures merge; certain acceptable and safe cultural traits may be permitted to survive, in a conglomerate style, but most cultural traditions deserve to vanish."

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!! Sorry did you mean , WHERE FROM? It sounds like a entry from an EC handout or a secret Bankers' handbook for globalisation. Where did the quote come from?

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Sorry DL didn't anticipate your banana expose that was to come, so to speak.

That stuff is from 1970s Australia Sport. Government ministers no less.

e.g.John Gorton (Liberal Party), when Prime Minister, said in 1971, “I think if we build up gradually inside Australia a proportion of people without white skins, then there will be a complete lack of consciousness that it is being built up… and that we will arrive at a state where we will have a multi-racial country without racial tensions – and perhaps the first in the world.”

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!! As we would say here, aye, ma baws! Which as I'm sure you know is a reference to one's testicles!