Friday, 11 December 2009


The above comic, the 'T.V. Comic' was published in the early 50's.  The picture is pictured in the 'Mail' with all the fucking stupid double entendres about 'let's be gay' and the T.V. standing for TransVestite.

But, you know, I was born in the 50's and we were allowed to be kids.  We weren't given sex lessons at 5 years old at School.  When our parents thought it was time to know, I sat my father down and told him a few things.   Only kidding!  I don't have kids but when I look at young kids' comics now, well first of all comics is the wrong word, magazines they seem to be full of adult issues like that Whore Jordan and who's she shagging this week or some reality show winner going out with some-one else.

I just think it sad that kids aren't able to be kids any longer.  And since when did Adults discuss Adult themes with young kids.  My wife is involved as I once was with childrens ' education and it is UNBELEIVABLE the number of parents whose kids of 7 or 8 are behind at School who say they can't get them to do any more work.  THEY'RE 7 YEAR OLD FOR FUCK'S SAKE!  Get a life. 


banned said...

Like most of my generation I got all of my sex education from mates in the school playground; they got theirs from older brothers or the milkman (for those who earned their pocket money assisting one).

This odious Government really believes that by teaching infants about the joys of buggery and whatever the ladies wot like ladies get up to will decrease homophobia ? They are fucking insane, it will make homophobia way worse and bring to attention issues like transgenderism when any individuals concerned would be better off with private councelling.
Fucking twats.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, me too, remember the old Health & Efficiency mags, first time I saw a fanny apart from my mother's. (Don't ask it was an accident!). If you start teaching that things are the norm after a while a young kid will get confused and not know what he is supposed to be feeling or thinking.