Thursday, 10 December 2009


An analysis by Professor David Bell – adviser to the Scottish Parliament’s finance committee – has shown that Scotland could lose out on £4.5 billion a year from the Treasury if the Tory proposals were adopted. This is almost equal to the £4.7 billion spent in 2007/8 by local authorities on education.  With the most recent official figures showing that Scotland was in surplus for three years running to the tune of £2.3 billion – compared to a UK deficit of £24 billion over the same period – Mr FitzPatrick described the proposals as the real rip-off

A £4.5 billion cut from the Scottish budget a year would equal:
* 256,000 nurses for a year – almost FOUR times the 67,965 currently in Scotland

* 211,000 police constables for a year – over TWELVE times the 17,217 currently in Scotland

* Up to 145,000 prison places per year - almost TWENTY times the 7,434 currently in Scotland
* 220,000 probationary teachers for a year – over SEVENTY-FOUR times the 3,038 currently in Scotland
Expressed in terms of capital projects the sum would equal:
Five Southern Generals at £842 million each
* Two replacement Forth Crossings at approximately £2.2 billion each
* 37 prisons based on £120 million each



Quiet_Man said...

Isn't £4.5 billion the amount extra Scotland receives via the Barnet formula?
You might actually be on a level playing field next year ;-)

banned said...

That's not a very good pic of Dave trying to look like a man of the people by drinking beer, out of a fucking nancyboy glass.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Quiet Man, the 4.7 billion is what the Tories are proposing taking out of the Scottish Budget when we are currently in a surplus situation od 2.7 billion. Don't belive all the shite your fed down there about London being only part of the country in surplus,

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, he looks like a right ponce! Why can't he drink it out the bottle, like real men. :-)

Red Tod said...

Smarten up and work out why the population of Scotland has been steadily falling since the mid 1970s.

The smart Scots like David Cameron are in the south making money and staying warm in the light rather than deluding themselves about the renaissance of Scotland.

It will never happen - you don't have the ability; not in a thousand years.

Ask yourselves why the union happened in the first place - most English people were against it from the start, so don't think you can annoy us by whinging on about independence.

The truth is that most of us don’t care because Scotland is full of, and run by, “Sorners” (a Scots word that implies an importunate panhandler trying to get through life without working). In fact Scotland is the Prince of Sorners, unrivalled north of the Sahara.

In fact the Labour Party, which was the natural home of the Sorner only maintains its power with the support of the brain dead no-hope beggarly Scots voters – same detail with the SNP.

The dominant position of the neo-Stalinists Scots in the Labour party have been able to ship honest English pounds (ever wonder what happened to the Scots Pound? It’s another sorry story) North. England is the Good Samaritan when it comes to Scotland.

What the SNP want now, and it may be the only chance for Scotland, is to be the Chief Sorners in the EU. Get the Scottish grumphies snout into the Euro trough.

The fact is you will end up like the too clever for words Irish – back where they started in the bog.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Red. Excellent comment and it's so good that I'm going to give it the answer it deserves which won't be tinight but tomorrow as I have an early start.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Right Red, let's go through your points. It's true that the population of Scotland has fluctuated as has that of England, the only difference is that England has filled up with the dregs of humanity as the immigrant population has worked out that the English are an easy touch because most of them are lazy and stupid. David Cameron comes from a very wealthy family which illustrates my last point because he is certainly no genius, in fact had it not been for the 'old school tie' and the class ridden English society he would probably have ended up working for the council.There will be a rennaissance in Scotland, much like there was in the late 18th century which is known as the 'Scottish Enlightenment' when people like Adam Smith who wrote the 'wealth of nations' much beloved of Maggie Thatcher led the explosion of Scottish Inventors, Engineers and Philanthrapists who made the British Empire what it became as well of course as the Scottish Soldier who won countless battles, whilst their English colleagues were cowering in fear in their shellholes. Did you know that over 40% of the sailors at Trafalgar were Scottish and over 45% at Waterloo? In your next point you use the word 'Sorners' which I admit I have never heard of but you also mention the Sahara which is of course a desert from whence the Arabs have been extracting oil much like the North Sea in Scottish terratorial waters which has been producing oil since the 70s which have kept the UK afloat and away from bankruptcy through successive Tory and Labour Governments. The fact is true that both Blair and Brown are Scots but as you seem unable to produce a Prime Minister we sent you two of our rejects and kept the decent ones for ourselves. The Scots Pound is still legal currency in Scotland and other parts of the UK, so please get your facts straight.

