Saturday, 20 February 2010


Labour is telling its workers not to campaign on the party's record in power, a leaked document showed yesterday.
The revelation came ahead of today's launch by Gordon Brown of Operation Fightback, at which he will tell activists to wage a political scrap for survival.  But the leaked document is an astonishing admission that voters have little to show for 13 years of Labour rule.
'Labour needs to ensure that the next election is seen not as a referendum on the government but as a big choice about the change we want for Britain.'  In a speech in the West Midlands, Mr Brown will unveil the party's election slogan as Operation Fightback, a line also used by the British National Party.

That's a handy slogan to be using because if they don't watch their step the BNP will have more votes and that will be down to this UNPOPULAR P.M.  What a sad day for Britain that these Jokers even still have a party to fight with after the LAST THIRTEEN YEAR'S dismal record in power.


Barking Spider said...

Change.....after thirteen years he says it's time for change?

For once I agree with him, DL - he'll be history soon enough.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Spidey, I know. You'd think the bastards were just coming into power! Operation shiteback. It sounds like a film title or an American football phrase!