Friday, 29 January 2010





The Young Oligarch said...

Don't tell me you wouldnae , DL !

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I hear that Wayne Bridge sent his missus a replica of his cock made from Cadbury’s chocolate. She said that she prefers Terry’s.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, for fuck's sake I'm a married man. Mind you so's John Terry and I've got less to lose than him!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fred, mind you it shows some strength of character to have scored the winning goal for Chelsea tonight. But I suppose on retrospect that was always going to happen! For Christ's sake don't let my wife know you can get a chocolate knob. Her teeth haven't been near a knob since we got married. At least not mine!

Don't Call Me Dave said...


There is a serious aspect to this affair. In days of yore, a public figure caught with his pants down would have resigned immediately. Unfortunately, those who we are supposed to look up to, have come to realise that they can do whatever they like, whenever they like because this country has lost its moral backbone.

Why are the FA silent on this issue? Why are Chelsea saying that it’s a private matter? No it isn’t! If you cheated on Mrs DL, that would be none of our business, but if you were the captain of our national team, it most certainly would be.

The FA are a bunch of cowards, but the rot actually set in when they allowed Comrade Neville to start issuing orders to the team manager during the 2004 World Cup qualifying campaign.

John Terry should be sacked as England captain and dropped from the team along with all the other philanderers. The FA are delusional if they think England can win the World Cup even with him in the team, so it would be a great opportunity for them to set an example to impressionable young kids who may think his revolting behaviour is somehow acceptable.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fred, I totally agree. In my day to be the Captain of your country used to mean a lot. I mean look at Bobby Moore. A man who nicked a necklace in Mexico in 1970! But seriously. I would not let that fucker Ferguson back into the Scottish team if we had nobody else but grannies to play. I would rather say we couldn't fulfill our fixtures. I suppose though it is just a part of modern day living when no-one takes resposibility for their actions. BTW two time Mrs DL? Do I look stupid? Anyway as my old father told me. 'Never shite on your own doorstep'!