Thursday, 31 December 2009



The Pentagon is drawing up urgent plans for increased military co-operation with Yemen, including possible retaliatory strikes against al-Qaeda targets, according to US officials engaged in a high-stakes bid to neutralise Islamist militants without enraging the Arab world. 

The Obama Administration, caught out by the Christmas Day attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines aircraft, is reviewing every possible response and has not ruled out military strikes if targets linked directly to the failed attack by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab can be identified.

Now you might accuse me of being cynical, but how much oil does Yemen have?  The US are not in the 'PEACE and SECURITY BUSINESS', they are in the 'WAR BUSINESS'.  Their GOVERNMENT and many of the people who are working or have worked in previous Administrations like KISSINGER are directly involved in the ARMS BUSINESS.  Why even the BUSH FAMILY have a company which produces armaments, for fuck's sake. So spout your shit if you want to MR OBAMA, the more the AMERICAN people are afraid of terrorism the more money you and your cronies make!


banned said...

If I recall correctly, Yemen was the scene of one of our last colonial adventures so there will still be plenty of veteren SAS types around who will have special knowledge of the terrain and demography of the place (which is likely to be a clannish fucking mess like Afghanisatn).
I expect that America will ignore that, as usual, and go charging in, boots on the ground, expecting to be loved which is all they really want.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, yes I seem to remember us there in the 60s or early70s. Was Mad Mitch and one of the Scottish regiments not invoilved there? The Yanks will certainly not be loved. The problem is that they have no counter weight since Russia broke up. They think they can go round the World clobbering whoever they want in the name of homeland security. A load of pish!

how many more fronts can we fight ? said...

The Gorgon is going to hold a terror summit about this shithole so that will help.
So that's Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Yemen where we're going to drop bombs. No wonder we have people with exploding underpants.
Thank fuck there are no home grown fuckwits to worry about. Oh hang on.....

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Obama is really earning his Nobel Peace prize!