Friday, 28 August 2009


DIAGEO'S senior directors claim they are protecting the heritage of Johnnie Walker – one of the world's best-known whiskies – despite plans to end its 185-year ties with Kilmarnock, where it began in a grocer's shop.The drinks giant has been criticised for ignoring Johnnie Walker's history during consultations over plans to close the Ayrshire town's bottling plant.
But yesterday, global distributions managing director David Gosnell said: "We like to think the liquid comes from all of Scotland; Scotland in a glass."His comments followed a statement by Diageo chief executive Paul Walsh that the company recognised "the key role brands play" and "remain committed to protecting their heritage."
WELL HERE'S MY SOLUTION. The SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT should pass a law which states that WHISKY cannot be called SCOTCH, unless it uses purely Scottish produce, is distilled in Scotland AND IS BOTTLED IN SCOTLAND.
How would you like those FUCKING APPLES, MR WALSH?


CrazyDaisy said...


Time it was done, otherwise it will be made elsewhere and we'll see our industry collapse with goodness only knows how many jobs, tourism and the cascade effect that it brings.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Correct Daisy, We shouldn't let this bastard dictate to us. Fucking arsehole.

EU rules said...

The EU would soon stop us though. And the SNP are fully signed up to the EU ( Independence in Europe etc ) . So we're fucked.

Dark Lochnagar said...

EU, I don't agree with you there. The EC are very insistent that people can't call their sparkling wine Campagne unless it is from the Champagne region and the same goes for things like "Parma" ham and Mozarello cheese.