Saturday, 3 October 2009


I've just watched QUESTION TIME from last night and to be honest with you most weeks, I can't be arsed as the guests are so uninteresting.
Last night however DR DAVID STARKEY was on and I thought he was FUCKING DELICIOUS! Now you're going to say that he makes belittling comments about Scotland and I hate that to, but I think he just does it to get a reaction, and boy do we rise to the bait!
Last night he was brilliant. He sits there humphing and guffawing at any comment he doesn't agree with and you can tell the rest of the panel particularly the Left wing ones are SHITTING THEMSELVES when it is his turn to speak. He really is AN FUCKING ACERBIC OLD QUEEN who says what he thinks whether IT IS PC OR NOT.
THANK FUCK we still have individuals in the U.K. who don't abide by the "RULES OF SPIN" and at least bring entertainment to an otherwise usually dull programme.


Gigits said...

I have to admit, I didn't see the programme, and I haven't seen Starkey in anything since that programme he did on the Tudors about 10 years ago.

Still, he's a top bloke, regardless of the poovery.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Try and catch it on the IPlayer Gigits, it was worth it. He's written some books on Henry v111 by the way. Fuck me.

subrosa said...

I usually find the man obnoxious but admit he kept me tuned to the usually boring QT this week.

Great description of him btw DL!

banned said...

Find Starkey on youtube, loads of it, all brilliant whether you agree with him or not.

Dark Lochnagar said...

He'd be one of my picks for a dinner party I must admit, but once would probably the once would be enough!

it's kulture innit said...

He made our esteemed culture secretary "snake hips" Ben Bradshaw look a total prick. Bradshaw knew nothing about the Polanski affair. Absolutely nothing. And Starkers tore him to shreds.
His attacks on the Gorgon were the funniest though.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I know Kultur, imagine going on not briefed about Polanski and him the culture Minister as well. What a fuckwit. I'm pleased that the comments so far are positive about Starkey as he got pelters the last time he was on.

hermit said...

Thanks for pointing me at Iplayer there Dark L.
I don't have TV so would've missed it, and I greatly enjoy a competent twat-shredder, and the redoubtable Mr Starkey is certainly one of them.
Thanks also to Banned - I'll go utubing tonite.

Dark Lochnagar said...

No TV Hermit! Do you truly live in a cave? I've watched 3 games of footy this afternoon back to back. Fucking brilliant. Can't say the wife is too impressed though!

hermit said...

No, a cave would be nice wouldn't it, but maybe one day.
I was very busy back in the 80's, never had time to watch TV, and rather than get caught with no licence I binned it.
Since then, to be honest, it's a simple case of not missing what you never had.
Now I won't have one on principle. Won't pay the licence. I'm an awkward sod see.

It's interesting now to read blogs etc. that rant on about the licence. I sit wondering: Why do they bother?. That's a whole lot of anger and frustration that can be completely removed from your life simply by binning the TV. Personally I couldn't care less what the BBC get up to.
I think you should do it. Simply tell the good lady that you think the TV is damaging your relationship, and start reeling in those bonus points.

It's only fair to say that, as far as the big evil demon that steals your time is concerned, the internet takes over where the TV leaves off. That's one addiction I won't be kicking just yet. So each to his own of course.

There's only one thing I regularly watch on Iplayer and that's MotoGP. That was today. I've got that to look forward to :)