Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Despite frequently saying that they were planning to cut public spending, reports suggest that Labour ministers are instead pushing through the lucrative computer contracts, housing plans and new pension schemes before the election.

Reports on Monday suggested that among the spending already approved was is about £4bn on the long-delayed NHS scheme for patient records to be available to any GP or hospital in England.  Labour insists the NHS contracts are being revised to save taxpayers £600m.

MY BIG FAT ARSE!  Lucrative contracts are being pushed through now so that THIEVING LABOUR PLACEMEN will be able to get cushy 'CONSULTANCY' jobs with the COMPANIES WHO ARE GETTING THE CONTRACTS.

The worst thing is that the TORIES will shout a bit, but not too much because they will do the SAME THING when it is THEIR TURN.  The whole stinking, corpulent WESTMINSTER BAG OF SHITE, needs a CROMWELL, A CHURCHILL or a FUCKING BIG GUN!


banned said...

Krazy Kunt Brown knows that he is for the chop so it's no surprise that he's pushing this shite for his pals. The £4bn on the long-delayed NHS scheme "Connecting For Health" will never work, more than one of the IT Consultants you mention have told me so personally. They didn't seem natural Labour types but they will know how to follow the money, bastards.

Anonymous said...

This stunt of loading the debt up for the incumbent to try o sort out is exactly what they did at Holyrood with the Edinburgh tram system.

Chronically self centred politicians and to fuck with the country.

Near to treason in my book

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, of course it will never work. It is just another way of getting control of the population. Once we all have ID cards, medical reecords, DNA databases,Fingerprint databases, Biometric passports, store cards, then it will be easy to push us towards the bankers final goal, personal microchips. AND THEN their control will be TOTAL!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, yes and then when the SNP told them to shove GARL up their fat labour arses, they made it an election issue at the Glasgow NE bi-election. Not that any fucker there would be worried about going to the Airport!