Sunday, 29 November 2009



THE SNP was last night embroiled in a scandal after an aide to the Constitution Minister used the Internet to smear political rivals by posting scurrilous allegations about their private lives.

Mark MacLachlan, 46, has been forced to quit as Michael Russell's office manager after he used his blog and other electronic communications to spread abusive and defamatory messages about senior Labour and Tory figures.  The revelation, which echoes the resignation of prime ministerial aide Damian McBride earlier this year after an Internet dirty-tricks campaign came to light at Westminster, is deeply embarrassing for Alex Salmond.

MacLachlan, whose £30,000 job in the minister's Dumfries constituency office was funded by the taxpayer, published a blog titled "The Universality of Cheese" under the pseudonym Montague Burton, which promoted the nationalist cause.  The blog contained false allegations about the sex lives and behaviour of politicians and other prominent people in public life.  Among those smeared were Lord Foulkes, the Labour MSP, Paul McBride QC, the lawyer and high-profile Tory, members of the shadow cabinet and Labour councillors.-

I've read Monty's blog for about a year and it was obvious that it was a private blog, written by him in his own time.  To equate it with Damian McBride's blog is malicious nonsense.  McBride's blog contained spurious insinuations about prominent Tory Politicians including allegations of affairs and venereal disease.  It was also written from THE PRIME MINISTER'S OFFICE with it is gathered his TACIT APPROVAL.

What Mark did was stupid considering his position.  I think we have all had to consider our Blog's content over the last week or so.  I have taken down any reference to the SNP, because I will probably vote for them in May or whenever Shite-bag decides he's brave enough to take on the electorate, I do not represent them in any capacity.

Sorry to see another entertaining, at least in my eyes, BLOGGER BITE THE DUST.  Come back soon Mark!


new blogger said...

Mmmm I've not gone near the hootsman for about a year now so I can't read the story that you're referring to. If I visit them I might help their sales so I can't visit.
Think I'll start my blog today !

banned said...

Silly chap should have been a bit more anonymous on his private blog.
Lie about his name and give Western Samoa as his location sort of thing.

scunnert said...

There's clearly a campaign to shut folks up. Fascism is on the rise.

Here's a comment I got on my blog in a post about Wardog:

Anonymous said...

you're next, pal. You're next. Get ready for a bumpy ride.

November 27, 2009 6:14 PM

Picking us off one at a time?

Dark Lochnagar said...

New Blogger, no I don't bother with it much myself although you sometimes get a few differnt things in SoS.
Aye, get on there and start blogging and send me the address and we'll have a shufti and bring you into the fold, if your postings are decent! :-)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, Fuck 'em. The bastards won't shut me up that is for fucking sure! I'm not worth suing!

BTW don't let the cunts intimidate you. I don't know your background but I got the impression you're in Canada, or did I get that wrong?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Down here in the deep south, our local council leader (who is standing as the Tory candidate for the Blessed Maggie’s old seat of Finchley) gave an interview in which he was asked how he dealt with his opponents. He answered:

“I have a group of followers what I call the ‘one handed bloggers’. I’ll leave it to your own imagination what the other hand is doing.”

The council’s Standards Committee decided to take no action on the grounds that he did not identify any individual. And these guys still wonder they are loathed by the public?

Let’s have a hung Parliament - if you can find enough rope!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fred, doesn't suprise me, but our day will come. Soon the printed press will be obselete and all those prick journalists that scan blogs to get their copy will be out of a job. The Government have no power anyway it's all decided in Strasbourg. They're a few of thew bastards that could do with a good hanging. said...

The whole things stinks and is orchestrated.

The Scotsman DTP don't like their articles questioned and neither do the Labour press office.