Monday, 30 November 2009


It's a peril that only a crack team of health and safety experts could have uncovered.

After two years and £250,000, they found that ten-pin bowling alleys up and down the country could be a 'very dangerous' environment for families.  They concluded that it was too easy for children or teenagers to run down lanes and get trapped in machinery that sets up the pins - even though there was no record of any such accident having happened.

The bizarre Health and Safety Executive report found that members of the public would be at risk if they walked along the 60-foot lanes to knock over pins by hand. Its authors even considered ordering every bowling alley to put barriers across lanes. But they were forced to admit defeat - after realising that bowlers must be able to see what they are aiming at.

They also recommended that all staff wear FUCKING EAR-MUFFS to drown out the noise of the balls hitting the pins and I suppose you could forget to take your fingers out of the ball and get DRAGGED ALONG AFTER IT!

FUCKING RIDICULOUS.  £250,000 for that.  GET A LIFE! 

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banned said...

And what about the threat of a player smashing his bowling ball over his mates head when he gets a strike !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, he'd need to be a strong bastard. Those balls weigh a ton.