Friday, 2 October 2009


Whatever happens in the Irish referendum on Europe today is bound to affect Britain's future. It is no exaggeration to say that our country's destiny may lie in the hands of the Republic of Ireland's three million voters.

If they vote 'Yes' to the Lisbon Treaty, the European Union will make one more (and possibly decisive) lurch towards integration. But if they vote 'No', the juggernaut will shudder to a halt, possibly never to be restarted.

An Irish rejection of Lisbon would enable David Cameron to call a referendum in Britain, should the Tories win the next election, and give the British people their chance to say 'No'. The Lisbon Treaty envisages an unelected European President (the first one quite possibly being Tony Blair) speaking for us all, a common European foreign policy, and the giving up of our national veto in some 60 key areas.

So the stakes are unbelievably high, which is why Brussels has been putting pressure on the Irish to come up with the 'right' result. Last Sunday, Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, flew into Dublin. On a previous visit to Ireland earlier this month, he had announced a 14.8 million euros package to help 2,400 workers recently sacked by the computer giant Dell. Michael O'Leary, boss of Ryanair is spending 500,000 euros promoting the YES campaign after promoting the NO campaign last time. But that may be something to do with the fact that he wants to take over
Air Lingus and is only being stopped by the E.U.

I haven't made up my mind one way or the other, but when I see big business throwing money about, which to me look like obvious bribes to Government, I start to get worried and if nothing else I hope they vote NO to keep that FUCKING ARSEHOLE BLAIR OUT OF A JOB!


Barking Spider said...

Waiting for this fucking result is excruciating, DL!

pointless vote said...

Even if they vote No again it doesn't matter. They will just have another vote next year until they say yes.
And don't be fooled by Cameron's promise of a referendum. He's a fully paid up member of the EUSSR and is full of shit.

scunnert said...

I think they will try a two speed EU if the get dissed again. Those in the slow lane will be punished severely - and that's okay 'cause those in the fast lane are going to be sodomized with a corporate sized dildo - economies of scale and all that.

The Tories - don't make me laugh - corporate bum boys one and all. They will spin and manipulate to stay at the top table.

Dark Lochnagar said...

You know the more I blog and read other blogs the more concerned I get about being "a small man" being overtaken by corporations and scheming, rolling-in-it fucking politicians. Yet I would never have envisaged a few years ago that I might change my political beliefs the older I got. It is just this feeling of helplessness as I am overtaken by events. Anyone else feel the same?

Gigits said...

They say you get more "Right Wing" the older you get. But that's bollocks.

I think you just get wiser (if you have any brains at all) and "Left Wing" policies are for teenagers and people not living in the real world.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I think that sometimes you just get frustrated, Gigits at maybe the wrong choices you might have made in the past and obviously as you get wiser you see the mistakes other people are making that you are not able to influence and how some people seem just to sail through life and everything lands on a plate for them. Aagh! Maybe I'm just getting old and crabbit!

pointless vote said...

Try this DL. Play at full volume with a glass of your favourite. It's Fuckin Chickentown !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Excellent pointless. That's what we need a bit of passion in Chickentown!