Saturday, 26 September 2009


Sources tonight in PITTTSBURGH at the G20 meeting have confirmed that BRITISH PRIME MINISTER'S WIFE, Sarah Brown is involved in a LOVE TRYST with PRESIDENT OBAMA his WIFE!

Sarah pictured above holding Obama's hand whilst getting HER ARSE fondled by his wife is said to have later enjoyed A CARNAL SEX ORGY with the OBAMAS during which she was introduced to sexual position no. 193 in the Black Kama Sutra, known as the MISSISSIPPI MUD PIE.

This involves being the "CREAM IN THE CAKE" between the sex hungry OBAMAS. Mrs Obama is said to be the first President's wife in history to take an active part in the celebrated PRESIDENTIAL SEXUAL AFFAIRS.

Sarah Brown's husband, THE HAPLESS GORDON, is reported to have encouraged the affair as a way of getting a seat at the MAIN MAN'S TABLE and he was seen practising with THE KING DING-A LING'S STAR WARS LITE SABRE as his wife was ravished by the sex hungry OBAMAS.

French and Italian Presidents SARKOZY AND BERLUSCONI and their partners are to join the GLEESOME THREESOME for a TOGA ORGY at the conclusion of the G20 summit.

Sarah Brown is said to have cooled in her LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP with JOANNA LUMLEY reported earlier in the year.

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