No Sir where we will end up will not be like the Irish but more like the Norwegians who have a £285Billion reserve paid for from their oil and as Scotland has at least 100 years of oil left not counting what is under the west coast it will be the English who will end up in the bog with the Irish, dominated by Europe because they do not have the wherewithall to haul themselves up when the Scottish Infrastructure in men and materials leaves to come back to a successful country run by Scots, for Scots. BTW all the English people who come onto my site to discuss political matters will be welcomed in Scotland, because they are Internationalists not like yourself a petty, nationalistic moron who complains in loud English in a foreign country because they don't get a gherkin in their salad!

The Red Tod said...

Oh ho ho, as Ian Paisley said - there are two things I don't like, catholics and bigots.

I like your breathtakingly stupid response but I don't have time to settle your hash at this moment in time but don't worry because I will.

Bye the way is Lochnagar an anagram?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Red, Don't wait too long. I only keep up 10 posts at a time and it's a pain in the arse going back to old posts. Lochnagar is an anagram of 'wise Scottish sage' in gaelic.

The Red Tod said...

Oh dear Lochnagar; I am glad for your sake that an Englishman (Tim Berners-Lee) invented the internet otherwise all the pent up angst that bubbles in your haggis shaped body would explode and spread your molecules all over your beloved Aleshire (the Scottish alphabet had no L in it until the more literate adopted the English lexicon). I assume that it was called Aleshire because the inhabitants were permanently pissed – from the state of your rants some may still be well puddled.
Let’s just look at your claims:
1. England has filled up with dregs. A fair point and I would point out that most of the immigration problems started when we had a Prime Minister who went by the name of MacMillan; another genius who was, by the way rich and educated in England. If the much vaunted Scottish educational system is so good why do wealthy Scots send their children to be taught in Sassenach schools

2. The Scottish Enlightenment started, as you would expect, in the pub; Fergusson, Smith and Hume all liked a dram (like your alcoholic, philandering, dyslexic hero – Burns), the idea of promoting trade, economic cooperation and exchange would have been brilliant if Scotland had any degree of those advantages itself. It worked in England where there was a different and altogether more practical enlightenment called the Industrial Revolution. This revolution turned England into the wealthiest and arguably most powerful nation on earth.

3. England, unlike Scotland, has had a high degree of social mobility which is why we let men from an essentially peasant society rise to great offices of State: - From John Stewart in 1762 through to McSnot in 2007 there have been 13 Jimmies in No 10 – most only a couple of generations of the croft. Most Englishmen would be happy for you to extradite both Blair and Brown back to the Frozen North inorder to try them for crimes against humanity and common sense.

4. I don’t deny the contribution made by the Scots regiments at Waterloo or the Scotsmen manning the wooden walls of England at Trafalgar; what I would tell you is that if you visit the dockyard at Portsmouth you will find out that we beat the French because we industrialised before they did; we won because we could deliver more men, victuals and war materials to the right place than anyone else could.

The Scots as a nation have a defect in the “fight or flight” gene, especaily when they have had a drap or twa of the hard stuff. In fact the defect means that the “flight” part of the gene fails to function. That’s where the reputation for fighting comes from and the usual term to describe the Scottish soldier is – “a right nutter”. Do you want a list of heroic Scottish military disasters? It is quite a long list, but if you add in a few English officers like Wolf then it is a different story and altogether a happier result.

5. The Scots pound is not legal tender in the United Kingdom anymore than Isle of Man bank notes are; there is only one legal tender in the UK and it is Bank of England notes; the others are an accepted medium of exchange and can be refused as payment of debt. Sorry to split hairs; who in their right mind would take an RBS IOU before the BoE bailed them out?

6. Scotland will never be like Norway, Abu Dhabi, East Timor or any of the other States that have Sovereign Wealth Funds for lots of reasons one of which is that the Caledonians are much more interesting people with better things to do with their money than invest it with JP Morgan.

To be continued - hit word limit!

The Red Tod said...

Just to take this a little further, it is recognised that the Barnet formula sent more money northwards to Scotland than ever you would have received from NS Oil royalties. Anyway the oil belongs to the Orcadians who might want to go back to Norway rather than having the money spent by a bunch of red-haired Stalinist drunkards in Edinburgh. If Scotland can secede from the Union then presumably the Orkneys can secede from Scotland – fairs fair and in this case it is a “fair maid” – boom boom.

This is a quick rebuttal of your points – you can rely on me to come back on some of the more interesting issues when I have more time.
Can you start a general, non-specific topic so that we can have a longer and more general debate about the things that interest us and matter more than life itself, such as Rugby and the general lack of civilisation in Aleshire and the north?

