Saturday, 30 January 2010


Sometimes I know you English guys wonder what it is we 'Nats' gripe about when we complain about the Unionist Press in Scotland.  I would like to give you a wee example from a story that is in today's London Times.
'An image of the Flame Nebula that has given astronomers their most vivid picture of the star formation was offered up by the Scottish government yesterday as proof of the world-leading role maintained by the country’s scientists and researchers.
The photograph was taken by the Vista telescope at the European Southern Observatory, using technology designed and built at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre in Edinburgh. “In every area of science Scotland outperforms the world average; our performance is truly stunning for a nation of only five million people,”Scottish scientist Professor Glover said. “This is a country full of potential for those in science, engineering and technology.”  The 120-page document showed that in sciences as diverse as medicine, agriculture and biology, Scotland has achieved 1.8 per cent of the world’s academic citations, from a population share of less than 0.1 per cent'.

Now you would think that this was a very encouraging story for a small nation in these worrying times and you can read more of it here, if you want.  But as far as I can see not one of the SCOTTISH 'QUALITY NEWSPAPERS' or the shite that are laughingly called TABLOID 'NEWSPAPERS' have reported from this scientific conference.

Instead our SCOTTISH PRESS WANT TO TALK DOWN SCOTLAND!  An example of their ANTI-SNP rhetoric can be found in the 'Scotsman', who report the SNP's Deputy Leader, Nicola Sturgeon's forthcoming marriage with the headline, 'Nicola Sturgeon says-I'm turning my back on independence', not 'Nicola Sturgeon announces wedding' or even 'Sturgeon to wed'.  It may not seem much, but it is invidious, we see it day after day.

I wish that some of the JOURNALISM IN THE SCOTTISH MSM was as reputable as found in the Blogosphere and look forward to the day I can look at a SCOTTISH PAPER on my PC, (because I wouldn't buy one except to stick in the bog for arse wiping), without READING ANTI SCOTTISH AND SNP RANTS from JOURNOS who get most of their copy from BLOGS and seem to be incapable of writing an original piece that's not influenced by their EDITOR'S or the PAPER'S OWNER'S PREJUDICES.


subrosa said...

Afternoon DL. I thought the 'new' online paper would be more balanced but it seems not. When they allowed Murphy to dominate their first edition the writing was on the wall.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Aye Rosie. I had high hopes for it as well but as yet it doesn't get my attention as something I have to look at. It's not very current and looks to me more like a 'rolling magazine'. In that I mean it's written like individual articles with opinion rather than reporting the news.

The Young Oligarch said...

I wouldn't worry about it , DL .

Life-long socialists now laugh in the face of the Daily Record's transparent propaganda . Most that I know have moved to The Sun on the grounds that the tits in it are more appealing than Murphy and his gang .

As for The Scotsman and The Herald - how long can they last on their current circulations ?

For the blogosphere - Tomorrow Belongs To Us !

The Acceptable Face of Satanism said...

It is a long-established custom of newspapers to help form public opinion. On account of the fact that the public seems to have the opinion that newspapers are stinking piles of day-old shit smeared with putrid self-righteousness and liberally spiced with lascivious and inaccurate detail, I would say that the newspapers have done a pretty good job.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, Yes but it is the constant drip feed to the moronic masses whose Saturday nights are spent watching,'celebrity cum dancing on ice with roller skates with their big brother hoping to get some X factor' that worry me! I don't believe the two 'quality' papers you mention can last long. I haven't read the P&J for a while!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Accepters, the problem as I mentioned above to Oli, is that the fuckers believe it. Look at all the celeb mags there are. Hello, Ok, Now, Russian Birds with big Knockers. Christ you can't read them all!