Saturday, 11 July 2009



Prime Minister's wife Sarah has tonight been talking about her lesbian tendencies.

"It's really been growing over the last few months, what with this fucking so called GLOBAL crisis". Gordon knows it's really his fault with his hopeless handling of the Economy over 10 years and he's been so grumpy". "He was never any good in bed anyway and how we managed to have children is beyond me". "He keeps going on about sinning in the eyes of the Lord when we're shagging and to be honest with you it fucking puts me off".

"Anyway", continued Sarah, "Harriet and Blearsy were round a couple of months ago and the three of us got a bit rat arsed on No 10's claret and we ended up in the Sauna, bollock naked". "Well one thing led to another and before I knew where I was, I was being introduced to Lesbian Power Sex".

"As you know Gordon insisted that I went on the Gay Pride March a couple of weeks ago and I got talking to a couple of nice old girls in denim boiler suits and anyway the upshot is that I think I am going to come out".

"When I met Joanna Lumley, I knew she would be up for a "good old tonsil tonguing" as she had appeared in a couple of porno movies when she was younger, but surprisingly she was not too happy about it".

"I wonder if Cherie Blair will be home this weekend as I hear she's up for it and Gordy would like to watch whilst "CHOKING THE CHICKEN".


Anonymous said...

Fucking hilarious!

Most probably nick this entire post ;-)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Welcome to it G.O.T. I probably knicked the photo from somewhere!

Gigits said...

Agree with GOT - brilliant!

banned said...

Nah, she's being paid to do it by Mandy, he thinks the electorate will be more forgiving if Sarah leaves Gordon coz she's gone lezzer rather than the real reason; he's a power crazed boring old loser who can't get it up ( she's not too keen on the rocking horse/ Pampers malarky either )

Fidothedog said...

Made me laugh so gonna pop it up on Facebook for a laugh. Good one.

Shades Of Ansel said...

Fucking fantastic mate.Had me and the mrs in tears.
To think of that fucking lump of lard squirting his dirt and continuing his gene pool,is deeply offensive.If Sarah goes off the idea of being a lezza,I'd suggest she goes to the doctors and has her snatch sown up tight,just in case.

Anonymous said...

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