Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Vast coal deposits lying deep beneath the North Sea will be burnt in situ to generate up to 5 per cent of Britain’s energy needs, under new plans approved by the Government last week.

The UK Coal Authority has awarded licences to Clean Coal, an Anglo-American company, to develop five offshore sites for a technology called Underground Coal Gasification (UGC).  The method, which has not been used on a commercial scale in the UK, although it is widely used in Australia, taps the high energy content of coal while doing away with the costly and labour-intensive need to mine it first.

You heard it here first .New slogan for the SNP.  IT'S SCOTLAND COAL!


beach bum said...

Excellent. The sea will be lovely and warm at Arbroath and the beach will be nice n toasty !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bummers. I hadn't thought on that. Maybe they could do it on the Clyde as well as we have some lovely beaches which are underutilised apart from July and August for a couple of days.