Sunday, 19 July 2009


Why is it everything nowadays is blamed on FUCKING GLOBAL WARMING.
Because some large Jellyfish have been found washed up off the Moray Coast, the seas must be getting warmer.
I spent my childhood summer holidays at a caravan we owned in Maidens near Turnberry, where the Open Golf is presently being played.
When I was 11, (45 years ago), I was stung by a Jellyfish and had to get a pain killing injection. My Brother and me afterwards spent many a happy hour smashing Jellyfish that had been washed up, with stones.
There was hundreds of the Bastards and believe me they were fucking huge.
SPEAKING OF GLOBAL WARMING AND OPEN GOLF, I stay about 25 miles from Turnberry as the seagull flies, adjacent to Troon and I had to put my central heating on for a short spell tonight as it was FUCKING FREEZING!
So no doubt CYCLOPS will think up some new tax based on the "hugeness" of Jellyfish as proof that Global Warming is taking place, when many experts say that it's not the case.
The state of this country currently we will soon have to eat Jellyfish like they do in Japan!


banned said...

DL, get with the programme, we no longer refer to Global Warming, it's all Climate Change now; this is so that 'they' can include all manner of variations within their scariness.

Radio 2 told us that it was because Climate Change had caused their usual scources of food to deplete so all the jellyfish were coming to UK for some snap.
Made up science ? Surely not.

Anonymous said...

You had to turn on your central heating as it was freezing. Aye right. Maybees you should try gettin aff yer fat arse an move aboot tae get yer circulation going instead of posting pish oan the internet.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, I may be posting pish, but you're the stupid TWAT who's downloading it!