I was sorry to mention your Mother – it was not meant to be a cheap point, more a dig at your schoolboy language, and if I had known she was no longer with us I would not have used her name. Please accept my apologies if it upset you.

I have just realised that all your foul language is Anglo Saxon, are there no good Scots obscenities?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Red, or should I say Beauwulf, a man born under the sign of the rat, makes sense. I glean from your interesting discourse than you have scots-envy although you state on your profile, (nice of you finally to come out in the open and use your google ID, a bit like announcing your gay I imagine, it must be a weight off your chest), that you are a 'jock baiter' or some such shite. Anyway you have obviously investigated my blog a little and that is a compliment coming from such an enquiring mind as yours, well as as enquiring a mind as an English mind can be when it's ancestory is sourced from various invaders from the Romans to the Normans and now the Asians whilst the Scots' minds are still pure. Anyway.

1.We send them to school in England so they can spoke right, in case they want to take to the stage.

2. It is my ascertion that many a good idea is formed in the pub. The Industrial Revolution was only possible because the Scots invented the machinery that made it possible.

3.Pish! We have the same degree if not more so of social mobility and I would argue that our peasants are more peasant than your peasants.

4.First part see point 2. Second part when you are fighting against a country that has 10 times your population there is bound to be the odd setback! Compare it to football. I think that England has now beaten Scotland only about two times more than we have beaten you. I rest my case.

5.Don't fall into the trap being laid by Labour as to why the Scots wouldn't have been able to save RBS and BOS. It's shite. These banks are not like the bank of England, they are and have been British banks since 1707 and as such have been paying tax to the British treasury. I once had a petrol station in England refuse scottish notes when I wanted to pay for my petrol. He soon changed his mind sharpish when I told him I had nothing else and walked out of the shop!

6. Correct.

The rest. I would urge you to download a vid called, 'Siol Nan Gaidheal' the Great obfuscation and you will get the true story about oil and the Barnett formula. Don't believe all you read in the London Evening Standard. No offence taken at the mother point, she says the same but I've to tell you she still dead! I've obviously been watching too much of those spooky progs that my wife likes!

Now we have a decent coach I expect Scotland to carry all before them this year.
So once you educate yourself properly please come back, but try to keep current. This is a fast moving blog. Oh and awa 'n bile yir heid, ya sassenach bawbag!

banned said...


Beowulf said...

Dark, I am new to this Blog business and still looking for a name that will provide a symbolic expression of my roots and views. I’m not sure that I am there yet so wait for more on-line deed polls over the next few posts.

Just for your interest I did a bit of research on your statement that England’s success at Trafalgar was mainly down to the brave Scots tars.

I am making a statistically weak assumption and assuming that the crew of HMS Victory, the flagship of the English born Admiral at Trafalgar, was representative of the fleet as a whole.

This is how the crew was made up:
“England expects every man to do his duty.”
820 Men of 19 Nationalities.
63% English
08% Scottish
10% Ireland
04% Wales
15% others including American, French and Spanish.

Have you had a bad weekend? Your post is a wee bit vitriolic and unstructured, more of a rant than a blog. Maybe you have overdone the “hard stuff” and you are suffering as a result, perhaps an attack of gout as well, that often makes people a little distempered and is not uncommon north of the end of civilisation.

On a more interesting point I notice that none of the great figures of Scottish Enlightenment have Highland names; in fact they all seem to have suspiciously Lowland or even English names, Hume, Smith, Reid, Hutton, Ramsey, Turnbull, Black, Watt and Playfair (which must be an English name).

The heathens in your mountains are Picts and would still live a relatively stone age existence if it wasn’t for handoots from the National Handbag kept in Westminster. The more civilised and hard working Lowlanders are a more complex racial mix of at least nine other races, to wit; Britons, Gaels, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Normans, Flems and Irish Scots. That sounds pretty much like the English mix, doesn’t it?

There are two Scotlands, Highland and Lowland, all the great thinkers have thought in English, it is the language of progress, industry and art. Even your favourite poem was composed in English and I suspect that you are monolingual yourself.

Remember that 23% of Scotland’s GDP comes from Westminster Government spending, if you get independence the talent will not flow back, much more likely it will flood out because there will be nothing to do other than hang around on street corners.

I suggest you head back up to where the “snowflakes repose” and think it through. Voting for Independence will put you all back in the stoneage, you will become the Zimbabwe of the North.

Anonymous said...

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