Thursday, 10 December 2009


They may no longer be widely used, but the traditional British telephone kiosk is still regarded by some as an important public facility in rural areas.

Unfortunately for those who don't have the convenience of a working mobile phone or land-line, the job of using a kiosk has been made a lot harder by penny-pinching British Telecoms chiefs.  For BT has removed the light from unprofitable and isolated kiosks across the country to save no more than three pence a day per phone booth.

EXCELLENT IDEA!  Now no-one will be able to see me having a PISH in one.


Billy no mates said...

That's a twat. I was planning to hold my 21st birthday party in the one at the end of my street.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, you could have asked me, but I'm a fat bastard, so that's that idea fucked.

Fidothedog said...

So people like the light on when using the telephone box, mostly so they can ensure they don't splash their shoes.

banned said...

Like making rural payphones prepaid only this is just another way of discouraging the use of old fashioned phoneboxes so that they can be discontiued.

I used BT from the days of 'press button B' and party-lines but my only relationship with them now is to drive to one of their few remining boxes to make a lengthy 'freefone' call ( stingey or what ! ).

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fido. Open the door a bit and stand wi it half open. Then pish against the back wall and I'll guarantee they'll be no pish on your suede shoes.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned. fuck me, I can't remember the last time I used one. I think it was when I was in London last kidding on I was making a call, when I was really reading the whores' cards!

wee boaby said...

You would think they would use the phone boxes for advertising rather than try to keep running them down and scrapping them. National icon in the best spots in every town and village in the UK. How much would that cost for advertisers if they decided to try that ?
They should reinvent them. Advertise their broadband and other services in them. Most people would be happy with this in order to keep their red phone box icon.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boaby, That's what I like about tour comments. You don't come on here to talk shite, like some others I could name although all are welcoms. Write in to them and see what they say.

The Red Tod said...

I realise that in the Peoples Socialist Republic of Scotland that you think all services and luxuries should be provided for free but in this case BT is a private company and is run to make a profit for its shareholders.

If the local community wants lights in the Box then the Council can put a street lamp next to it, or give everyone in receipt of the national handbag a torch when they next collect their benefits.

I know this is an unfashionable view in the land of the “red haired Sorners” (a Scots word that implies an importunate panhandler trying to get through life without working) as any Scotsman with ambition and talent left the country years, if not generations, ago.

Wise up, stop frying the Mars Bars and smell the coffee. You have to contribute before you can receive.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Red, Same as above.

The Red Tod said...

Hey DL what’s with all this swearing on the site, you say you were a child of the 50s but it seems your mental development stopped in the 1970s; the language on your site reminds me of going to see Billy Connolly live at the Palladium in the 80s. Connolly replaced wit and wisdom with the shock of bad language, by the end of the 80s it was beginning to look dated even for him. It stopped being funny which is why you hardly ever hear of him these days.

Let’s face it you’re never going to be a second Billy or even a Rab C Nesbit (by the way, did you know Rab’s dad was Rab B and his GFather was Rab A? Apparently the Nesbits have always been known as men of letters, unlike you if you don’t sharpen up.)

In my experience people who repeatedly use four letter words do it because they are either ignorant or lack (forsake perhaps) creativity. By choosing to use foul language you are limiting yourself to a very narrow range of adjectives, perhaps ten out of tens of thousands. If they are the only words in your vocabulary I apologise and sympathise with your wife, being asked to pass the f-ing butter every morning must be a bit tedious and probably eventually earn you a short respite in an oxygen tent.

Does your Mummy know you speak like this in public? She would probably skelp yer lug if she did.

Judging by your opinions, and the fact that you have set up a professional looking website, you do have some mental ability. Maybe you should now give up the “teenage lets shock mum and dad” language and join the thinking grownups.

Seriously, do you speak like this in your work, the kid’s school, the bank, the post office, lunch with the in-laws and so on? I suspect not so why do it where the world can see it.

What impression of Scotland do you think you are putting out into the rest of the World, you are just confirming the music hall caricature of a red haired, tartan wearing, bigoted, bitter, foul mouthed nation.

You’ll find that sensible people will take your blog more seriously if you wise up and start making your points in a more grown up manner.

Apart from that it’s a braw blog – maybe a wee bit Scotishly introverted but interesting all the same.

On a completely different issue, where was your Blog photo taken?
It doesn’t look like Lochnagar to me. Is it the Stewartry? It might not even be Scotland because it is not raining.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Red, to your first point the phone box is in England, Taken from the Mail on Wednesday).

On your second point, there may you be correct a little too much swearing on this site, but it is an adult site and I take my lead from the people who read it and comment on it and indeed I hope you become a contributor. Bloggers up here of the Nationalist persuation are under a lot of pressure from the MSM being conducted by the Labour party and swearing suits my purpose on this blog although it is probably not encouraged by the party hierarchy. As far as passing the F-ing butter, as stated in the welcome if you want to say fucking then say it. There is nothing more pathetic thatn thinking it and not writing or saying it.

My mother at the last time of checking was still dead.

I am not trying to 'make an impression' on this blog. I am not one for quoting statporn. I write this blog for my pleasure only, if other people enjoy what I write which I try to do in an entertaining way, then so be it. You might find if you delve into the blog a bit deeper that most of my posts are written toungue firmly in cheek, but I am glad you find it interesting. The photo is of the river Garry, not Stewarty although Stewarty has many nice glens although none as awe inspiring as this one.

Anonymous said...

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