Thursday, 27 August 2009


Arsenal striker "GREASY BASTARD" EDUARDO should be banned for 2 seasons says former RANGERS LEGEND, KILLY FUCKWIT AND S.F.A. SUPREMO, Gordon Smith.

An incensed SMITH, who never took a dive in 20 years as a player despite having the nickname "DYING SWAN", felt that CELTIC could have gone on to beat Arsenal despite them losing 5-1 on aggregate.

"It's no fair, I've brought big changes to Scottish football since I got the job. I know Aberdeen got humped 8-1, Falkirk got beat from a team from Lichtenstein, Motherwell got annihilated and Rangers will get a doing, but big boys keep on doing it and running away!"

"Am goin to go to EUFA and make sure in future that Scottish teams get 3 goals of a start and then it'll no look so bad. Am trying ma best, no matter whit Jim 'bawbag' Trainor thinks."

"I predict we will qualify for the World Cup in Mexico, by winning our last two games against Macedonia and Holland. George Burley is my man and I know I only picked him because Ayr United has sacked him at one stage, but he is a God to the players".

Smith was last seen gesticulating wildly as the two men in white coats carried him to the padded van.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Scottish fitba. What a feckin joke...

Dark Lochnagar said...

Correct. Did you watch that pish tonight. They were just about creaming themselves in the studio thinking Hearts might win The Croats had at least 6 clear chances to score and embarrass Hearts more. That wee Pat nevin is on a good deal though. He appears on BBC unless Channel 5 are paying more then he fucks off for the night only to be back on BBC at the weekend. Sweet!

old firm tossers said...

Good to see the Old firm diving bastards get some back on them. Celtic were total pish against arsenal. Just need to see Rankers getting gubbed aswell. That would be sweet. Diving cheating bastards aswell. Haven't got the ref in the pocket in Europe like they have in Scotland ( good goal Novo says McCurry while letting Boyd dive all over the fuckin place ). Glad Boyd and McCurry have both fucked off. Twats !
Ah feel better now.
Poor Hearts. had to laugh at the tv schedule the other day. "In the event of extra time other programmes may be delayed " Dream on. The Jambos were alrady dead and buried in the first fixture.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I must admit as an Ayr fan for 40 years I am pleased to see the old firm getting gubbed. But when they play in Europe they are Scottish so I tend to support them. I would not under any circumstances however support those Killy scumbags!