Monday, 28 December 2009


Almost 1.5million student visas have been handed out in the past eight years.

The beneficiaries included Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the CHRISTMAS BOMBER - given permission by the Home Office to study mechanical engineering at University College London between 2005 and 2008.  A string of other terror suspects have used the student visa route into the UK - not always by attending so-called bogus colleges.  Ten of the 11 Pakistani nationals seized on suspicion of plotting an atrocity in the North West this year had student visas.

In 2008-9 the Government issued 236,470 full student visas. In 1998 the figure was 69,607. A further 144,000 students were given permission to enter for six months or less last year, as so called student visitors - giving a total of 371,000.  Three times the number of 'work permits' which were issued.  MOST OF THEM STAY HERE WHEN THEIR VISAS EXPIRE, AS THE LACK OF CONTROL IS A DISGRACE!

Universities have a financial incentive to offer places to foreign students, who pay full tuition fees of around £15,000 a year - up to five times the amount they receive from British youngsters. Many less-established universities and colleges have come to rely upon this income to stay afloat.

In other words, the rise of domestic terrorism can be laid at this SHITEBAG GOVERNMENT'S DOOR.  If Blair/Brown and their Cabinet of ex-busmen, postmen and for all I know fucking binmen had FUNDED UNIVERSITIES properly they would not have had to import these MUSLIM NUTTERS to our shores.  Why do we have to educate all these FORIEGNERS?  Keep the BRITISH UNIVERSITIES for BRITISH STUDENTS and the so called COLLEGES that have sprung up in recent years can revert to what they should be, TECHI-COLLEGES. 


Anonymous said...

Is this not the responsibility of Mr Woolarse's incredible Borders Agency, so superb all the management had to get £10,000 bonuses, he assured us.

Unfortunately perhaps, English Universities depend on the huge fees that rich foreigners pay to keep them going. So much so that every university has people working all over the world trying to get students to come here.

I know that it happens in Scotland, and the payback is that a visa is given for work so that, not only do we get the benefit of the fees, we also reap the benefit of the education these people hae received.

Many courses at masters level are populated entirely by Indian, Arab, Chinese students.

If we want to run these courses with only Scots in my case, and English in yours, we will have to be prepared to do some of the following:

We must pay more taxes for the courses to be funded;

The students must be prepared to pay the high fees themselves;

We will have to expect the universities to take huge cuts in their budgets for salaries and perks for senior academic and administrative staff.

Of course, most of the students aren't harmful in anyway, even dare I say it the "Muslims". In Scotland at least most of them study, and work hard (I know I've met some), get their degrees (they do quite well, as they have a huge advantage of being able to write and spell English, unlike the natives).

Then they work here for a while, to put something back, and pay off their parents for the massive fees they have paid, or they go straight home and get jobs there.

Mr Woolarse and his bunch of bonus eaters really need to be checking who they let in.

sheik yer boaby said...

We've had the shoe bomber and now the leg bomber. Surely not the knob bomber next ? ! The 72 virgins wouldn't be much use to him then !

Mrs Woods said...

Exploding underpants. Where do I buy them from ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, I agree with everything you write but I feel that I must point out that I am Scots through and through although I do sometimes broaden my horizons and write about things firth of my native heath. In 1970 when I left 6th year at School I went into the family business directly, although I wish I had gone to Uni. In my day there only was the old Universities, Strathclyde was only 2 years old and I got an acceptance from there and Stirling to read History. However as I said I didn't go. What in those days were classed as technical colleges like for instance Paisley Tech. has now become the University of the west of Scotland or some such pish. Nowadays everybody wants to or expects to go to Uni even the dimwitted. The point I am trying to make is why produce courses for students that are absolutely no use to them in later life like Media Sciences, instead of teaching them to be Electricians or plumbers or IT workers or whatever, but an occcupation that they can make a life from.... All your other points are absolutely valid, but sometimes I like to play the 'agent provocateur' to see what surfaces! :-)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boaby, I am working on exploding skid marks for knickers. I believe there is a high explosive TXTN which is khaki coloured. Perfect excuse, officer the skid marks are because I don't like flying, go to the bogs and attach two electrodes, fart and hey presto, VIRGINS R US!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mrs Woods, you'll get the first pair. I will expect to be rewarded adequately, shall we say $2 million?

Anonymous said...

.Woops DL. The flag and the name should have given it away... Now I feel a real twat!

I actually agree about the courses, the number of them and the quality of them. But rich foreign students subsidise the far too many Scottish and UK Universities.

It's a class thing I think. Again!

We used to pay no respect to people in the UK unless they had a degree. Of course now that semi literate muppets can get degrees in “Wimmins Studies” that is starting to change, but not so long ago unless you had a degree you were nothing. So we doubled the number of uni's overnight, invented degrees that my mum’s cat could pass. Of course there is still the snob thing about whether ones alma mater was once a technical college, but that's Britian for you.

Of course you're right about the daft courses, (although to be fair unis have always taught loads of "useless" (at least in some people’s opinions) courses.... Latin, Greek, Classical History, Middle English.... blah, blah, have little application in modern times, but there are still departments at our best universities. They have been replaced with much easier ones, designed for the terminally dim, (although there are some bright people who do them).

Universities have become businesses... Thatcherism and Blairism (much the same thing) ensured that. If they don't make a profit they are dumped. You don’t make profits out of difficult courses like Physics and Maths. You have to sell what the customer wants. An easy degree. Now I see in England, Mr Mandleson wants them to be done in 2 years.

Once again I temper that criticism with a reminder that what was there before was a swan eating, port drinking "Porterhouse Blue" kind of university where you got to go if your daddy was incredibly rich, or titled, again regardless of how incredibly stupid you were.

The greatness of the British Empire was built by such people.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Indeed some of the greatness of the British empire was built by upper class twats, Tris, but it was mainly built by Scottish and sometimes(!) English engineers who build and invented the machinery and built the bridges and canals which carried the goods to market. It was also built on the backs of cheap labour who came in from the country looking for jobs and who ended up down mines digging up the energy which built the Empire. It always seemed to be nieve of people who saw someone with a degree and assumed they were intelligent. Anyone can stick their head in a book for four years, but it doesn't make you a leader of men, or even women!

showbiz agent said...

He wasn't sponsored by Nike was he ? Why do they keep backing black losers ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Agent, I think they sponsored Usain Bolt as well. Unless he's on drugs he ain't no loser. He ws sposored I think by AL QUEDAS R US!

banned said...

I got stuck in Luton for two years and avoided the lawless Tech for obvious reasons, next time I looked it was Luton fucking Unioversity, LOL!
Nowadays University degrees have become so bastardised that a two-one merely confirms the recipients mediocrity.

Cheers Nu-Labour.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I know. There are so many fucking courses now, any wanker can get a degree. My sister keeps banging on about my Neices having degrees in fuck knows what and I've never heard of them. In my day you had to be at least intelligent to go to Uni.

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